Ignite Ideas Fund round 3 funding recipients

Program Period Project Suburb Sector Amount Round
Ignite Ideas 2017
Comprehensive preventative health assessment tool with stratified follow-up interventions

Ethos Pty Ltd

Offers large dispersed companies a fully remote version of the Ethos Health and Wellbeing Assessment that can be delivered 100% online.


Teneriffe Service Industries & Professionals $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Preparing EvacMate for deployment throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia

EvacMate Pty Ltd

EvacMate provides the platform to rapidly evacuate or lockdown an area, whilst updating Chief Wardens and Emergency Services with real time information as and when it happens.


Chermside West Building, Property & Development $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Evorce SEQ and regional product commercialisation validation project

Evorce Pty Ltd

Combines human experts and intelligent technology to give amicable couples everything they need to agree and legally finalise their property and parenting with confidence.


Springwood Service Industries & Professionals $250,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Expanding Australian marine dry dock sales into the US market

FAB Dock Pty Ltd

Environmentally friendly boat docking system which prevents anti-fouling. Protects boats in from 15ft to 100ft and gives users the benefit of significantly reduced maintenance costs.


Hope Island Transport & Logistics $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Strategic Advisors

FC Strategic Advisers Pty Ltd

Assists clients with managing funds, insurance, superannuation, investment strategies and retirement planning.

Holland Park Service Industries & Professionals $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Fetched Global Readiness Project

Fetched Trading Pty Ltd

Balmoral $68,948 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
flaik: "Data-Driven One Stop Shop for Ski School Management"

FSMD Pty Ltd

Making ski school management simpler through real-time tracking which improves the safety of kids.


Woolloongabba Hospitality, Tourism & Sport $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Military Market Entry: SMARTABASE Human Performance Software

Fusion Sport Pty Ltd

Athlete management system which is customisable and allows organisational optimisations. Allows management of all data in one place to save time. Creates reports for coaches and management.


Sumner Park Hospitality, Tourism & Sport $249,725 3
Ignite Ideas 2017

Helix Legal Pty Ltd

Changing the way legal services are delivered through a focus on educating, guiding and supporting companies. LawLancer connects Legal providers with students to provide clerks for all seasons that fit with study.


Brisbane City Service Industries & Professionals $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Hive Haven Australian Stingless Native Bee Hive Assembly & Native Honey

Hive Haven Pty Ltd

V9 Stingless Native Bee Hive is designed to be a hexagonal shape to mimic a natural tree log. It alleviates hive overheating (up to 45 degrees), maintains a stable temperature (encouraging bees to forage for longer periods over winter). This allowed for food grade honey harvesting with minimum disturbance to the bees via 3D printed honey trays. It is manufactured from recyclable plastic, that won't rot or require painting and is impervious to spore based disease.


Sippy Downs Farms, Fishing & Forestry $99,918 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Preparation for the international commercialization of Solar Shrink plastic mulch

Hydrox Technologies Pty Ltd

Solar Shrink? is a new and innovative agricultural mulch film which has a solar powered shrinking action. Solar Shrink mulch allows the film to shrink at low temperatures, which means the film actually tightens as soon as it is exposed to the sun. Because of this farmers can put it down with less brake and reduced tension, meaning the film can go down faster using less fuel and labour in the process. Consequently there is a much greater transfer of heat to the soil.


Brisbane Farms, Fishing & Forestry $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Drone to Tractor Weed Solution

InFarm Pty Ltd

Using state of the art imaging techniques and advance technology InFarm develops tools that will help farmers become more efficient, save money or become more profitable. InFarm's first product is a fallow weed detection product. It is a drone to tractor solution that integrates with farmers every day tractors. This eliminates the need for expensive extra equipment and allows farmers to target weeds and use less chemicals on farm.


Goondiwindi Farms, Fishing & Forestry $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Crystal Bowl Fisheries Forecasting for the Great Barrier Reef

Infofish Australia Pty Ltd

The ?Crystal Bowl? is about developing the capacity to predict fish stocks into the future. This will provide fishers with information they can use in planning for their fishing future and managers can take a more proactive view in managing fish stocks.


