Ignite Ideas Fund round 4 recipients

Program Period Project Location Amount Round
Ignite Ideas 2018
Customer Acquisition

Actualisation Group Pty Ltd

The project is designed around a minor amount of software development and a focus on market testing and conversion of new customers in the local and international primary school education industry. The product development will focus on adding gamification to the organisation solution (based on school customer feedback), improving the user experience. The testing and conversion strategy will focus on communicating their offer to the primary school industry by employing an expert Queensland firm to develop and execute a customer conversion strategy that captures market share and thus promoting child literacy.

Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Delivering Robots to Farmers

Advanced Agricultural Systems Pty Ltd

SwarmFarm robotics has achieved revenue from early adopter customers by providing a contracting service to farmers. The contracting service allows farmers to trial the technology without the hassle of owning a robot and learning how to operate the technology. The business is now ready to deliver the first of its robots via a direct sale to farmers and effectively “hand over the keys”. Ignite ideas funding will provide the engineering support and training to assist early adopter farmers involved and provide incentive for them to use early-stage technology with unavoidable start-up issues and unexpected problems.


Gregory $249,360 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Scaling of Advvy’s Media Agency Workflow platform internationally

Advvy Pty Ltd

Advvy is in a position where they have proven the technology in the Australian market, have some key customers, are now capitalising on the opportunity to expand internationally to drive export revenue of their platform. This Ignite Ideas project will assist. Advvy to start the process of expanding and scaling to new markets into the US and UK, through undertaking market research and facilitating customer demonstration, and thereby capitalising on the new pipeline of opportunities that Microsoft have helped generate through Advvy’s co-sell partnership.


South Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Labiosync - A revolution for compliance in Myofunctional Orthodontics

Ahangari Enterprises Pty Ltd

Ahangari Enterprises Pty Ltd have invented a Bluetooth based pressure sensor which plugs into the Myobrace and helps drastically improve the treatment outcomes in two ways. Firstly it records data about children's wear habits so that dentists can analyse compliance to the treatment methodology objectively and provide feedback. Secondly, for the first time in the field, it directly enforces compliance by linking with the child's smart device and shutting down the child's apps if compliance is not attained, drastically aiding efficacy and treatment adherence.

Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
New Zealand (NZ) Expansion and International Automation

Askable Pty Ltd

With a vision of enabling teams around the world to exponentially improve their products, this specific project focuses on the critical step of piloting international expansion. The primary goal of the project will be for the Askable platform to successfully ‘receive orders’ and ‘automate fulfilment’ of user-testing participants within an international environment. The project will include development of new functionality within the existing Askable platform, expansion of the Brisbane based support team, development team and marketing team.


Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Benchmark Competency Based Observations (CBO) Project

Australasian Drilling Institute Pty Ltd

The Benchmark Competency Based Observation (CBO) Project involves integrating the current tested and functioning CBO process into a fully interactive, client ready database which delivers streamlined process, data management and reporting capabilities, and fully implementing the new CBO process into two current clients based in Queensland, measuring performance, evaluating feedback and improving the CBO process for the next stage of commercial expansion. ADI has developed and tested a market ready Prototype Competency Based Observation (CBO) process which is highly innovative for the Drilling Industry and other Resources and Infrastructure Sectors and identified initial market demand.


Far North Queensland $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Phase 2 - Farm Management Trial on Two Large Cattle Properties

Australasian Rural Pty Ltd

Having completed a successful Phase 1 trial on a 1,600 acre cattle property, PLF Australia seeks to improve network and system capability for much larger properties, as well as sensor selection and device unit packaging/manufacturing for commercial application. This Phase 2 trial will operate on a much larger property to test a range of network options, applications and sensor devices able to deliver farm operational information over larger areas.


Fitzroy $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Opening Up Access To Allied Healthcare Over Video

Becon Health Pty Ltd

Becon Health is a two-sided online marketplace, connecting consumers to a range of multi-disciplinary Allied Health providers over video. Allied health providers include dietitians, nutritionists, speech pathologists, psychologists, mental health social workers, diabetes educators, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and exercise scientists. Becon Health is an end to end platform, where people search for a provider that resonates for them, make their booking and payment, and have their video session all on the one platform. Total control is given to the users e.g. with professionals – they compete in the marketplace, set their own fees and availability, giving them ultimate flexibility.


