KTP round 1 funding recipients

Program Period Project Location Sector Amount Round
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Develop Online Calculators

Airtime Holdings Pty Ltd ATF S&G Witheridge Trust

Undertake research and develop online calculators to reduce carbon emissions in high-rise buildings.


Fortitude Valley $37,000 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Removal of Dags

Bioproton Pty Ltd

Develop a new process for the co-delivery of industrial enzymes and bio surfactants from crude cellular lysates for the removal of dags from feed lot cattle.


Acacia Ridge $47,960 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Help Diagnose Respiratory Syncytial Virsum

Ellume Pty Ltd

Develop an innovative ultra sensitive fluorescent immunoassay to aid in the diagnosis of respiratory syncytial virus in children.


East Brisbane $50,000 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Employee Management System

EPI Capital Pty Ltd

Proving a model of investable sales and marketing practices that will allow Tanda (trading name) to seek investment from venture capital and grow the company.


Fortitude Valley $43,333 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Use a New Machine-Intelligent Technology to Build and Demonstrate an Aviation Modelling Tool

Evolving Machine Intelligence Pty Ltd

Use a new machine-intelligent technology to build and demonstrate a modelling tool for aviation engines, to reduce engine maintenance costs and risks significantly.


Indooroopilly $48,527 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Develop a Check-in App for Doctors and Patients

GP Mx Solutions Pty Ltd

Development of an app to streamline check-in processes for patients at medical clinics and enhance practice management systems.


Rural View $50,000 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Develop Online Tool for Young People with Mental Health Disorders

GSL A Good Start to Life Pty Ltd

Develop online customer engagement and tools for young people affected by disability or mental health disorders.


Parramatta Park $43,001 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Create a Next-Generation Prosthetic Ear for Children

Hear and Say Centre for Deaf Children Limited

Create a next-generation prosthetic ear for children with microtia using advanced 3D computer modelling and printing technology.


Ashgrove $49,667 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Develop One-Click Solution for Calibration

ImmersaView Pty Ltd

Improve existing immersive display software products to enable the company to compete for larger, more complex contracts.


Banyo $44,267 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Silver Memories

Music Broadcasting Society of Queensland Limited

Helping to manage the issues associated with dementia using non-pharmacological approaches - silver memories nostalgia radio service


Coorparoo $24,960 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Development of an Educational App to Reduce Spread of Weeds

Natura Pacific Pty Ltd

Create an educational app that will promote the use of native plant species and help reduce the spread of weeds in local ecosystems.


Burleigh Heads $22,550 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Exploring Drone Technology

Nitestar Pty Ltd ATF Bob Dean Trust

Expand the company's use of drone technology and research into new commercial services.


Bundall $49,332 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Design and Develop the Second Version of the Company's Engineering Drawing and Data Management App

Redeye Apps Pty Ltd

Design and develop the second version of the company's engineering drawing and data management app, allowing clients to manage data and complete work orders on the go in a central cloud-based location via a Big Data solution.


Brisbane $37,333 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Expansion of the d series Starsine Statcom

Statcom Solutions Pty Ltd

Expansion of core product (the d series Starsine Statcom) to utilise battery storage as a pole mounted storage system extending product range and new markets in the energy industry.


Herston $50,000 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Small Block Design

Taylor Willis Pty Ltd

Identify a range of highly efficient, cost effective and feasible residential products that can be developed on small 405 sqm lots.

Southport $41,021 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Develop an Innovative Audiology Service Accessible to Rural and Remote Patients

Tejo Cogaso Pty Ltd ATF The Audio Fish Trust

Develop an innovative audiology service accessible to rural and remote patients using telemedicine/telehealth techniques.


Mountain Creek $33,074 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015

The Corporations of Professional Ecosystems Pty Ltd

Development of website focusing on hosting courseware relevant to educators and informal learning which enables assessors to credential educators, with the endorsement of university partnerships


Tingalpa $34,073 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Develop Low Cost Wireless Sensors

Townsville Engineering Industries Pty Ltd

Develop low cost, wireless sensors to monitor equipment and provide the clients with knowledge of their equipment to reduce down time for mainly mining and sugar industry equipment.


Bohle $50,000 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Develop User-Friendly Charting and Mapping Functionality

Truii Pty Ltd

Develop data visualisation control architecture which describes a consistent look and feel and data handling methods across a range of chart and map types. Aligns to Qld Govt open data policy and will enable Truii to expand their market.


Highgate Hill $48,000 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Moving the Company's Model-Driven Engineering Approach to Software Development to a Cloud-Based Approach

WorkingMouse Pty Ltd

Move the company's model-driven engineering approach to software development to a cloud-based platform, enabling customers to create and maintain their own software as a service application.


St Lucia $50,000 1
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2015
Develop a Youth Engagement Model to Help Prevent Domestic Violence


Develop and evaluate a youth engagement model and upskill young people in digital mediums to become agents of change and help prevent domestic violence.


Slacks Creek $36,000 1

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