Ignite Ideas Fund round 4 recipients

Program Period Project Location Sector Amount Round
Ignite Ideas 2018 Customer Acquisition

Actualisation Group Pty Ltd

Actualisation Group has developed a platform that encourages kids from all over the world to write and share stories. The project aims at increasing market adoption of the platform.
Coorparoo $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Delivering Robots to Farmers

Advanced Agricultural Systems Pty Ltd

SwarmFarm Robotics has developed a robotic platform that will revolutionise farming systems. The Ignite Ideas Fund will provide engineering support and training to improve technology adoption.
Gindie $249,360 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Scaling of Advvy's Media Agency Workflow platform internationally

Advvy Pty Ltd

Advvy have proven technology in the Australian market. The project will assist Advvy to start the process of expanding and scaling into new markets in the US and UK, through undertaking market research and facilitating customer demonstration, thereby capitalising on a new pipeline of opportunities generated through a co-sell partnership.
South Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Benchmark Competency Based Observations (CBO) Project

Australasian Drilling Institute Pty Ltd

The project will commercialise an innovative Benchmark Competency Based Observation process for the Drilling Industry and other resources and infrastructure sectors.
Aeroglen $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Phase 2 - Farm Management Trial on Two Large Cattle Properties

Australasian Rural Pty Ltd

The project seeks to conduct large scale field trials for an innovative cloud based farm management system.
Emerald $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Commercialising the BeneVap BV150-1A technology for landfill leachate applications

BeneTerra Pty Ltd

The Ignite Ideas Fund will assist BeneTerra Pty Ltd to demonstrate its innovative process to major customers by trialling the technology through field testing and customer demonstrations at the Swanbank landfill site. BeneTerra Pty Ltd's new technology is an innovative process to improve the economics of landfills by utilising landfill waste gas to remove leachate from the site.
Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Bidhive platform commercialisation

Bidhive Pty Ltd

Ignite Ideas Fund will assist Bidhive Pty Ltd to commercialise the platform and test the commercialisation plan with early customers, professional services, multi-tenant users with API integration, security and audit trail requirements.
Ashgrove $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Environmentally safe herbicide delivery system for control of unwanted trees.

BioHerbicides Australia Pty Ltd

Bioherbicides Australia has successfully developed an environmentally safe chemical and biological herbicide injection technology for the control of tree weeds and unwanted tree species. This project involves confirming the communications strategy and preparing for launch of the technology onto the broader Australian and global tree control markets.
Gatton $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Commercialisation of the HyraIQ retail lease negotiation software

Blenktech Pty Ltd

Ignite Ideas Fund will assist HyrdaIQ to commercialise their technology to institutional landlords with major law firms acting on volume leasing portfolios.
Spring Hill $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Commercialising the earpiece diagnostic Canaria technology in the resources sector

Canaria Technologies Pty Ltd

This project will involve the commercialisation of the innovative Canaria earpiece technology. Canaria has developed a ground-breaking and thoroughly researched product and are now ready to establish sales of our market ready offering. With the assistance of Ignite Ideas funding, Canaria will undertake valuable market research, minor changes and refinement to the technology based on customer demonstration feedback, substantial targeted business development and the closing of sales leads.
Fortitude Valley $95,140 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Setting up local manufacturing

Cardycooler Pty Ltd

Cardycooler have developed a range of environmentally friendly drink coolers for canned and bottled beverages. The Ignite Ideas Fund will assist in the redevelopment of the printing and packaging processes of the coolers to enable the business to fulfill larger market demands.
Townsville $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Field trials of an organic pesticide against QLD Fruit Fly

Cluster Biotechnology Pty Ltd

Ignite Ideas Fund will assist Cluster Biotechnology to commercially trial an organic preservative/ innovative microbial product as an organic pesticide against Queensland fruit fly larvae.
Caloundra West $90,878 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Refine platform for scale and commercialise in the US market

CodeMakers Australia Pty Ltd

The project will accelerate the refinement of CodeMakers' unique learning platform through a pilot focused on regional Queensland followed by commercialisation in the United States.
Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Long Term Productivity Zones Created Automatically for Agronomists and Farmers

Data Farming Pty Ltd

Ignite Ideas Fund will assist Datafarming Pty Ltd to commercialise an online tool, which identifies long term productivity zones and instantly creates a downloadable file to upload to the tractor to apply variable rates of fertilisers.
Toowoomba City $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Commercialization of the Epihaler DPI for non-invasive treatment of Anaphylaxis

De Motu Cordis Pty Ltd

De Motu Cordis Pty Ltd is developing a non-invasive epinephrine dry powder inhaler-insufflator which has a longer shelf life and can be stored under varying temperature conditions. This project will focus on various aspects of commercialisation of the device.
Wilston $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Commercialisation of a compliance-as-a-service platform for commercial drone operations


