Regional Innovators at Myriad 2018

Myriad provides the opportunity for regional innovators and entrepreneurs to hear local and international speakers and connect with a valuable network of collaboration and partnership opportunities across Australia, Asia Pacific and beyond.

Applications from regional entrepreneurs, startups and innovative businesses to participate as part of the Regional Innovation Showcase were called for across the twelve ARIP Regions (PDF, 2MB). Up to ten delegates for each of the ARIP Regions were selected to participate in the Myriad 2018 Regional Innovation Showcase. 

Successful Regional Innovation Showcase applicants

Sunshine Coast
Aussie Time Clocks Aussie Time Clocks offer a range of employee time and attendance solutions for Aussie businesses with 1–1,000 employees. The Australian developed software is saving business thousands each year by streamlining payroll processes.
AlgaEnviro AlgaEnviro makes water healthy using a biological solution for a biological problem. Using world-first habitat systems and nanotechnology to remove nutrient pollution and stop Toxic Blue-Green Algae Blooms.
Prysim Prysim is the first business-to-business music industry management system. Allowing a seamless transaction for both artists and venues booking, organising and managing gigs. Eventually using machine learning to automate bookings.
Hive Haven Hive Haven is building a commercial future for Australian Stingless Native Bees. They produce highly sought after native bee honey in award winning hives; specifically designed to alleviate overheating.
miiFile miiFile is a verifiable and shareable online profile, which enables individuals to share their personal information required by all businesses. By using miiFile data API’s, businesses save on administration costs.
Alkira Voice enablement bridges the digital gap and goes beyond mere accessibility to inclusion, allowing people with disabilities, especially the blind, to have a comparable user experience and ease of transacting.
Symbiate Motorcycles Potentially the world's first self-generating electric motorcycle. Completely re-engineered, with advanced safety features, smartphone start and dashboard integration. Initial tests estimate a 5000km range on one charge with a top speed of 300km/h.
Mindstar Mindstar’s secure, proprietary telehealth video-platform provides innovative mobile and web solutions to improve the wellbeing, mental health and productivity of individuals in Australia's leading organisations.
Near Field Creative Near Field Creative makes wearable technology accessible by creating customised smart clothing solutions for SMEs, brands and influencers to create meaningful connections, increasing brand engagement and customer retention.
Retail Express Multi-channel e-commerce and POS provider for a variety of retailers both large and small across Australia.
North Queensland
Koorca Koorca app enables police to see what is happening in an emergency situation.
Fierce Ventures Fierce Ventures provides world class design and development services to Australian based startups
Icarian Development Icarian Development is a software development company that builds integrated solutions for NQ businesses.
Becon Health Pty Ltd Becon Health allows people to connect with an allied health provider over video. Access support whenever you like, and with the provider of your choosing.
BlueKino Pty Ltd BlueKino provides corporate story telling videos, docos and ads to North Queensland businesses.
IncoDocs IncoDocs has developed a platform for importers, exporters and third parties to connect, communicate and collaborate.
Ochre Bloke OchreBloke is developing a range of remedy skincare products for men using the indigenous knowledge of Australian botanicals.
Solar Relief Solar Relief is a portable power supply that provides safe and clean renewable energy anywhere and anytime, no matter what the conditions.
Coral Sunscreen UV filter technology that mimics the corals natural sun protection mechanism.
Moreton Bay
The Wealth Academy The Wealth Academy provides youth-centred financial life skill resources to secondary schools via a community-partner model and to the financial services community as a value add for existing clients.
MacroGis SigMap is a crowdsourced mobile phone signal identification solution that informs decision making for a range of customers, providing accurate, defensible and user experience data simply and easily.
Electronic & Mechanical Calibrations Wireless Safety Brake Testing System, originally developed to improve safety in the aviation and railway industries, the use of wireless technology ensures ease of use and safety for operators.
Coastal Protection Core Taking ecological connection, collaboration and education to the next level. We believe, by inspiring future generations to develop solutions to our most complex enviromental challenges we make a lasting impact.