Townsville $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Commercialising the BeneVap BV150-1A technology for landfill leachate applications

BeneTerra Pty Ltd

Proof of product activities including conducting a field test and customer demonstrations of the BV150-A1 at the Swanbank landfill site. These activities will build upon recent landfill trials that BeneTerra conducted using the pilot product (developed during R&D activities). The BV150-A1 that has been developed incorporates significant modifications to deliver superior outcomes with regards to the environmentally sustainable on-site leachate treatment. Proof of market activities including Australian and international marketing initiatives namely: travelling to engage with major customers and attendance at industry trade shows as an exhibitor. BeneTerra is looking to conduct further customer demonstrations as part of these activities.


Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Bidhive platform commercialisation

Bidhive Pty Ltd

Bidhive recently undertook a Phase 1 pilot project to validate the product roadmap in Australia, US, UK and Asian markets. Bidhive is now ready to commercialise the platform and test the commercialisation plan (market entry strategy) with early customers - professional services, multi-tenant users with API integration, security and audit trail requirements. Bidhive's goal is to showcase the end-to-end Phase 1 platform at the premiere Bid & Proposal Con conference and expo, hosted by the industry peak body, the Association of Bid and Proposal Management Professionals (APMP).


Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Environmentally safe herbicide delivery system for control of unwanted trees.

BioHerbicides Australia Pty Ltd

BHA has successfully developed an environmentally safe chemical and biological herbicide injection technology for the control of tree weeds and unwanted tree species. The technology involves manufacturing of a solid dose form herbicide product and then using a mechanical applicator for delivering the product into a precise location of the target plant. The technology has been tested widely across Australian farmlands and tree plantations and is ready to be launched Australia wide and onto the global tree control market. The project involves confirming the communications strategy and preparing strategies for entry into the broader market.


Ipswich and West Moreton $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Commercialisation of the HyraIQ retail lease negotiation software

Blenktech Pty Ltd

Commercialisation of the HyraIQ technology (bespoke to retail and commercial leasing industry) to institutional landlords, capitalising on preliminary commercialisation with major law firms acting on volume leasing portfolios. This Ignite Ideas Project will focus on proof of product activities via market demonstration to enable the commercialisation of the platform with the landlords. This will result in a sophisticated multi-party solution, commencing HyraIQ’s business growth phase. Working intimately with the landlord customer as part of the demonstration activities will help to establish a template for scaling the business. Accordingly, the Project will lay the foundation for national and international expansion.


Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Accelerated Commercialisation of the Strucket - The Original Strainer Bucket

Buderim Bucket Company Pty Ltd

The Strucket project will deliver an innovative product, designed and manufactured in Queensland to the point of mass-market launch. It will provide a means to test and validate the product/market proposition following trials. The company has secured funding to acquire the necessary tooling to produce the initial manufacturing batch. This project will focus on commercialisation of the Strucket, specifically to market test the solution, scope market potential, and market penetration strategies across targeted segments and geographies. It will provide feedback and intelligence to make any refinements necessary, reducing risks and enabling the successful launch of this unique product.


Sunshine Coast $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
SecureStack Software-as-a-Service Product Project

Buildstack Pty Ltd

SecureStack is a functioning platform right now. However, its command line driven and as such appeals to a more technical customer. They aim to build a web based user interface to appeal to a more mainstream audience.

Mudgeeraba $94,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Commercialising the earpiece diagnostic Canaria technology in the resources sector

Canaria Technologies Pty Ltd

This project will involve the commercialisation of the innovative Canaria earpiece technology. Canaria has developed a ground-breaking and thoroughly researched product and are now ready to establish sales of their market ready offering. Canaria will undertake valuable market research, minor changes and refinement to the technology based on customer demonstration feedback, substantial targeted business development and the closing of sales leads.


Brisbane $95,140 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Setting up local manufacturing

Cardycooler Pty Ltd

Cardycooler Pty Ltd aims to set up and control printing, folding, and gluing of their product locally; giving them the ability to expand their range for the product while maintaining quality and flexibility.

North Queensland $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Field trials of an organic pesticide against QLD Fruit Fly

Cluster Biotechnology Pty Ltd

Apical Foodie is a NASAA-certified organic preservative, and an innovative microbial product against food waste. It extends produce shelf life up to weeks, and notably it was recently found to kill 80% of QLD fruit fly larvae in 8-10h as a stationary method. Cluster Biotechnology Pty Ltd proposes to run a commercial trial of its performance as an organic pesticide against QLD fruit fly by: 1) demonstrating its effect on reproduction and survival of adult fruit flies, as either a spray or stationary method; 2) comparing both methods also during field trials, which will assess downstream infestation of organic produce with larvae.


