Queensland Citizen Science Grants

Raising awareness of citizen science and supporting the growth of citizen science projects in Queensland.

What's important

• Applications are currently closed.

• Grants of up to $30,000 are available to eligible Queensland-based applicants.

• Funds need to be spent within a 3 year period.

• Specific assessment criteria must be addressed.

• A dedicated portion of funds has been allocated towards projects related to the Great Barrier Reef.


Applicant organisations must:

  • be Queensland-based with an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • propose a citizen science project that Queenslanders can participate in (citizen science is defined as: “public participation and collaboration in scientific research with the aim to increase scientific knowledge”)
  • address at least one of the 3 Queensland Citizen Science strategy goals:
    1. Raise awareness: work together to ensure the Queensland community has an understanding of citizen science and the projects which are relevant to Queensland
    2. Make it easy for our community to find and participate in projects and for scientists to recruit and train citizen scientists; let’s also make it easy to upload, find and use the data
    3. Grow the community of citizen scientists and scientists working together to make scientific discoveries.

Collaboration between institutions (e.g. organisations, research institutes, media organisations, community groups, government) will be highly regarded, as will activities that involve co-contribution to the project.

Guidelines and conditions

For more information on the Queensland Citizen Science Grants, refer to the:

How you will be assessed

The Queensland Citizen Science Grants assessment criteria (AC) are:

AC1—Design, reach, and impact of the project (weight: 40%).

AC2—Clear alignment with the Queensland Citizen Science strategy (weight: 30%).

AC3—Capacity, capability and resources to carry out the project (weight: 30%).

About the Queensland Citizen Science Grants

The Queensland Citizen Science Grants align with the Queensland Citizen Science strategy to raise awareness of and participation in citizen projects relevant to Queensland.

The grants are designed to help scientists, organisations and community groups carry out citizen science projects that align with the strategy’s vision and tackle important issues in Queensland.

A recent survey, Queenslanders’ Perceptions and Attitudes to Science (PDF, 1MB), commissioned by the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist demonstrates that 68% of Queenslanders are interested in science and 80% perceive science as having a positive impact on our society. However, only 3% of Queenslanders knew the term ‘citizen science’ when first asked about it but when provided with a description this figure rose to about 20%.

We want to increase community participation in citizen science projects and for scientists and Queenslanders to work in partnership to increase scientific knowledge.

In the 2020 round, further funding will be allocated to six citizen science projects that protect the Great Barrier Reef – one for each of the natural resource management regions in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.


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