Dr Red Nutraceuticals Modified Polyphenol Technology, extracts and ages (in bioethanol) polyphenol antioxidants from polyphenol rich plants, to produce botanical extracts that are better absorbed by our bodies—achieving pharmaceutical potency.
Local Alarm Solutions Local Alarm Solutions is a server and software platform solution that allows input events from almost any system. LAS simultaneously logs and reports, whilst performance monitoring and reporting on connected systems.
Business Legal Lifecycle Business Legal Lifecycle is designed to help business owners:
Understand complex legal terms;
Explain why legal steps are necessary in business; and
Help them develop future plans.
360Hired Empowered hiring platform for all businesses using best practice hiring technology, from video to online interviewing and job skills testing, reduces the time to hire while getting the best results.
MetroMatics MetroSpec Outdoor Digital Signage that is fully sealed, sunlight readable and weather resistant with an IP65 Rating. Highly reliable with minimal service requirements. Built by Australians for Australian Conditions.
Quotespec QuoteSpec improves the way that builders quote on projects and communicate with clients from initial contact to completion. QuoteSpec improves builders’ efficiency, whilst providing detailed information in every quote, avoiding unnecessary conflict later.
Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday
Ganecom IT Services Ganecon IT Services cater to both the domestic and international market delivering software solutions for green field and brown field projects that align with international, industry specified delivery frameworks and management systems.
CQ United Dairies Whitsunday and Central Queensland Dairy Farmers have taken their destiny in their own hands by being a 'paddock to plate' wholesale and home delivery business incorporating real time online logistics management and Apps.
EHS Manufacturing EHS Manufacturing is a precision machining and fabrication business, using innovative engineering concepts and solutions to compete on an international level to enhance the performance, duty cycle and uptime of equipment.
Blade Active  Physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of cancers and non-communicable diseases. Blade Active offers a patented fitness tool that is used in conjunction with a specialised workout program.
4PS Software 4PS Software (4PS) is web-based software designed to manage the four “P”s of business (people, plant, process and procedures). A one system solution for managing processes across your business.
VIRA Vehicle Inspection Report App allows photographs of a hire vehicle (electronically signed by the customer) to link with other key vehicle information and hire transaction in one generated company report.
MCE Growing rapidly and seeking to be a leader in the Australian Materials handling industry, MCE has an innovative approach that delivers products and services unequalled in reliability, function and quality to the mining Industry.
Linked Group Services Linked Group Services are a leading provider of specialist services and solutions for electrical, solar, fabrication and ancillary services, specialises in remote area services across Australia.
Diacon Australia The Diacon Conveyor Guard is a plastic mesh, conveyor guarding system which improves safety in the materials handling industry.
MineGARD MineGARD by Gardian provides market leading, comprehensive mine site specific public liability insurance online.
Gold Coast
Cytrack CyTrack’s award winning software increases productivity and saves costs for businesses worldwide with smarter customer engagement and collaboration, omni-channel contact centre, business intelligence reporting and business process automation and integration.
Autoguru AutoGuru is Australia's largest online marketplace for booking automotive services through a network of 1,600 customer-rated, local mechanics. Consumers see upfront pricing, transparent inclusions and genuine customer reviews.
Opmantek Opmantek software helps IT teams to detect faults, review current and historical network performance, and potential future failures. It is used by over 140,000 organisations in over 130 countries.
V2i Realtime V2i Realtime allows for the visual representation of complex information and a range of innovative design and business oriented tools that transform the way property development sector achieves business outcomes. is an online marketplace connecting everyday Australians with verified and peer reviewed 'tradies'. From plumbers to painters, electricians and more, access multiple quotes all in one place.
Gilmour Space Corporation Gilmour Space is an Australian rocket company developing a new breed of low-cost hybrid rockets for small satellites weighing up to 400kg. Launching to Low Earth Orbit from 2020.
Intelligent Building Systems International Intelligent Building Systems Pty Ltd (IBSI) offers Smart construction solutions and the manufacture of technologically advanced and innovative building systems and products.