DEC-UAV is developing a compliance-as-a-service platform for drones. This project will scale FlyFreely into national and international markets.
Brisbane $250,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Turning Queensland into a world leading Chinese friendly destination

Din Dins Club Australia Pty Ltd

Din Dins Club Australia has developed a leading SaaS for brands to be effectively marketed to Chinese visitors. The funding will help develop new commercial opportunities by onboarding new partners and brands across Australia and Asia Pacific.
Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Docketbook - digital proof for the construction industry

Docketbook Pty Ltd

Docketbook is an independent transaction engine for the exchange of goods and services in construction and related industries. This project will establish sales capability both internally and through a channel model.
Newstead $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 DoseMe Infusion Solution

Doseme Pty Ltd

Through this project, DoseMe will deliver the world's first, precision dosing software solution for the growing infusion therapy market.
Taringa $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Commercialising Easy Comply, maintenance management software for mining machinery

Easy Comply Pty Ltd

The Ignite Ideas Fund will assist commercialisation of Easy Comply, an intuitive cloud-based computerised maintenance management software (CMMS) product for asset intensive industries.
Clifton Beach $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 LiveOrbis Commercialisation (Regional Tourism)

Equipped To Discover Pty Ltd

LiveOrbis is an innovative software solution that enables SMEs to harness the power of augmented reality to provide deeper levels of customer interaction. This project will demonstrate and market the capabilities of the solution within the tourism sector.
Thargomingah $99,965 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Commercialisation of Explorate (digital supply-chain management platform) to regional Queensland exporters

Explorate Pty Ltd

Explorate has developed an on-demand ocean freight booking platform. This project will include utilising the supply-chain technology with regional Queensland's international exporters and delivering training to various regional stakeholders to upskill users, increase awareness and grow adoption of the technology.
New Farm $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 fabrik G-400 High Performance CNC Machine

Fabrikcnc Pty Ltd

Commercialisation of an innovative and high performance CNC machining tool which brings advanced machining capability to small businesses and educational establishments by removing a number of key barriers to entry normally associated with such products.
Fortitude Valley $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Providing a smart solution for managing irrigation

Farmacist Pty Ltd

The project seeks to commercialise Farmacist's irrigation app, a smart irrigation technology that allows farmers to record accurate details of irrigation events.
Sandiford $60,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Fetched Global Growth

Fetched Trading Pty Ltd

Fetched is a mobile application that facilitates on-premise delivery of food,beverages and merchandise at hospitality venues. This project aims to rapidly expand market share of the US golf market and test closely-related markets in the hospitality sector with the aim of expansion into new markets where a fit exists.
Balmoral $99,913 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Commercialisation and market testing of rapid water quality tests

Future Biosolutions Pty Ltd

Ignite Ideas Fund will assist Future Biosolutions Pty Ltd to commercialise rapid coliphage tests, which are the core product of the company. Coliphages are the most commonly used viral indicator of water quality, used to assess viral disinfection during water treatment processes.
Buddhina $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Shrimp MultiPath Market Response and Demand Verification

Genics Pty Ltd

The Shrimp MultiPath panel has been proven to provide high quality results. This Project seeks to verify local demand for the Shrimp MultiPath panel by conducting larger scale sample testing within Queensland, plus access larger markets in Asia to prove scalability and verify global demand.
Fig Tree Pocket $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 GO1 Personalised Training Assistant (PTA)

GO1 Pty Ltd

GO1 Personalised Training Assistant (PTA) project will commercialise GO1's innovative, proven product which addresses the needs of time poor businesses in searching, booking and managing face to face training needs related to their compliance, regulatory or talent development needs.
Underwood $250,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Herobe Booking Engine

Herobe IP Pty Ltd

The funding will help to commercialise Herobe's booking engine, a hotel booking engine that combines innovative features and strategies that competes effectively against online travel agents.
Milton $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Huds and Toke International Market Entry Strategy into the USA.

Huds And Toke Pty Ltd

The funded project seeks to tap into the US Equine Market for Huds and Toke's Queensland made Horse Treat Products.
Warana $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Achieving a viable user base for the commercialisation of Writelike.

iLiquid Pty Ltd

The project aims to commercialise an innovative, high-impact edtech product into national and international markets.
Fortitude Valley $249,181 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Commercialisation of the WAGSTA pet health technology platform.

