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Advance Queensland delivers a range of programs and activities including grants, partnerships, competitions, procurement, events and sponsorships. Discover our published list of recipients of Advance Queensland grant programs. Due to privacy or commercial-in-confidence reasons, details of some recipients are excluded.

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Program Period Project Location Sector Amount Round
Ignite Ideas 2016
Catch'n'Release Anchor Retrieval System Commercialisation and Testing

Kahest Pty Ltd

Refine and market an innovative, reliable anchor retrieval system for small boats and light commercial vessels.

Burdekin Manufacturing/Tech/Safety 91,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Manufacturing Innovative MRI sub-systems

Magnetica Limited

Develop commercial manufacturing for innovative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) sub-systems used in pre-clinical and clinical MRI system applications to meet market demand.

Clayfield Healthcare and Biotechnology 250,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Natural Evolution - a world-class food production process for gluten-free and RS products

Mt. Uncle's Banana Flour Pty Ltd

Optimise production of the Natural Evolution product range, which is largely based on the healthy, gluten-free properties of locally grown, green, Lady Finger and Cavendish bananas to meet global market demand.

Dalrymple Food Processing Technology 250,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
ReportIoT - IoT and BYoD management platform

Opmantek Ltd

Market and field testing for Opmantek's new ReportIoT platform specialised in IoT management/ tracking and BYoD compliance for businesses.

Surfers Paradise IT & Enterprise software 250,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Osler Clinical Performance - Community Model

Osler Technology Pty Ltd

Launch Osler, an online platform to track, improve and assess clinical competencies of healthcare professionals, enabling them to extend their scope of practice and optimising patient outcomes.

Coolum Beach Pharmaceutical/ Bio-pharmaceuticals 100,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016

Parsons, Bradley Evan

Develop and implement FitMachine, an innovative sensor solution for monitoring equipment health of industrial rotating machinery, in the similar way that a Fitbit helps individuals to monitor their personal fitness. FitMachine uses a custom built sensor, gateway, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. FitMachine can predict machine failures and thereby help reduce maintenance budgets by up to 50%.

Mount Coot-tha IT & Enterprise software 100,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Grapple Go To Market

Pimovation Pty Ltd

Commercialisation for Grapple, a front-end planning software to help project managers plan and document their projects more accurately and easily.
Coomera Social Media 100,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016

Redeye Apps Pty Ltd

Commercialisation of RedEye's new workforce mobility app: RedEyeWFM that allows businesses to manage creation, scheduling and analysis of jobs completed anywhere, on any device.

Nanango IT & Enterprise software 250,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Commercialisation of Roubler's complete workforce management solution

Roubler Australia Pty Ltd

Develop an end-to-end mobile solution that gives employers flexible management of employment lifecycle from recruitment to payroll and everything in between, by utilising algorithms and global data analytics that offer exceptional improvements.

Mount Coot-tha IT & Enterprise software 99,144 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Strategik 365

Strategik Pty Ltd

Complete and launch Strategik 365, a software as a service, business productivity extension for Microsoft Office 365 that helps businesses to leverage their existing Office 365 investment to reduce costs, increase agility and power innovation.
Cleveland Healthcare and Biotechnology 99,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Surgeon Score Card

Surgical Performance Pty Ltd

Expand existing functionality of the surgeon score card software application developed by surgeons for surgeons to help improve patients' clinical outcome.

Ashgrove Energy and clean tech 100,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Commercialisation of digital marketing software

Synergy Eight Pty Ltd

Commercialisation of Synergy 8, digital marketing software through improvements to product, documentation, and customer onboarding processes.

Strathpine - Brendale E-commerce 250,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Commercialisation of Gruntify, real-time incident and report management platform

The Trustee for The Stjepanovic Family Trust

Expand Gruntify, a real-time data capture, analytics and job allocation system into a market-ready state.

South Brisbane IT & Enterprise software 100,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
V2i Realtime Platform to Enable Systems Re-engineering

V2I Pty Ltd

Develop and commercialise the V2i realtime platform software to transform the manner in which the property development sector achieves outcomes through a common visual language and interactive representation of complex site information, with a range of innovative design and data analytics tools that reduce overall project lifecycle costs, cut red tape, and revolutionise the stakeholder consultation and communication processes.

Pacific Pines - Gaven IT & Enterprise software 250,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Commercialisation of visual search, comparison & booking platform for wedding services

Wedding Village Pty Ltd

Commercialisation of Veilability, a localised, visual search engine for wedding venue service.

Bellbowrie - Moggill Horticulture 97,800 1
Ignite Ideas 2017
SwimAR - Heads-up display goggles for swimming


The Ignite Ideas Fund will assist commercialisation of SwimAR- heads up display goggles, providing swimmers with unprecedented access to their training data.

Kelvin Grove Consumer 99,710 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Affinity - Validation of Affinity Engine, Investor Attraction and Market Development


Affinity.Me is an innovative mobile app startup being developed in Queensland. It sets out to solve the increasingly large problem of loneliness, social disconnection and associated mental health issues by using innovative and scientifically rigorous combination of psychometrics and machine learning to help people make valuable, meaningful and positive connections with others in a way that has not been done before.

Brisbane City Health and Wellbeing 100,000 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Hay Guard - A Novel System to Guard Against Internal Combustion of Hay

Agile Sensing

The Hay Guard is a revolutionary Australian system to combat the degradation and spontaneous combustion of stored hay. Hay is a $2b industry in Australia, and critical to other agriculture industries such as dairy and cattle and unfortunately suffers from spontaneous heating due to the presence of moisture, microbes and sugar in the hay. The Hay Guard provides a modern, reliable and cost effective solution for the real time monitoring of hay conditions, throughout the entire stack.
New Farm Agriculture 98,280 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
Alkira Software - assistive vocational platform for low/no vision applications

Alkira Software Pty Ltd

In a world taken for granted by those who can see, technology relied upon to perform every day basic and essential tasks, excludes the blind and vision impaired (BVI). By design and functionality technology excludes BVI from participating meaningfully in society, operating autonomously, independently and with dignity. Alkira Software is assistive technology redefining BVI interaction and work in today's world with an integrated intuitive series of interpretive, translational tools.

Doonan Social Enterprise 99,800 2
Ignite Ideas 2017
BIM BAM VR, Pricing and Digital Asset Library for Revit Architecture

Allaro Homes Cairns

Bim Bam, a Revit Architecture Plug In for Architects and Building Designers giving instant Virtual Reality, Project Estimate Pricing and 3D object browsing functionality. Using the Oculus Rift VR Goggles, designers and clients can visualise their construction projects, get estimate pricing to see potential costs and have access to 3D objects like furniture and plants to really understand what the project will look like as a finished product.

Bungalow IT & Enterprise software 99,390 2

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