Sunshine Coast $90,878 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Refine platform for scale and commercialise in the US market

CodeMakers Australia Pty Ltd

The project will accelerate the refinement of CodeMakers’ unique learning platform through a pilot focused on regional Queensland followed by commercialisation in the United States. Key elements of project refinement in response to customer feedback will be to minimise friction to adoption, offer a more personalised learning experience, automate business processes to create increased efficiencies and reposition the CodeMakers offering to “Coding classes with friends”. CodeMakers classes will transition from the current delivery of four cohorts a year to cohorts starting every week. This will increase accessibility and lower the barrier to entry to drive increased business growth.


Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Long Term Productivity Zones Created Automatically for Agronomists and Farmers

Data Farming Pty Ltd

DataFarming will transform the way that variability in farm productivity is identified, captured, and provided to farmers and agronomists, taking it from a boutique offering to mainstream adoption. An online tool will be created which identifies long term productivity zones and instantly creates a downloadable file to upload to the tractor to apply variable rates of fertilisers. The zones will also determine soil sampling locations. The tool is based on five years of satellite imagery (a remote measure of crop growth) and with the use of DataFarming algorithms; it can be used across multiple sectors of the agriculture industry.


Darling Downs-Maranoa $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Commercialization of the Epihaler™ DPI for non-invasive treatment of Anaphylaxis

De Motu Cordis Pty Ltd

Anaphylaxis is a quick onset allergic reaction that requires instant epinephrine delivery. The current treatment available is an intramuscular(IM) epinephrine auto-injector which has a shelf life of up to 12 months and needs to be stored in a temperature controlled environment. DMC is developing a non-invasive epinephrine dry powder inhaler-insufflator called Epihaler™ which has a longer shelf life and can be stored under varying temperature conditions. This project will focus on various aspects of commercialization of the device including designing and developing a Clinical study plan for final human trials, strengthening Intellectual Property Position and Regulatory Approvals.


Stafford $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Commercialisation of a compliance-as-a-service platform for commercial drone operations


FlyFreely is the world’s first compliance-as-a-service platform for drones. FlyFreely streamlines and automates the regulatory compliance and management of drones so they can be deployed at scale by any enterprise. In doing so FlyFreely removes the constraints that have been slowing the growth of the drone industry to date and preventing it from reaching its full potential. The primary purpose of this project is to scale FlyFreely into national and international markets. This project will also result in FlyFreely becoming the first company globally to provide certified air navigation data to the drone industry.


Aitkenvale $250,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Turning Queensland into a world leading Chinese friendly destination

Din Dins Club Australia Pty Ltd

Viva City curates a Chinese customer experience for brands that can be deployed in venues - accessible and shareable through WeChat - China's biggest social platform with 1BN users. This project will help Queensland become a Chinese-friendly destination by on-boarding brands across the state to their suite of SaaS solutions. It will supplement TEQ's goal to drive economic benefit to the region by increasing the volume of Chinese independent travellers and night stays. Through applied AI & data science, the project will provide brands with an effective mechanism to reach Chinese visitors who best match their customer demographic & other criterias.


Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Docketbook - digital proof for the construction industry

Docketbook Pty Ltd

The Docketbook platform has 500 active users every month. It processes thousands of transactions on construction sites across Australia. Now it is time to target growth. Passive marketing is bringing traffic to their site, however, they recognise the need for a more active sales approach to engage potential customers in the Docketbook journey. This project will establish sales capability both internally and through a channel model. This will be supported by an improved web presence and more selective approach to online marketing.


Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
DoseMe Infusion Solution

Doseme Pty Ltd

Through this project, DoseMe will deliver the world’s first, precision dosing software solution for the growing infusion therapy market. This cloud-based solution will be highly accessible, easy to use, and ensure fast, effective, clinical decision support for dosing that will lead to significant improvements in patient outcomes and provide numerous benefits to healthcare providers on a worldwide basis. The successful commercialisation of DoseMe’s market-ready solution will also represent a new global customer base for DoseMe, that will extend to both infusion centres and home-infusion operators.


Maiwar $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Commercialising Easy Comply, maintenance management software for mining machinery

Easy Comply Pty Ltd

Easy Comply is an intuitive cloud-based computerised maintenance management software (CMMS) product for asset intensive industries such as mining. They aim to empower large global industries that own or manage significant assets, to create and operate an optimised maintenance program at a fraction of the cost of available methods. Achieving this mission will enable them to become a global leader in maintenance management software.