CartonCloud Cloud Based Warehouse and Transport Management System for SME Businesses. Streamlining operations, reducing administration and enabling Australian SME business owners to enjoy their work.
Jetson Industries Jetson Industries develops smart sports equipment using IoT and AI partnering with worlds leading sports manufacturers and brands to bring technology to the grass roots and elite levels of sport.
Evolve Skateboards Evolve Skateboards design and manufacture insanely awesome electric skateboards that incorporates the best in longboarding concepts with the latest electrical technology.
AI Gold coast AI Gold Coast has a cutting-edge range of products and services that shifts perception about AI and help implement it into the workplace so that productivity, exploration and discover is heightened.
Redland and Logan
Substation 33 Social enterprise Substation 33 provides training and employment opportunities through the recycling of eWaste. The Innovation Lab supports projects for up-cycling and e-waste diversion from landfill.
EC Connect Software of Things (by EC Connect) provides monetisation and device management for the internet of things industry. Our fully automated, high quantity, billing and payment system, facilitates diverse and unique billing strategies.
Global Community Resourcing  The Community Care Smart Assistive Technology collaborative is a platform for business transformation and Innovation in Community Care.
STOCR A cost-efficient, faster and easier way for farmers and growers to acquire quotes and products without having to waste time and effort in obtaining the best deal. Digitising agricultural input purchasing.
Powerwells  Powerwells provides solutions to electricity access issues in remote communities. The Powerwell is a small, off-grid energy supply system capable of delivering a basic, reliable power source using electronic waste.
Freelance Robotics Freelance Robotics offers comprehensive robotic solutions. An established, Brisbane-based company combining industrial and research and development knowledge to develop faster, more reliable new systems and market-ready products.
Switchnode Switchnode specialises in wireless internet technology: replacing heritage internet connections with high-speed wireless systems, retailing custom portable Wi-Fi units, installation of smart home devices, and designing custom agricultural-use tools.
Adieu Adieu is changing how humans resolve conflict. By using the world's first consensus accelerator, separating and divorcing couples can amicably resolve matters in less than 5% of the time of the Australian average.
BOP Industries BOP Industries create holograms ranging from the size of a phone to life-sized units. Using hands-on workshops people of all ages learn and engage with new and emerging technologies.
Space Plants Pty Ltd A vertical garden that allows plants to communicate directly to you like a tamagotchi. Helping reignite a love for plants by giving the confidence to look after them like a seasoned gardener.
Wide Bay Burnett
Leanides Pty Ltd Leanides provides a turn-key network automation solution with utilities that give Network, Helpdesk and Desktop Support staff the autonomy to perform rapid network device operations with improved efficiency and productivity.
Campedia Campedia is an Internet online directory for Holiday Parks and Campsites around Australia and will become the Trivago of the Caravanning and Camping industry across Australia and around the Globe.
Community Lifestyle Support CLS Makerspace is a technology centre that enables research and development, collaboration and co-design of assistive technology—further promoting regional opportunities for advanced manufacturing and commercialisation of new technology solutions.
Pluggas Pluggas is a team of passionate storytellers. We believe that growing a strong brand is about growing a strong story and our medium is filmmaking.
Open Cloud Open Cloud Communications is a wireless internet service provider committed to bringing premium connectivity to regional areas using the very latest technology combined with agile and innovative rollouts.
Manage Endo Manage Endo is a digital tool to manage endometriosis, a disease which affects 176 million women.
BOS Rural Supplies Buffalo Fly costs Australia’s cattle industry, a major export contributor, over $100M per year. Refillable Bos Bags allow cattle to self-medicate for fly using a non-chemical insecticide powder providing a passive, Certified Organic solution to a very big problem.
Seven Horses Australia Pty Ltd Seven Horses Australia Pty Ltd is an agricultural manufacturing enterprise producing quality, compressed and vacuum packed chaff for livestock fodder that is convenient to freight, handle and store.
Ipswich and West Moreton
BackUp! BarkUp! is where the community comes together to resolve dog barking complaints. Neighbours communicate with each other in a safe environment, either directly or anonymously, following professional dog-friendly advice.
