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Advance Queensland delivers a range of programs and activities including grants, partnerships, competitions, procurement, events and sponsorships. Discover our published list of recipients of Advance Queensland grant programs. Due to privacy or commercial-in-confidence reasons, details of some recipients are excluded.

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Program Period Project Location Sector Amount Round
Research Fellowships 2017
CP muscle-movement toolbox: Expand early detection of cerebral palsy

Dr Lee Barber

Central Queensland University 180,000
Research Fellowships 2017
Is Queensland's economy resilient to an energy shock?

Dr Lynette Molyneaux

The University of Queensland 180,000
Research Fellowships 2017
Engineered design of bulk superconductors for maximum efficiency motors/generators

Dr Mahboobeh Shahbazi

Queensland University of Technology 180,000
Research Fellowships 2017
Enhancing CSG well production through well bottom-hole pressure control

Dr Mahshid Firouzi

The University of Queensland 180,000
Research Fellowships 2017
Female reproduction phenobank and validation herds

Dr Marina Fortes

The University of Queensland 180,000
Research Fellowships 2017
Environmentally adaptive antimicrobial surfaces for application in the aircraft industry

Dr Md. Daloar Hossain

The University of Queensland 180,000
Research Fellowships 2017
Exploring opportunities to improve wheat performance to future warmer climates

Dr Najeeb Ullah

The University of Queensland 180,000
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Fellowships & PhD Scholarships 2016
An indigenous journey through the 21st century educational landscapes of new metrics

Mr Troy Meston

The aim is to develop an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) assessment tool that builds upon indigenous learning strengths in order to augment and support indigenous student learning needs. Current, generic assessment methods for assessing indigenous students are not as effective as they could be. The proposed project will explore digital assessment to create a new generation of targeted assessment practice for indigenous learners.
Griffith University 120,000
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Fellowships & PhD Scholarships 2016
Transforming hidden data: An integrative information system for Torres Strait

Dr Cass Hunter

While scientific understanding of the marine environment of Torres Strait has significantly improved over the last 20 years, much of the data collected remains largely buried and hidden in databases and reports. This project will develop innovative approaches for unlocking the value of extensive biophysical data sets from the Torres Strait through effective spatially explicit visual summaries and comparative views.
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation 240,000
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Fellowships & PhD Scholarships 2018
An innovative framing system for taller timber-framed buildings

Dr Craig Cowled

Modern manufacturing capabilities have transformed the scope for engineered timber solutions with timber buildings now being constructed up to eight storeys. This project will develop an innovative high performance timber-framed system to withstand the higher loads that taller buildings experience and deliver a technical design guide for the building industry.
Queensland University of Technology 240,000
Hot DesQ 2019


Sunbirds has created a unique autonomous aircraft that harvests solar energy to fly ten times longer and farther than other drones.

France Agriculture, Aerospace 3
Hot DesQ 2019


Parasym is a medical device company developing innovative neurostimulation products that improve quality of life.

London Health, medical devices 3
Hot DesQ 2019


QuestaGame is a global mobile gaming venture that gets people outdoors to discover, learn about, map and protect life on our planet for a sustainable future.

Canberra Education, Tourism, Science 3
Hot DesQ 2019

Smart Reef

Smart Reef is creating a digital safety management olatform for snorkel/scuba tourism boats to replace pen and paper signatures currently used for passenger tracking.

New South Wales Tourism, IOT 3
Hot DesQ 2019


TakeMeTour is the largest peer-to-peer marketplace for local tours and activities in Thailand (and expanding to Southeast Asia) connecting foreign travellers to more than 20,000 local experts from 55 cities via 1-day tour.

Thailand Tourism 3
Hot DesQ 2019


HotelFlex helps hotels generate revenue from unsold rooms.

London Tourism 3
Hot DesQ 2019


Competeshark provides AI drive competitive and market intelligence.

New South Wales Artificial Intelligence 3
Hot DesQ 2019


Kauifit is a marketplace of sport and fitness training plans that allow coaches to digitalise their content and distribute it.

China IOT 3
Hot DesQ 2019


HigherEdMe is connecting international student candidates with higher education institutions to study abroad.

France Education 3
Hot DesQ 2019

Eco Wave Power

Eco Wave Power is an advanced and innovative international wave power developer.

Israel Energy, Sustainability 3

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