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Advance Queensland delivers a range of programs and activities including grants, partnerships, competitions, procurement, events and sponsorships. Discover our published list of recipients of Advance Queensland grant programs. Due to privacy or commercial-in-confidence reasons, details of some recipients are excluded.

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Program Period Project Location Sector Amount Round
Ignite Ideas 2017
Desygner Branding - A Branded User-Generated Enterprise Marketing Solution


The launch and commercialisation of Desygner Branding, which will allow companies to transform anyone, from staff members, to outsourced resources, to partners, to customers, into a brand ambassador by letting them generate branded content, with no risk to their visual identity, with full analysis and control of the disseminated results in the web, social and printed form.

Surfers Paradise IT & Enterprise software 96,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Babylon Payment Switch - flexible and secure payment gateway for the electronic payments industry

EFTlab PTY Ltd

Babylon Payment Switch is a flexible payment gateway that can support a range of different devices and interfaces. Devices can include Point Of Sale Terminals, Automatic Teller Machines and self-service kiosks. Interfaces can include communicating with web sites and internet banking applications but generally involve communicating with other switches on the bank side. BP-Switch is also able to interface with the Visa, MasterCard and Amex payment networks.

Sandgate IT & Enterprise software 249,150 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Edsvold Silstone Metakaolin Project

Eidsvold Siltstone Pty Ltd

Eidsvold Siltstone is a mining and manufacturing business that extracts blocks of sandstone/siltstone for diamond sawing into tiles, pavers and cladding bricks for upmarket construction projects along the eastern seaboard. Stone waste is used as landscaping pebble for bulk sales in Queensland. This project aims to commercialise the fine talc like powder produced from the diamond sawing and pebble tumbling slurry waste as a metakaolin for the Australian cement industry.

Edsvold Engineering 56,400 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Ellaspede-Motorcycle Kits


Local business Ellaspede is poised to be the go-to brand for motorcycles. Identifying a need within motorcycling for users to safely modify their vehicles to suit contemporary styles without the need for major fabrication. Ellaspede's solution is an innovative kit range that provides a locally designed and manufactured solution that is simple, stylish and bolt on. With a global focus, Ellaspede's goal is to bolster the local economy through advanced manufacturing and skilled labour development.

West End Consumer 99,600 2
Ignite Ideas 2017


A 10Gbps, 80GHz radio that can transfer data a fibre-like speeds over the air has been developed by EMClarity for a specific niche market and recently modified for the telecom market. This project will demonstrate this world leading product to key customers for integrating it into their forthcoming broadband 5G cellular networks as an alternative and/or back up to fibre where flexibility, speed of installation and cost are major considerations.

Tennyson Mobile and Wireless 208,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Eng Access: Professional engineering on demand.

Eng Access Pty Ltd

Eng Access provides a new paradigm for the provision of engineering services. A direct connection is provided between clients and engineers, which increases the visibility of skills, availability, and pricing. Eng Access solves the "no work" problem for engineers, and the "who to ask" problem for clients.
Dayboro Engineering 100,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Reconstruction of reduced-complexity mathematical dynamics of aviation turbine engines

Evolving Machine Intelligence Pty Ltd

Aviation engines are complex artefacts, operating under extreme temperatures and pressures that rapidly make them idiosyncratic and difficult to understand, with consequences for maintenance and risk. This project is a computer simulation-based demonstration of the EMI's artificial intelligence platform - phi-TEA capabilities on a gas turbine engine, demonstrating that phi-TEA can reconstruct an appropriate, simplified "evolved identification" model from noise-polluted time-series data generated by typical engine sensors.

Indooroopilly Engineering 100,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Accelerate' Reporting

Fathom Applications Pty Ltd

The development of project "Accelerate" will provide a whole new way to craft management reports. It's goal is to accelerate reporting workflows for advisory firms. It will offer value to advisers who are seeking to deliver more frequent and more engaging reporting services. Advisors will be able to craft personalised reports with complete flexibility and design control. It will also provide a streamlined workflow for creating and delivering reports to individual clients or groups of clients.

