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Advance Queensland delivers a range of programs and activities including grants, partnerships, competitions, procurement, events and sponsorships. Discover our published list of recipients of Advance Queensland grant programs. Due to privacy or commercial-in-confidence reasons, details of some recipients are excluded.

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Program Period Project Location Sector Amount Round
Ignite Ideas 2017
Conveyor Technology.

Conveyor Innovations International Pty Ltd

This project aims to commercialise the iRoller, a smart conveyor roller for use in the mining industry, that automatically inspects for abnormal noise, loose conveyor rollers, and running deviation.

Emerald Mining, Energy & Water 100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
The Cool Tube - Rapid Cooling for Mining and Heavy Industry

Cool Mine Pty Ltd

Heat management in the mining and heavy industrial sectors, continues to be one of the foremost risks to both the health and safety of workers and the operational stability of the mine or workplace. This project will implement a lightweight system that can rapidly and effectively cool an area to substantially improve mining conditions, by maintaining compliant and acceptable temperatures for heat management.

Yeppoon 99,550 3
Ignite Ideas 2017
AI-powered credit risk assessment product for the Australian market

CRiskCo Au Pty Ltd

Improved credit evaluation, reduces fraud and bad loans, improves collection efficiency and provides real-time credit insights

Spring Hill Service Industries & Professionals 100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2018
Customer Acquisition

Actualisation Group Pty Ltd

Actualisation Group has developed a platform that encourages kids from all over the world to write and share stories. The project aims at increasing market adoption of the platform.

Coorparoo 100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2017
Commercialise: Accountant Secure File (ACSFTP) & Experienced Investor Test (EIT)

Cygura Pty Ltd

A central source of investment information for sophisticated and wholesale investors

South Brisbane Service Industries & Professionals 100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2018
Providing a smart solution for managing irrigation

Farmacist Pty Ltd

The project seeks to commercialise Farmacist's irrigation app, a smart irrigation technology that allows farmers to record accurate details of irrigation events.

Sandiford 60,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2017
Akou, Banter Assistive Hearing Device

Dimity Dornan Consulting Pty Ltd

With each human bionics breakthrough, the potential to treat a range of untreatable medical conditions multiplies. Science, technology and the internet have converged in exciting ways to impact human health. Bionics, a fusion of medicine and engineering has fuelled an explosion in medtech research and the production of many new devices inspired by the human body.

Toowong Science, IT & Creative Industries 100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2018
Commercialisation of the Quot3Mate App for the Property Management Market.

Slater Solutions Pty Ltd

The project seeks to increase market adoption of Quot3Mate App, a 3D imagery system that simplifies property management.

The Range 100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2017
Edward Reports Commercialisation

Edward Intelligence Pty Limited

This project aims to commercialise the Edward Intelligence platform, an innovative proprietary technology that automatically gathers users information for every investment belonging to an investor and consolidates that information into one easy-to-understand report to perform advanced analytics.
Spring Hill 100,000 3
Ignite Ideas 2018
Herobe Booking Engine

Herobe IP Pty Ltd

The funding will help to commercialise Herobe's booking engine, a hotel booking engine that combines innovative features and strategies that competes effectively against online travel agents.

Milton 100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2017
Efficacy and Non-toxicity Testing of GeoSpray

Enviro Straw Pty Ltd

The EnviroStraw range of revegetation solutions and our erosion-control product, GeoSpray, were developed by Australia's leading soil scientists over 12+ years, allowing any commercial site can be revegetated quickly and sustainably - no matter how depleted or erosion prone.

Ashgrove Farms, Fishing & Forestry 88,190 3
Ignite Ideas 2018
Commercialising Easy Comply, maintenance management software for mining machinery

Easy Comply Pty Ltd

The Ignite Ideas Fund will assist commercialisation of Easy Comply, an intuitive cloud-based computerised maintenance management software (CMMS) product for asset intensive industries.

Clifton Beach 100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2017
Farmer Meets Foodie Accelerate

Erica Edith Blumson

Farmer Meets Foodie connects farmers, harvesters, graziers and growers directly to restaurants, cafes, food trucks and caterers who have a passion for using local produce. We are passionate about telling the story behind how produce is grown and prepared, the work that goes into it, the challenges, the innovation and creation that is making Australian produce sort after worldwide.

Mount Molloy Farms, Fishing & Forestry 98,079.89999999999418 3
Ignite Ideas 2018
Phase 2 - Farm Management Trial on Two Large Cattle Properties

Australasian Rural Pty Ltd

The project seeks to conduct large scale field trials for an innovative cloud based farm management system.
Emerald 100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Go To Market with Manic Math

Math Mate Pty Ltd

The project seeks to increase market adoption of Math Mate's Manic Math, an interactive and collaborative maths app to improve engagement with maths in schools.

Taringa 99,880 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Turning Queensland into a world leading Chinese friendly destination

Din Dins Club Australia Pty Ltd

Din Dins Club Australia has developed a leading SaaS for brands to be effectively marketed to Chinese visitors. The funding will help develop new commercial opportunities by onboarding new partners and brands across Australia and Asia Pacific.

Brisbane 100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
PPC Samurai - Next Step for Global Scale

Studio Enterprises Pty Ltd

The key aim of this project is the commercialisation of PPC Samurai, an SaaS product designed to help Google AdWords agencies scale and grow through automation of management workflows.

Morningside 100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Commercialising fYOUL

Sophus Health Pty Ltd

The funded project seeks to expand market presence for fYOUL, an online platform that allows clients to connect wth their dietitian through video calling appointments, as well as direct messaging at any time.

Cairns City 100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
fabrik G-400 High Performance CNC Machine

Fabrikcnc Pty Ltd

Commercialisation of an innovative and high performance CNC machining tool which brings advanced machining capability to small businesses and educational establishments by removing a number of key barriers to entry normally associated with such products.

Fortitude Valley 100,000 4
Ignite Ideas 2018
Achieving commercial scale recycling of galvanising and toxic waste

MEMtech Corporation Pty Ltd

The funding seeks to assist commercialisation of MEMtech's patented technology around commercial purification of toxic waste for recycling.

Brisbane City 250,000 4

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