Far North Queensland $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
LiveOrbis™ Commercialisation (Regional Tourism)

Equipped To Discover Pty Ltd

LiveOrbis™ is an innovative software solution that enables SMEs to harness the power of augmented reality to provide deeper levels of customer interaction. This project focuses on demonstrating and marketing the capabilities of LiveOrbis™ within the tourism sector (including the Eromanga Dinosaurs and Burke and Wills Dig Tree) Additionally, this project will involve testing market response to LiveOrbis™ and creating a viral promotional campaign to encourage widespread implementation of the software. This will require employing additional resources, attending key events such as OQTA Conference and Queensland Tourism Awards, and liaising with government organisations to support the commercialisation of their endeavours.


Outback Queensland $99,965 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Commercialisation of Explorate (digital supply-chain management platform)to regional Queensland exporters

Explorate Pty Ltd

Explorate will undertake proof of product activities regarding its innovative supply-chain technology to regional Queensland’s international exporters. Explorate will undertake market research, direct regional engagement, conduct field tests/product demonstrations and training to various regional stakeholders to upskill users, increase awareness and grow adoption of their technology. A smarter, more efficient international supply-chain increases productivity and global competitiveness; these are major considerations for the State’s agricultural industry, given the global demand for primary produce is expected to grow by at least 58%(and as much as 98% by 2050 (UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs).


Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
fabrikCNC – G-400 High Performance CNC Machine

Fabrikcnc Pty Ltd

Commercialisation of an innovative and high performance CNC machining tool which brings advanced machining capability to small businesses and educational establishments by removing a number of key barriers to entry normally associated with such products.

Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Providing a smart solution for managing irrigation

Farmacist Pty Ltd

The application of irrigation water to crops is essential to maximise crop growth and gross income to the grower. However, the recording of accurate spatial location of irrigation application, volumes used for each irrigation event and the impact that those irrigation events has on crops is largely unknown. This project has developed a smart phone app that allows growers to record accurate details for each irrigation event that occurs on their properties and matches that information to crop production. The project includes feedback to the grower on the impact that irrigation has and includes gross costs associated with irrigation.


Mackay-Isaac Whitsunday $60,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Fetched Global Growth

Fetched Trading Pty Ltd

Having successfully established a foothold in the US market on the back of Round 3 of Ignite Ideas, Fetched Trading Pty Ltd are now focussing on expanding their share of the golf market as rapidly as possible while we have little competition. In addition, they wish to test closely-related markets in the hospitality sector (hotels, resorts and restaurants) where an additional product-market fit exists. The project consists of three main elements: 1) making minor product adjustments to make Fetched applicable to new markets 2) conducting US Market Research in these new markets 3) conducting US Sales Visits to drive golf and new market sales

Brisbane $99,913 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Commercialisation and market testing of rapid water quality tests

Future Biosolutions Pty Ltd

This project will expedite the commercialisation pathway for rapid coliphage tests, the core product of the biotech start-up, Future Biosolutions. Coliphages are the most commonly used viral indicator of water quality, used to assess viral disinfection during water treatment processes. The easy to perform coliphage test is highly demanded by laboratories that undertake large volume testing, required by the water industry for regulatory compliance. The project will support final user testing, manufacturing scale up, product launch and market testing in Australia and Europe. The project will support a much sooner commercial outcome, and increase the likelihood of company success.

Sunshine Coast $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Shrimp MultiPath Market Response and Demand Verification

Genics Pty Ltd

The Shrimp MultiPath panel has been proven to provide high quality results and commercial use of the panel is being requested by Queensland prawn (shrimp) farmers. The Project seeks to verify local demand by conducting larger scale sample testing within Queensland. The project will also access larger markets in Asia to prove the scalability of the panel and verify that the demand is global. It verifies the market demand and product utility to engage 4 new employees and commence operations on scale.

Maiwar $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
GO1 Personalised Training Assistant (PTA)

GO1 Pty Ltd

The project will commercialise GO1’s innovative, proven product which addresses the needs of time poor businesses in searching, booking and managing face to face training needs related to their compliance, regulatory or talent development needs. Training assist aggregates hundreds of face-to-face training options and simplifies the booking process by matching the training need of an organisation with the best available content. Industries to be targeted are energy, mining and construction. Training Assist is in the Australian market with proven success through a limited marketing & sales campaign. This Ignite ideas project would allow GO1 to deliver a full launch.