Albany Creek IT & Enterprise software 250,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
FX2School Version 2


FX2School is an innovative payment solution for education institutions to receive payments from international students and an easy way for students to make international payments. Hidden fees are eliminated by saving money for students, and reducing the administration burden of education providers by making it easy to process international payments.

Brisbane City Finance 99,245.19999999999709 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Target Zero - Zero Vehicle Accidents & Injuries

GPS Innovations

The funding will help commercialise Target Zero - a multi-dimensional program and method to improve fleet driver safety and reduce vehicle fleet costs based on existing in-vehicle and web-based reporting solutions as well as to introduce additional elements including data analytics, qualitative research techniques and driver education.

Brisbane City Mobile and Wireless 100,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Grass Advertising Robots for Venues

Grassads Pty Ltd

Grassads has successfully developed robotic technology for laying down graphic images on large surfaces, principally on sports fields but also in car parks, construction sites and for uses in agriculture. The Ignite Ideas Fund helps to improve the robots efficiencies and mass market production readiness for overseas market compliance.

Oxenford IT & Enterprise software 94,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Huds and Toke Pty Ltd International Digital Expansion Project

Huds and Toke

The project will help conduct market validation for Huds and Toke's International Digital expansion objectives using a Digital Solution into the $18 Billion per year Japanese Pet Industry.

Warana IT & Enterprise software 88,975 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
A cloud based, video streaming software as a service


ImmersaView will develop a cloud based, video streaming software for a number of vertical markets outside our core market of Defence. The software will be provided via cloud infrastructure with a Software-as-a-Service model.

Banyo IT & Enterprise software 250,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Hospital audit trials of a computerised surgical assistance system for total hip replacement surgery.

InLine Orthopaedics Pty Ltd

The project will help conduct hospital audit trials for InLine Orthopaedic's computerised surgical assistance system for total hip replacement surgery. The required audit operations provide critical data on the surgical outcomes, before commercial launch. The site chosen is KCH in London to access the NHS accreditation system, making it acceptable to Commonwealth and EU nations and respected by the USA.

Samford Health and Wellbeing 250,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Development of UV Cured Paint technology utilising UV LED lights on fabricated structural steel

IR4 Pty Ltd

This project seeks to establish a UV cured paint technology that could be used in conjunction with IR4's automated steel fabrication system.

Yatala Engineering 250,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
iVvy Supplier Management Solution


iVvy has built the world's first marketplace for the events industry, allowing event organisers to view live availability, get an accurate price, and make an instant booking. From venues and entertainers to musicians, speakers and caterers - all these suppliers will be able to publish live availability and pricing into iVvy's marketplace and on their own websites, driving increased business growth, automating business processes creating increased efficiencies and profitability.

Varsity Lakes IT & Enterprise software 250,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Phytocel an innovative functional fibre from sugarcane that improves cost and claims in manufactured goods


The Ignite Ideas Fund assists to validate market for the export expansion of KFSU "Phytocel" following trials from the University of Queensland and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries proving that Phytocel performed extremely well in reducing costs and adding flavour and texture in meat products and baked goods and in particular Gluten free baked goods.

Ayr Food Technology 71,600 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Network-Independent IoT Location Solution


Locatrix Communications Network-independent IoT Location Project will deliver a cloud-based software solution that provides low-impact (in terms of cost and signalling overhead) location-determination capabilities for any mobile IoT network service provider, irrespective of whether they are using home or roaming wireless network infrastructure. The network-independent IoT location solution allows device location to be monetised as a value-added feature from wireless IoT network providers.

Brisbane City Mobile and Wireless 100,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2019
UrbanInsight Smart City Data Platform

(UI!) The Urban Institute Pty Ltd

Sippy Downs Local Government 100,000 5
Ignite Ideas 2017
MiEd Enterprise Management Solution

MiCare Global

MiCare Global is an Australian based software company specialising in the provision of a single platform management solutions for the care sector: compliance, communication, asset management, learning, HR, finance and administration solution.

Brisbane City IT & Enterprise software 100,000 2

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