Murarrie Farms, Fishing & Forestry $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Mesearchr | Share Collaborate and Complete your research

IPug Pty Ltd

Mesearchr is a cloud-based suite of tools that enables you to share, organize and complete your research projects from one central place.


Maroochydore Science, IT & Creative Industries $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
KeyTracker Pro

IRE Pty Ltd

A virtual key allowing users complete key tracking, importing of key data, auto alerts for property managers, key reservations ahead of time, barcode generation for checking out keys, and search history for aid reconciliation and security maintenance.


Indooroopilly Building, Property & Development $250,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Halo: a VTOL UAV for combined forward-flight and extended-hover missions.

Iridium Dynamics Pty Ltd

Use advanced technologies to develop aircraft, ground-based robotics, batteries, and avionics which outperform existing solutions in the fixed-wing UAV market.


Kelvin Grove Transport & Logistics $99,901 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Green Galaxies - Energy Education for the Future

iWeb Solutions Pty Ltd

Green Galaxies is a teacher-led game that uses your school's actual energy data to determine it's efficiency rating. This fun and exciting game is only available to participating schools in the Solar Schools Program - teachers can use the link below to get your school on board!


Brisbane City Service Industries & Professionals $250,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Narnoo Tourism Product Connect Platform

James Wells

With your Narnoo account you can upload your high resolution images, videos and print material. Narnoo automatically converts these files into webs friendly versions for use on websites and mobile apps. Create product descriptions and link in your media files. With Narnoo you can create a snapshot of your business and its products


Cairns Hospitality, Tourism & Sport $99,296.5 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Develop A National Distribution Channel For Globally-Unique Jacob's Ladders

John Frederick Canaris

Heritage $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Analytics API

Kapiche Pty Ltd

Imagine a world where the opinion of every person was capable of being heard. Utilising experience in the Natural Language Processing industry, Kapiche helps companies find insights from unstructured text data and actioning those insights. Kapiche encompasses all of the knowledge they have learned over that time, giving everyone the power to understand and act on human communication on a massive scale.


Fortitude Valley Service Industries & Professionals $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
KEGS Field Trials and Commercialisation

Kegs Software Pty Ltd

Using a combination of lean manufacturing philosophies, agile software, and geospatial technologies, KEGS software streamlines and automates field design and development. KEGS enables teams to collaborate on design, conduct reviews quickly and produce deliverables in a fraction of the time taken using traditional methods.


Banyo Service Industries & Professionals $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Way We Do ? Microsoft Product Integration

Keyword Intent Pty Ltd

Uses cloud-based SOP Software (standard operating procedures software) to create a fusion between business process management, knowledge management and compliance, delivering the right procedure, to the right person, when performing a job or task. The platform provides insights to management as to how the team are progressing, to make ongoing process improvements.


Ormiston Service Industries & Professionals $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Sensokinetic falls risk assessment and intervention improves health outcomes

Kinetic Orthotics Pty Ltd

While traditional orthotics are designed to block excessive pronation, poiatrist Dan Everson identified that this can also see them act as functional blockers. His innovative Kinetic Orthotics works by optimising the efficiency of the gait cycle. Using his patent-protected Kinetic Method, podiatrists can undertake a series of key kinetic tests and observations, effectively analysing three key criteria force, morphology and function. Individualised orthotics can then be produced for each patient, optimising the way in which muscular energy is transferred in the gait cycle. This ultimately improves mobility and decreases any pathology related to biomechanical inefficiency. Most importantly, it reduces variability in patient outcomes. Dan and the Kinetic Orthotics team are dedicated to helping more Australians move without pain, and partner with podiatrists across the country to harness this world-first technology.


Marcoola Service Industries & Professionals $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Kynd: Mobile Care Market and 360 degree¸ Home Care Solution Platform

Kynd Pty Ltd

The simple and safe way to find the right Carers, based on your needs. It's locals caring for locals.


