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Ignite Ideas 2017
Drone to Tractor Weed Solution

InFarm Pty Ltd

Using state of the art imaging techniques and advance technology InFarm develops tools that will help farmers become more efficient, save money or become more profitable. InFarm's first product is a fallow weed detection product. It is a drone to tractor solution that integrates with farmers every day tractors. This eliminates the need for expensive extra equipment and allows farmers to target weeds and use less chemicals on farm.

Goondiwindi Farms, Fishing & Forestry 100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Crystal Bowl Fisheries Forecasting for the Great Barrier Reef

Infofish Australia Pty Ltd

The 'Crystal Bowl' is about developing the capacity to predict fish stocks into the future. This will provide fishers with information they can use in planning for their fishing future and managers can take a more proactive view in managing fish stocks.

Murarrie Farms, Fishing & Forestry 94,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Mesearchr | Share Collaborate and Complete your research

IPug Pty Ltd

Mesearchr is a cloud-based suite of tools that enables you to share, organize and complete your research projects from one central place.

Maroochydore Science, IT & Creative Industries 100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
KeyTracker Pro

IRE Pty Ltd

A virtual key allowing users complete key tracking, importing of key data, auto alerts for property managers, key reservations ahead of time, barcode generation for checking out keys, and search history for aid reconciliation and security maintenance.

Indooroopilly Building, Property & Development 250,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Halo: a VTOL UAV for combined forward-flight and extended-hover missions.

Iridium Dynamics Pty Ltd

Use advanced technologies to develop aircraft, ground-based robotics, batteries, and avionics which outperform existing solutions in the fixed-wing UAV market.

Kelvin Grove Transport & Logistics 99,901 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Green Galaxies - Energy Education for the Future

iWeb Solutions Pty Ltd

Green Galaxies is a teacher-led game that uses your school's actual energy data to determine it's efficiency rating. This fun and exciting game is only available to participating schools in the Solar Schools Program - teachers can use the link below to get your school on board!

Brisbane City Service Industries & Professionals 250,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2016
Catch'n'Release Anchor Retrieval System Commercialisation and Testing

Kahest Pty Ltd

Refine and market an innovative, reliable anchor retrieval system for small boats and light commercial vessels.

Burdekin Manufacturing/Tech/Safety 91,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2017
Narnoo Tourism Product Connect Platform

James Wells

With your Narnoo account you can upload your high resolution images, videos and print material. Narnoo automatically converts these files into webs friendly versions for use on websites and mobile apps. Create product descriptions and link in your media files. With Narnoo you can create a snapshot of your business and its products

Cairns Hospitality, Tourism & Sport 99,296.5 3
Ignite Ideas 2016
Manufacturing Innovative MRI sub-systems

Magnetica Limited

Develop commercial manufacturing for innovative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) sub-systems used in pre-clinical and clinical MRI system applications to meet market demand.

Clayfield Healthcare and Biotechnology 250,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2017
Develop A National Distribution Channel For Globally-Unique Jacob's Ladders

John Frederick Canaris

Jacob's Ladder is a market-ready solution for those wanting safe and dry access to their boats at beaches and boat ramps. Jacob's Ladder enables safe boarding from the front of the boat, often without the need to step into the water. The Ignite Ideas Fund will assist the company to appoint key distributors and develop marketing material. In addition, the fund will assist the company move to a volume production manufacturing process to improve margins and reduce production costs.
Heritage 100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2016
Natural Evolution - a world-class food production process for gluten-free and RS products

Mt. Uncle's Banana Flour Pty Ltd

Optimise production of the Natural Evolution product range, which is largely based on the healthy, gluten-free properties of locally grown, green, Lady Finger and Cavendish bananas to meet global market demand.

Dalrymple Food Processing Technology 250,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2017
Analytics API

Kapiche Pty Ltd

Imagine a world where the opinion of every person was capable of being heard. Utilising experience in the Natural Language Processing industry, Kapiche helps companies find insights from unstructured text data and actioning those insights. Kapiche encompasses all of the knowledge they have learned over that time, giving everyone the power to understand and act on human communication on a massive scale.

Fortitude Valley Service Industries & Professionals 100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2016
ReportIoT - IoT and BYoD management platform

Opmantek Ltd

Market and field testing for Opmantek's new ReportIoT platform specialised in IoT management/ tracking and BYoD compliance for businesses.

Surfers Paradise IT & Enterprise software 250,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2017
KEGS Field Trials and Commercialisation

Kegs Software Pty Ltd

Using a combination of lean manufacturing philosophies, agile software, and geospatial technologies, KEGS software streamlines and automates field design and development. KEGS enables teams to collaborate on design, conduct reviews quickly and produce deliverables in a fraction of the time taken using traditional methods.

Banyo Service Industries & Professionals 100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2016
Osler Clinical Performance - Community Model

Osler Technology Pty Ltd

Launch Osler, an online platform to track, improve and assess clinical competencies of healthcare professionals, enabling them to extend their scope of practice and optimising patient outcomes.

Coolum Beach Pharmaceutical/ Bio-pharmaceuticals 100,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2017
Way We Do - Microsoft Product Integration

Keyword Intent Pty Ltd

Uses cloud-based SOP Software (standard operating procedures software) to create a fusion between business process management, knowledge management and compliance, delivering the right procedure, to the right person, when performing a job or task. The platform provides insights to management as to how the team are progressing, to make ongoing process improvements.

Ormiston Service Industries & Professionals 100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2016

Parsons, Bradley Evan

Develop and implement FitMachine, an innovative sensor solution for monitoring equipment health of industrial rotating machinery, in the similar way that a Fitbit helps individuals to monitor their personal fitness. FitMachine uses a custom built sensor, gateway, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. FitMachine can predict machine failures and thereby help reduce maintenance budgets by up to 50%.

Mount Coot-tha IT & Enterprise software 100,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2017
Sensokinetic falls risk assessment and intervention improves health outcomes

Kinetic Orthotics Pty Ltd

While traditional orthotics are designed to block excessive pronation, poiatrist Dan Everson identified that this can also see them act as functional blockers. His innovative Kinetic Orthotics works by optimising the efficiency of the gait cycle. Using his patent-protected Kinetic Method, podiatrists can undertake a series of key kinetic tests and observations, effectively analysing three key criteria force, morphology and function. Individualised orthotics can then be produced for each patient, optimising the way in which muscular energy is transferred in the gait cycle. This ultimately improves mobility and decreases any pathology related to biomechanical inefficiency. Most importantly, it reduces variability in patient outcomes. Dan and the Kinetic Orthotics team are dedicated to helping more Australians move without pain, and partner with podiatrists across the country to harness this world-first technology.

Marcoola Service Industries & Professionals 100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2016
Grapple Go To Market

Pimovation Pty Ltd

Commercialisation for Grapple, a front-end planning software to help project managers plan and document their projects more accurately and easily.
Coomera Social Media 100,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2017
Kynd: Mobile Care Market and 360 degree Home Care Solution Platform

Kynd Pty Ltd

The simple and safe way to find the right Carers, based on your needs. It's locals caring for locals.

Burleigh Heads Service Industries & Professionals 100,000 3

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