My Career Groove Pty Ltd My Career Groove is a 2-sided market for highly skilled talent seeking to find their career pathway and employers wanting to attract and secure top talent.
Wiserr Hire experienced freelancers for any job with the option to learn through personalised tutorials.
Fire Station 101 Fire Station 101 is an innovation hub supporting entrepreneurs, innovators, businesses and startups to rapidly plan, create, test and grow their business.
KidsWantu Using technology for quick together fun, off-screen! Making parenting easier for happy kids worldwide through measurable shared experiences. Marketing, communications and social change platform.
Holospace Pty Ltd HoloSpace is pushing the possibilities in holographic display technology. Our products are used to capture people’s attention for a range of industries including, advertising, retail, education and training.
Immerse Enterprise We create experiences across multiple industries, working closely with businesses to deliver virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 video applications that fit your business needs.
Australian UAV Australian UAV provides professional aerial mapping, survey and inspection services throughout Australia using cutting-edge drone technology.
Naeus Naeus helps governments to reconnect their citizens with nature and explore the outdoors through a mobile app. Features include GPS guidance, AI driven plant identification and citizen science data collection.
Smarter Technology Solutions Smarter Technology Solutions are a leading Systems Integrator in the Internet of Things space, collecting data from previously unconnected systems to provide the data needed to enable better decisions.
Far North Queensland
WaterSave International WaterSave is an autonomous irrigation system that uses in field or plant sensors to detect when they require water and when sufficiently watered to operate the irrigation system.
Farmer Meets Foodie Farmer Meets Foodie is a web app connecting producers to commercial foodies. The app gives producers, farmers and harvesters a platform to sell produce direct to cafes, restaurants and caterers. 
Massblock Pty Ltd Massblock is an app that helps you manage your investments in digital currency. Most investors are juggling multiple accounts and wallets. Massblock unifies these accounts into a single, intuitive interface.
Album Registry Ptd Ltd Album Registry is the worlds first professional photography gift registry platform which allows family and friends to pitch in towards the cost of a photographic print product or service.
Reef Restoration Foundation Limited Reef Restoration Foundation Limited are accelerating the regeneration of high value coral reefs and increasing their resilience to future bleaching events by establishing offshore coral nurseries throughout the Great Barrier Reef.
AgUnity AgUnity streamlines co-operative operations by putting a simple Distributed Cryptoledger Mobile App into the hand of every small farmer.
Jarramali Enterprises Jarramali Enterprises provide exclusive access to pristine and culturally significant Aboriginal sites using technology and the latest in innovative eco tourism practices giving guests a deep cultural connection in comfort.
Future Agro Challenge The Australian Future Agro Challenge provides information on innovations in food, agtech and agriculture as Australian visionaries, face-off live, competing to present at the Global Future Agro Challenge.
Speakezi Workflow Solution Speakezi is a Speech to Text to Web Interface that provides seamless and rapid capture and dissemination of information in the field and real time remote viewing through the dashboard.
Pelagic Dive Travel Pty Ltd An online search and booking platform for the certified SCUBA Diver.
Outback Queensland
Fluxx Fluxx is an app based secure peer-to-peer general freight platform.
Agrihive Agrihive is a dynamic financial literacy portal and data aggregator. The portal shows the real financial impact of decisions for both now and the future.
Clickware Pty Ltd A consistently quick, simple, low cost, professional method of manually identifying data on external data storage devices. No other commercially available product exists. First-to-market global opportunity.
Armchair Experts Podcast from Longreach Outback Queensland offering unqualified opinions, interesting takes and passionate views on all things sport!
The Outback Online Gallery It’s an online hub for marketing artists and their works representing the Australian outback. Particularly those disadvantaged by poor telecommunications services or digital sales and marketing knowledge.
Outback Property Solutions Virtual Dog Fence Detection system.
Cattlesales Pty Ltd is a premium central and nationwide site solely for advertising cattle available for sale via any sale point and revolutionises the way the Australian cattle industry connects.