Burleigh Heads Service Industries & Professionals $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017

Like A Photon Creative Pty Ltd

A multi award-winning and internationally acclaimed production company based in Australia. Led fearlessly by Kristen Souvlis and Nadine Bates, there's an entire crew of crazy talented Photons on a mission to make beautiful and engaging content for children.


Woolloongabba Service Industries & Professionals $250,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Commercialisation of online marketplace for domestic and international meat trade

Live Bidding Pty Ltd

Live Bidding is a no-fuss online bidding platform that supports the relationship between buyer and seller in the Australian agriculture industry.


Maroochydore Farms, Fishing & Forestry $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017

Localyokl Pty Ltd

Enables users to earn money for sharing their neighbourhood and experiences they're passionate about and hosting a visitor.


Hope Island Hospitality, Tourism & Sport $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017

Medetourism Pty Ltd

Virtualised medical services for Domestic & International online patient communities


Brisbane City Service Industries & Professionals $75,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Commercialisation of Mindstar's innovative mobile-health wellbeing & mental health solutions

Mindstar Enterprises Pty Ltd

Mindstar provides people with the ability to easily connect with one of their professional and qualified Mindstar Wellbeing & Mental Health Professionals. Their professionals offer session over phone, face to face or via our secure video technology.


Marcoola Service Industries & Professionals $246,500 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Remote Optimisation Of Mineral Processing Plants Using Advanced Data Analytics

Mining Excellence Alliance Pty Limited

Takes data from a mine and look at the historical information to understand what happened but the real value of that data is when we operate on that data in real time. There are mineral processing plants that are highly efficient, they recover an enormously high percentage of the mineral they are targeting to recover. There are other facilities that are low in efficiency, highly variable in the output, don't recover high volumes, waste a lot of energy and breakdown. Interlate operates across this entire spectrum.

Milton Mining, Energy & Water $196,480 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
MyOnlineClinic - Referral Services (MOC - RS)

Myonlineclinic Pty Ltd

A cloud based mobile responsive practice management software with telehealth and chronic disease management capability 24/7. Enabling real time connectivity to patients. Can issue Radiology, Pathology, medical certificates and referrals within the APP. Ability to track your patients vital data with Bluetooth devices. The ability to export data into your current PMS.


East Brisbane Service Industries & Professionals $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Tremor Pen

Neuroworks Labs Pty Ltd

Engineering consultancy dedicated to delivering superior tremor technology to clients.


Wynnum Service Industries & Professionals $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
FridgeBrain VX Vaccine Smart Fridge Pilot Program

NGE Consulting Pty Ltd

Fridge Brain Vaccine fridges are revolutionising the way vaccines are stored. Real-time alerts help you reduce the risk of vaccine spoilage. The fridge temperature data is automatically uploaded to the online portal removing the need for time-consuming manual recording of data and downloading of data loggers.


Toowoomba Manufacturing & Retail $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Tango Smash

Nichigo Connections Pty Ltd

Tango smash is an application that has been developed by Nichigo Connections Pty Ltd to teach English in Japan.


Highland Park Science, IT & Creative Industries $97,636 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Ortelia Interactive Spaces International Marketing Campaign

Ortelia Pty Ltd

Ortelia is committed to providing high quality, interactive, educational, and innovative 3D services for galleries and museums and the education sector. The 3D content that Ortelia develops assists with active exhibition management and curation, as well as providing a simple tool for archiving important exhibitions virtually.


Windsor Science, IT & Creative Industries $98,100 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Osler Clinical Performance - Patient Feedback System

Osler Technology Pty Ltd

Osler provides a clinical & procedural report card for students, doctors, nurses and paramedics to record, measure and improve your performance - facilitating better translation of research into practice. By identifying clinical & procedural competence, before applying learning, we can set a consistent standard of clinical proficiency everywhere.