K9 Weight Challenge Pty Ltd

Ignite Ideas Fund will assist K9 Weight Challenge Pty Ltd commercialise WAGSTA, which is a weight management app for dog owners. WAGSTA helps dog owners to reduce pet obesity, which often lead to physical aliments and shortened lifespan for the dogs.
Stratford $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Kitsunei Solution Ignite Project

Kitsunei Pty Ltd

Kitsunei delivers project and problem orientated active learning educational resources for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) streams. The funding will seek to increase adoption of the Kitsunei Edtech product for year 6 - 12 students.
Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Life Sorted Commercialisation and Globalisation

Life Sorted Australia Pty Ltd

The project will commercialise Life Sorted, a family organiser and communications app. ?with an official launch in Australia, as well as a soft launch in North American and the UK.
Fig Tree Pocket $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Go To Market with Manic Math

Math Mate Pty Ltd

The project seeks to increase market adoption of Math Mate's Manic Math, an interactive and collaborative maths app to improve engagement with maths in schools.
Taringa $99,880 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Achieving commercial scale recycling of galvanising and toxic waste

MEMtech Corporation Pty Ltd

The funding seeks to assist commercialisation of MEMtech's patented technology around commercial purification of toxic waste for recycling.
Brisbane City $250,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 MiCare Commercialisation

MiCare Global

Ignite Ideas Fund will assist MiCare Global to commercialise childcare occupancy management technology in domestic and international markets.
Brisbane City $250,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Naturo Milk Commercialisation

Naturo Pty Ltd

Naturo has developed a highly innovative, world-first fresh milk processing technology that produces fresh milk with prolonged shelf life and a nutritional profile closer to raw milk. The funding will help commercialise the technology.
Coolum Beach $250,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Nightlife Music Export Project

Nightlife Music Pty Limited

Nightlife's innovative technology and process offers an affordable way for businesses to keep customers in their venues longer with music. This project will fast track the export of Nightlife's service to new markets.
Milton $250,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Commercialise Pinch for Australian and international corporate and enterprise clients

Pinch Labs Pty Ltd

This project aims to commercialise Pinch, an innovative product that streamlines business communication by learning to "pinch" important points in a conversation, to create accountability and deliver results from meetings.
Fortitude Valley $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Canine Albumin for Intravenous Use in Dogs - Veterinary Medicine

Plasvacc Pty Ltd

Plasvacc have developed a world first production process for canine albumin. This project will improve the final product, enhance production capability and help with the launch into Australia and established markets internationally.
Kalbar $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Guardian IMS Goes Global

QIT Plus Pty Ltd

Guardian IMS is a powerful Multi-agency Incident Management System. This project will establish a framework for maximising success in a targeted and timely approach to becoming the dominant international incident management system.
Cannonvale $250,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 AS/NZS3000 Compliance Testing, Safety Alerts & BlockChain Storage

Quick Safety Pty Ltd

Quick Safety provides electricians with an easy to use device for validation of testing results to AS/NZS3000 Standards. The Ignite Ideas project will assist with developing product features required to meet customer expectations and expansion into wider markets.
Spring Hill $197,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 EatWithUs - Scaling into new markets

RJC Community Pty Ltd

Ignite Ideas Fund will assist RJC Community Pty Ltd to expand into interstate markets and connect with schools, retailers and consumer product manufacturers. The company has developed a digital platform connecting community members and turns under-utilised kitchens, spare hours and cars into home businesses and revenue streams for exceptional cooks in the community, particularly new arrivals with strong food cultures and unique cuisines from home countries.
Taringa $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Sensahub

Sensavation Pty Ltd

This project will commercialise Sensahub, a software application that enables less technical users to design and create Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to meet specific industry use cases.
Fig Tree Pocket $96,700 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Serene Medical Nerve Ablation Initial Market Rollout

Serene Medical Research Pty Ltd

The project is to perform a controlled initial roll-out of the Serene Medical Nerve Ablation into the United States aesthetic market.
South Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Commercialisation of the Quot3Mate App for the Property Management Market.

Slater Solutions Pty Ltd

The project seeks to increase market adoption of Quot3Mate App, a 3D imagery system that simplifies property management.
The Range $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Accelerated commercialisation of the Smartsensor Smart Cities waste management solution

Solar Bins Australia Pty Ltd

Ignite Ideas Fund will assist Solar Bins Australia Pty Ltd to commercialise its Smart Cities technology to improve waste management process by gathering data-driven tracking and analytics to improve network efficiencies and user satisfaction.
Teneriffe $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 Commercialising fYOUL

Sophus Health Pty Ltd

The funded project seeks to expand market presence for fYOUL, an online platform that allows clients to connect wth their dietitian through video calling appointments, as well as direct messaging at any time.
Cairns City $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018 PPC Samurai - Next Step for Global Scale

Studio Enterprises Pty Ltd

The key aim of this project is the commercialisation of PPC Samurai, an SaaS product designed to help Google AdWords agencies scale and grow through automation of management workflows.
Morningside $100,000 4