Underwood $250,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Herobe Booking Engine

Herobe IP Pty Ltd

The problem that Herobe are addressing can simply be stated as the increasingly high cost of distribution for hoteliers. The solution by Herobe is a hotel booking engine that combines innovative features and strategies that competes effectively against online travel agents as well as consolidating the range of processes involved in direct bookings. It is a business to business and a business to business to consumer model. While applicable to current consumers, the underlying development framework is in a blockchain context.


Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Huds and Toke International Market Entry Strategy into the USA.

Huds And Toke Pty Ltd

A successful implementation of the Huds and Toke International Market Entry Strategy into the USA, will thrust this regional Queensland based business into the enormous USA Equine export market, and allow the business to increase employment significantly, promote Queensland made products, and scale up aggressively. This projects seeks to scale into the $122Billion p.a. USA Equine Market with highly innovative Queensland made Horse Treat products & be the first Australian business to do so. Creating a viable strategy to implement such an expansion, which is a first of its kind in the US Horse Treat Market, is vital for such success.


Sunshine Coast $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Achieving a viable user base for the commercialisation of Writelike.

iLiquid Pty Ltd

The project aims to commercialise an innovative, high-impact "ed-tech" product that has evidence of support and demand from industry, government, leading academics, investors and users. The project will cultivate a substantial base of users, champions and advocates, critical for realising the product’s potential to drive growth and revenue while creating ongoing opportunities for increased employment of knowledge workers. The product is established and currently in market as a free service, with some presence in local markets and ready to scale into wider national and international markets. The project attempts to prove market size and define a sustainable revenue model.


McConnel $249,181 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Helping businesses publish valuable customer reviews on their own websites.

Innovareviews Pty Ltd

Social proof, e.g. likes, ratings and customer reviews have become an essential part of business. Reviews contain valuable keywords and are ‘fresh content’ - vital signals Google use to rank websites. Businesses that rank well in search results get more customers. Manual review collection and coding into a website is time consuming and can require a programmer. InnovaReviews has created innovative software that enables businesses to easily collect & publish reviews on their own websites. Adding further value, it's developed to ‘Rich Snippet’ standards, recommended by Google. This tags reviews as high value content, optimising their power in the search rankings.


Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Printed Circuit Board Rapid Prototyping Service

Innovatium Pty Ltd

A quick turn printed circuit board (PCB) prototyping system which uses a novel & unique process to deliver a high quality product with rapid 24 hr turnaround.

Mackay-Isaac Whitsunday $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Jetson Smart Cricket Ball

Jetson Industries Pty Ltd

The Jetson Smart Cricket Ball is a tiny electronic device embedded in the core of a cricket ball that records movement data such as spin, speed, distance, seam position and more. Jetson Industries Pty Ltd are collaborating with the worlds leading cricket ball manufacturer to deliver their smart ball technology to both the elite competition and grassroots players to drive fan engagement and youth participation in sports. The technology is based around electronic hardware, machine learning algorithms and a backend data management system which can pass the data to other apps, software programs or TV broadcasters.


Southport $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Lactivewear 2.0

Jolita Pty Ltd

Project Lactivewear 2.0 is designed to commercialise innovative core supportive and breastfeeding activewear in international markets and establish Mammojo as the best in class worldwide. This project will target strong expansion throughout Europe, Asia and North America. This includes attendance and exhibiting at national and international trade shows to open up new distribution and sales channels. This project also seeks to iterate and refine patent pending core supportive and breastfeeding activewear.

Cooper $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Commercialisation of the WAGSTA pet health technology platform.

K9 Weight Challenge Pty Ltd

K9 Weight Challenge Pty Ltd offers expert dog weight management advice to dog lovers world-over to reduce the suffering of physical ailments cause by pet obesity which often lead to shortened dog lifespan. It promotes and motivate a healthy lifestyle to pets and their owners. Stage 2 product development will include the creation of the WAGSTA pet app which will be purpose built- ready for domestic and international commercialisation, as per market testing and industry feedback. The project incorporates ongoing market research, product testing and exploration of business partnerships to facilitate the roll-out of WAGSTA.


Far North Queensland $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Kitsunei Solution Ignite Project

Kitsunei Pty Ltd

Kitsunei delivers project and problem orientated active learning educational resources for science, mathematics and digital technology streams into the classrooms of year 6 – 12 students and the Maker/Pro-maker ecosystem. Kitsunei empowers teachers to excel in delivering into STEM curriculum outcomes whereby preparing students with skills and mindsets required to be successful in the future.


Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Klik Sinkers US and Global Market Entry

Klik Sinkers Pty Ltd

The Klik Sinkers are a disruptive technology and provide a unique opportunity for market penetration through their inventive nature. Klik Sinkers is a highly innovative weight management system for fishing, that for the first time allows anglers to change weights (sinkers) at will without the need to cut their line and re-tie it again making their fishing experience far more dynamic and increase their enjoyment and catch rate significantly.

Capalaba $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Life Sorted Commercialisation and Globalisation

Life Sorted Australia Pty Ltd

Life Sorted Australia Pty Ltd have just completed the beta trial of a family organiser and communications app designed for the modern family. On the back of the incredible feedback received from the trial, they are planning for an official launch and entering into their commercialisation phase. To ensure success of this, their project will focus on: - Social and digital marketing campaigns for an official Australian launch, including engagement with key influencers in target demographic - Some backend infrastructure upgrade to cater for the expected increase in users - Modification/localisation work for a soft-launch in North America and UK


Brisbane $100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Go To Market with Manic Math

Math Mate Pty Ltd

Math Mate’s project will demonstrate an innovative go-to-market strategy that is aimed at addressing the seasonality of the annual school sales-cycle. The project will use Math Mate’s new product, Manic Math, a low-cost, engaging and collaborative maths game targeted at teachers as a tool to generate warm leads during the off-season. A sales strategy involving a regional roadshow, education conferences and email campaigns will accompany Manic Math to drive leads to conduct trials of bigger ticket Math Mate products and ultimately to convert to a sale when the school sales season arrives.


Brisbane $99,880 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Achieving commercial scale recycling of galvanising and toxic waste

MEMtech Corporation Pty Ltd

MEMtech Holdings is commercialising globally registered, patented technology around commercial purification of toxic waste for recycling. This solution (equipment and process), currently targeted at the mining and galvanising sector, has multiple industry applications to deliver significant environmental benefits via remediation outcomes, metal and acid produced for recycling and future proofs against continued disposal of toxic waste in landfill. This project completes production scale-up taking the process from 1000 litres/day to 10,000 litres/day and supplements business development and expansion of the marketing strategy to deliver commercial revenues and quantify recycling volumes and commercial spin off business revenue streams.


Brisbane City $250,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
MiCare Commercialisation

MiCare Global

The MiCare Commercialisation Project will see the MiCare product scale and commercialise to meet the demands of the domestic and global markets. This will be achieved through: •increased sales and support teams deployed globally and domestically •coupled with and AI infused marketing campaign; •leveraging of strategic partnerships and integrations, •MiCare will see significant growth, not only in the childcare sector, but this Project will also see the MiCare technology adapted to meet multi-sector use, such as corporate carparks. The MiCare Commercialisation Project will provide the injection MiCare requires to keep up with demand and ahead of competition.


Brisbane City $250,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Naturo Milk Commercialisation

Naturo Pty Ltd

Naturo has developed a highly innovative, world-first fresh milk processing technology that produces fresh milk with 60+ days shelf life and a nutritional profile closer to raw milk. This patented technology is the first fresh milk processing technology to be formally approved by a regulatory body since pasteurisation in 1864! This project involves 3 major milestones: 1. Finalising the product in terms of the commercial target. 2. Finalising the market research in terms of what does a consumer and a supply chain look like. 3. Finalising the commercial aspects the milk production facility and supplying it into foreign markets.


Ninderry $250,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Nightlife Music Export Project

Nightlife Music Pty Limited

The global music industry is undergoing a revolution. After two decades of decline, music tech, led by Spotify, has reinvented how the consumer uses and pays for music. The next frontier- business! For 29 years, Nightlife Music has maximised the value of music in Australian businesses by turning music from a cost to a benefit, and re-shaping how businesses see music. This project takes a mature disruptor global and into new verticals locally, and delivers significant benefits to the Queensland economy – via increased revenue and employment within the Queensland music tech supply chain.


Milton $250,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Commercialise Pinch for Australian and international corporate and enterprise clients

Pinch Labs Pty Ltd

Pinch has built, shipped and tested early Pinch prototypes with over 100 users. This project focus on conducting market validation by facilitating customer demonstration and taking 10 paying customers through the full customer journey (acquisition, activation, retention, revenue and referral), testing business assumptions, and allowing us to secure product-market-fit. To achieve the project objective, Pinch will dedicate resources to carry out market/customer research and response testing, visit corporate partners and key customers to secure partnerships, engage with customers, and improve the product’s user experience based on the market response testing and customer demonstrations conducted.

Brisbane $100,000 4

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