Noosa Heads Service Industries & Professionals $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Commercialisation of Cashless Micropayments Technology

Paypont Australia Pty Ltd

Allows businesses to accept instant PayPal, Visa, Amex, MasterCard payments, track payments in real-time, and 24-houre remote access.


Brisbane City Service Industries & Professionals $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Automating Bill Payments to Improve Small Business Cash flow

Promis Network Pty Ltd

A Full Mobile Environment in which invoice receipt, supplier and line data storage, and payment queuing all occur automatically.


Noosa Heads Service Industries & Professionals $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Bringing Town Planning into the 21st Century with automation

Propertease Pty Ltd as The Trustee for the Propertease Trust

Use a proprietary database to get clients the facts regarding properties quickly and easily.


Fairfield Building, Property & Development $99,240 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Internationally commercialising Redfish's secure remote access building control products

Redfish Group Pty Ltd

Focus on the integration of high-tech embedded with industrial strength security and elegant, functional user experiences.


Spring Hill Building, Property & Development $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Accelerating Cyber & Forensic Investigations

Schatz Forensic Pty Ltd

Their expertise in digital forensics enables clients to employ otherwise hidden evidence in digital devices ranging from mobile phones to computers; to assure that evidence produced in disputes is reliable; and to turn complex computer related evidence into simply explained, independent, and credible reporting and testimony.


Brisbane City Science, IT & Creative Industries $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Full-stack storytelling platform for publishers and marketers

Shorthand Pty Ltd

Visual storytelling that delights across devices. Captivate audiences on desktop, mobile and tablet with fully responsive design no coding required.


Milton Service Industries & Professionals $250,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Intelligent feature extraction and visualisation of Mobile Phone Towers

Sitesee Pty Ltd

SiteSee's survey accurate 3D mesh and incremental loading allows for fast online streaming of large 3D datasets from any modern browser. Perform condition assessments from your desktop, or leverage SiteSee's machine learning capabilities to automate condition assessment reports.


Fortitude Valley Science, IT & Creative Industries $98,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Effective embedding of Artificial Intelligence in melanoma screening

Skin Analytics Pty Ltd

Use dermascopic lenses to see more features in a lesion. Automated screening can identify risky lesions. Can detect change in skin lesions over time with patented algorithms.


Robina Service Industries & Professionals $99,675 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
A Novel In Vitro Diagnostic Tool to Personalise Immune-regulatory Therapiese

StickyCell Pty Ltd

StickyCell is a biotechnology company that has developed a new way to measure inflammation. This has ground breaking implications for anti-inflammatory research and development.


Lutwyche Service Industries & Professionals $97,500 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Streamline-Rescom Barrier wall

Streamline Architectural Solutions Pty Ltd

ResCom is the market leader in residential and commercial magnesium-oxide wall linings. Now, traditional FR labelled cladding materials installed on the Streamline-ResCom range of products achieve an FRL (Fire Resistance Level).


Laidley Building, Property & Development $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Commercializing UV Protection Stickers in Queensland, Australia, and Oceania

Suncayr Pty Ltd

SPOT UV Stickers change colour with UV light, letting you know how effective your sunscreen is all day long. SPOTs feature reversible colour changing designs that are easy to understand.


Kangaroo Point Manufacturing & Retail $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Kickstart SurePact

Surepact Holdings Pty Ltd

Cloud-based enterprise software that allows project and contract managers to identify risks of delivery before the tender stage.


Pimpama Science, IT & Creative Industries $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Commercialisation of the Storyboard Social Technology Platform

T&O Pty Ltd

T&O Consulting is a market-leading provider of energy consultancy services.


Kelvin Grove Science, IT & Creative Industries $100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Commercialising Techshot (a cricket batting training aid) internationally.

Techshot Pty Ltd

A Batting Trainer that teaches the biomechanics needed to hit late and straight like the world's best batters. Instant resistance feedback trains muscle memory for accelerated learning.


Camp Hill Hospitality, Tourism & Sport $99,280 3

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