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Program Period Project Location Sector Amount Round
Ignite Ideas 2017
Smart First Aid - Leading the World in 1st Aid Innovation

The Original Rescue Swag

Rescue Swag is the world's first 'Smart First Aid Kit' with a smartphone app, capable of interacting with Rescue Swag's first aid product inclusions and guiding the user to learn and apply 1st aid correctly - anywhere, anytime. This smart safety system also transforms into a sling, splint and immobilization device. Rescue Swag is designed with preparedness in mind for a customer concerned with lifestyle, health and sustainability.

Mareeba Health and Wellbeing 100,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Demonstration Sludge Treatment Reed Beds for Low-Energy, Lower-Cost Sludge Management and Biosolid Reuse

The Water & Carbon Group Pty Ltd

Sludge-Treatment Reed Beds (STRBs) are a novel method to treat biosolids, offering a lower-energy, lower-cost solution than traditional processes. The Ignite Ideas Fund will assist The Water and Carbon Group to carry out two pilot STRB plants in Queensland to refine the technology for Australian conditions.

Brisbane City Energy and clean tech 250,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Tiltsta US proof of market


Tiltsta turns videos into mobile full-screen shopping experiences, uniquely enabling shopping at the flick of the wrist. With demonstrated traction in Australia we are planning to enter the US market in a strategic approach involving US customer pilot projects for lead generation towards commercial marketing and sales activities.

Sippy Downs Media and Advertising 100,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Growth and market awareness of Tour Amigo, through product enhancements, trials and partnership building.

Tour Amigo pty Ltd

The project will focus on trialling, market testing and enhancing the Tour Amigo platform, a unique service enabling prospective travellers to search, find and book organised tours which are in line with their personal interests. The project will prove to industry partners and potential investors the commercial viability and effectiveness of the Tour Amigo platform.

Bracken Ridge Tourism 100,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Travello Channel Manager

Travello App Pty Ltd

This project will connect tourism providers and travellers in a far more intelligent and curated way, providing a better travel experience for the traveller and laser focussed marketing opportunities for tourism providers.

Fortitude Valley Tourism 100,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017

V-TOL Aeropace

V-TOL VEURON is a customized mini-computer on a card designed to process Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (S-UAS less than 25kg) payload data in real-time. This capability will enable the Neuron Auto-Pilot to execute automated safe navigation and collision avoidance commands during flight, making the S-UAS smarter in protecting other airspace users and ground based assets during its operations.

Rocklea GIS/Geospatial 100,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
GroinBar: Hip Strength Testing System

Vald Performance

The GroinBar Hip Strength Testing System - a novel device for assessing and monitoring an individuals groin and hip strength. Groin and hip injuries are a significant issue for running based activities, and an enormous cost to elite sporting teams. The commercialisation of the GroinBar will increase the ability of coaches and clinicians to reliably test groin/hip strength, in turn reducing injuries through accurate monitoring and management of chronic groin and hip pain.

Albion Healthcare and Biotechnology 100,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Develop an open, multi-vendor demonstration facility for the smart lighting management system, Firefly.

VRT Systems

VRT has developed a real-time, cloud-based data management platform for the Internet of Things, WideSky and a smart lighting management application, Firefly, that is serviced by WideSky. Pilot projects implemented to date deliver only basic monitoring and control functionality. This project will add management functionality to Firefly and deliver a demonstration facility that will emphasise the open, universal nature of the platform as demanded by City Councils for their smart city applications.

Milton Energy and clean tech 220,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Advanced Manufacturing - EFC Geopolymer Hardener (AMGH)

Wagners EFC

Wagners EFC is an advanced manufacturing company that produces sustainable concrete products with superior structural performance. The Ignite Ideas Fund will help transform laboratory scale chemical formulation into an advanced manufacturing capacity for commercial scale EFC geopolymer harder chemicals (AMGH) for Wagners EFC customers both in Australia and around the world.
Toowoomba Engineering 250,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
MIHG Biomass Gasificatin Technology

Wildfire Energy

Development of technology for converting biomass into renewable syngas for use in clean energy projects. This project involves expanding and operating a pilot plant based on a proprietary moving injection horizontal gasification method and the design of a demonstration scale project to convert biomass into clean syngas and electricity as a precursor to a commercial scale project.

Camp Hill Energy and clean tech 100,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Branding and value adding Queensland grains and pulses to feed the world!

Woods Foods Pty Ltd

Woods Foods is a unique, fully vertically integrated family owned business with full control and accountability of the food supply chain. The project will help scale the business by introducing an extrusion process line to the manufacturing plant and development of a retail brand for pulse and grain products which will sell as its core puffed and extruded products that are manufactured at the Woods Foods plant.

Goondiwindi Consumer 112,500 2
Ignite Ideas 2017


The funding will help to improve WorkingMouse's service offering of Codebots as a Platform-as-a-Service. Codebots are Artificial Intelligence (AI) created by WorkingMouse that writes software application codes to suit different organisations requirements.

St Lucia IT & Enterprise software 250,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Ref: Advance Queensland - Ignite Ideas Fund: Xencrete Coal Seam Gas Salt Disposal

Xenith Consulting

Xenith Consulting has developed an alternative strategy to use the salt by-product of the CSG process. This strategy turns the salt into a safe and stable product that can be used for a range of purposes that may offset the need to bury or store the product, which in turn, if not managed appropriately may cause long term legacy issues for both industry and government.

Brisbane City Energy and clean tech 140,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Adivo: Automatically Inflating Lifejacket Systems


ADIVO offers a world first, electronic inflation system for lifejackets. ADIVO's automatic inflation system determines when you are in distress and inflates a buoyancy aid bringing you to the surface. There when you need it the most, ADIVO may just save your life.

Annandale Transport & Logistics 100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Commercialization of the SHUTTLE? (Single Hand Used inTubaTion LaryngoscopE)

Airway Medical Innovations Pty Ltd

AMI's new laryngoscope and accessories present a new revolutionary technology that allows a new approach to endotracheal intubation which is safer, quicker and easier. Our innovation makes intubation safer for patients and easier for clinicians.

Fortitude Valley Service Industries & Professionals 250,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Product validation and market testing of SafeProp Tool

Allconstruct Pty Ltd

Safe Prop is a unique and innovative product that makes back propping more efficient and most importantly safer.

Jacobs Well Transport & Logistics 100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Product experience trials for scour prevention in piglets

Anatara LifeSciences Ltd

Scour affects hundreds of millions of pigs and other farm animals around the world, impacting on their growth, and adversely impacting farming economics, through reduced meat production yields. In clinical trials in several thousand piglets on commercial farms, a single, oral dose of Detach reduced scour and scour-related death, reduced the requirement for antibiotics, and increased weight gains without the need for changes to on-farm management practices.

Stones Corner Farms, Fishing & Forestry 100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Apunga Horticultural Farm Management Software

Apunga Pty Ltd

Apunga is a full-lifecycle horticultural farm management system developed in partnership with Australian horticultural farmers.It enables you to drive efficiencies across your business and streamline every aspect of farm planning and day-to-day management all with one simple, scalable and seamlessly integrated cloud-based solution.

East Brisbane Farms, Fishing & Forestry 250,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
Functional feeds for Aquaculture immune health applications

Aquaculture Supplements Pty Ltd

Functional feeds for Aquaculture immune health applications
East Brisbane Farms, Fishing & Forestry 94,350 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
TCommercialisation of the Audeara full fidelity headphone technology

Audeara Pty Ltd

The world's first full fidelity headphones. Designed by doctors and engineers to deliver your perfect sound, always.

Brisbane City Science, IT & Creative Industries 100,000 3

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