Next in Line Consultancy Technology to assist grazing industry move from traditional farming and business methods to innovative options, assisting in succession between generations.
Calens Creations Through e-commerce, Calens Creations is addressing the environmental issues around use of on plastic grocery bags by providing a strong, long lasting reusable shopping bag.
BigSky Media Big Sky Media, a startup based in Outback Queensland does multimedia recording and post production, including general filming, drone filming, podcasts, vodcasts, editing and YouTubing.
Surf Lakes Surf Lakes™ is a revolutionary, proprietary method of producing high-quality surfing waves in a controlled lake environment, with the waves produced closely mimicking natural ocean waves.
Swarm Farm Robotics Swarm Farm Robotics build robots that make it easy for farmers to put technology in their paddocks. Their robots create new field practices and farming methods to revolutionise food production.
DataMuster DataMuster is a fast, simple and accurate tool for monitoring the performance of your herd, right down to the individual animal using the automated livestock monitoring systems (ALMS) located in the paddock.
Biscuits and Milk Biscuits and Milk’s Hub software aids information management for those living with disability. The Hub will collect, manage and share information for people living with disability in their lives.
Business with Diamond Allowing tradesmen to automate their safety process’s and create fully tailored documents; ultimately guiding them to become fully compliant with all legislative requirements and avoid lawsuits/fines.
Enviroscore Enviroscore online provides solutions that support a better understanding and increased knowledge of your environment. In turn, this helps to guide more informed management decisions for healthier ecosystems.
Ultrahaul Born from the mining industry's need to drive productivity, Ultrahaul is a super-light, affordable and efficient heavy haulage tray, made possible with the assistance of our industry-leading robotic welding processes.
Economx EconomX was created as a technology-based solution to implement contemporary and collaborative regional content practices. The platform helps projects, using best-practice, align with regional content and comply with Australian Industry Participation Plans.
PLF Australia PLF Australia is a startup based in Emerald aiming to deliver non-proprietary, sensor-based farm management information accessible in ‘real time’ on any mobile device or lap top.
Hunter Drone Services Queensland A professional aerial photography service, specialising in inspections, mapping and surveying, photography and agricultural crop health analysis. Our extensive knowledge, technical expertise and cutting-edge equipment provides an innovative data collection service.
Darling Downs and Maranoa
Maranoa Beef Pty Ltd Through targeted genetics and best management practice, Maranoa Beef provides premium grass fed beef direct to consumers. We are true paddock to plate from conception to processing and delivery.
Iamadillo Pty Ltd PT Blueboys are silicon rubber sleeves that cover coupling connections to seal and protect them from becoming damaged due to build up of dirt and grime and from exposure to the elements.
Shepherd Services Pty Ltd Road Asset Condition Assessment System is an innovative, powerful and affordable road asset management tool, that collects HD images as well as roughness data, that can be easily exported to other platforms.
Refine Energy Pty Ltd Refine Energy was established to provide a standardised approach to risk and compliance management systems across the energy and agricultural industries.
Quick Safety Quick Safety—solving compliance, risk and safety issues in the electrical industry. Quick Safety reduces costs, provides cmplete transparency, validates compliance, shows real-time progress as well as five years storage.
WISRAN WISRAN meters, records and analyses the time and cost of equipment, labor and fuel utilisation without human input to identify operating losses in real-time due to logistics inefficiencies.
Boobook Enterprises Pty Ltd BOOBOOK, a highly reputable Queensland ecological consulting business now provides ecotours to incredibly diverse, unexplored, privately owned places. Join day/extended tours or projects, like protecting endangered White Throated Snapping Turtles.
WICHWON Wichwon is a free online platform that provides an agnostic comparison of accounting software. It compares the needs of the business to the features provided by over 50 software solutions in the market.
Power Tynan Power Tynan assists businesses with improvements to their systems, integrity, security, data and information analysis. We've developed tools and people that allow SMEs to access practical advice, intelligence and benchmarking.
InFarm An Artifical Intelligence and image processing business that focuses on delivering agricultural products to farmers.