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Program Period Project Location Sector Amount Round
Ignite Ideas 2016
Complement inhibitor for treating motor neurone disease

Alsonex Pty Ltd

Progress a new anti-inflammatory drug candidate towards clinical trials for Motor Neuron Disease.

Brisbane City Natural Resources 100,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Apunga - Horticultural Farm Management & QA System

Apunga Pty Ltd

Develop tools and processes to streamline customer onboarding to Apunga, a cloud-based horticultural farm management solution.

South Brisbane IT & Enterprise software 100,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Patented Topical for Joint Pain including from Osteoarthritis

Arthritis Relief Plus Limited

Support the global market positioning of 4jointz, a unique patented and clinically tested over the counter topical cream for osteoarthritis, joint pain and some other degenerative joint conditions providing a safe, remarkably effective option combining nature with robust science.

Mermaid Beach - Broadbeach Electromechanical Manufacture 93,500 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
MailStorm - Object storage plugin for email service providers

Atmail Pty Ltd

Assist with the commercialisation of Atmail's object-storage technology for the US and Japanese markets.

Noosa Heads Energy and clean tech 100,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Optimisation of patented wind turbines

Axis Energy Group Pty Ltd

Optimisation of a proprietary wind energy technology using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling for improved wind energy harnessing.

Healthcare and Biotechnology 100,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
World-first feeding device for people impaired with dysphagia (Rosecup/NutriTaste)

Bayro No.1 Pty Ltd

Commercialisation of a world first feeding device for people worldwide who have trouble swallowing.

Miles - Wandoan Healthcare and Biotechnology 250,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
New Material for LED Manufacturing

Brisbane Materials Technology Pty Ltd

Commercialisation of a new LED manufacturing materials that would increase efficiency and lifetime of LED allowing LED to produce more light, use less energy and last longer.

Inala - Richlands Mobile and Wireless 100,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
UV protection filters for humans and materials inspired by Great Barrier Reef Coral sun protection mechanism

Coral Sunscreen Pty Ltd

Commercialisation of a world first UV filter technology that mimics the corals natural sun protection mechanism.

Mundingburra Healthcare and Biotechnology 250,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Markets Engagement - Didgigo

Didgigo Marketing Pty Ltd

Conduct market validation for Didgigo, an online B2B and B2C business marketing tool that allows users to create highly creative and content rich personalised proposals that saves time and increases conversion.

IT & Enterprise software 100,700 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Cloud Based Visual Inspection App and service for Asset Based Industries

Dingo Energy Pty Ltd

Conduct market and field testing for Dingo's new diversified cloud-based visual inspection app and service for asset based industries.

Stafford Mobile and Wireless 97,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
"Smart" batteries using clean energy to reduce commercial building electricity costs

Elevare Energy Pty Ltd

Commercialisation of Elevare Energy's Smart batteries, controlled by sophisticated and intelligence software to reduce peak demand charges in commercial buildings.

Aspley Energy and clean tech 250,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Clinical validation trial for Respirio Flu Test (RFT)

Ellume Pty Ltd

Conduct clinical trial for Respirio Flu Test (RFT), a non-invasive rapid influenza test for the detection of Flu A and B.

South Brisbane Healthcare and Biotechnology 250,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Dust suppression system for stockpile discharge conveyors

Enviromist Pty Ltd

Conduct field testing for dust suppression system for stockpile discharge conveyors.

Ashgrove Natural Resources 100,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Field Orthopaedics Magnetic Total Wrist Replacement

Field Orthopaedics Pty Ltd

Conduct pre-clinical trial for Field Orthopaedics' magnetic total wrist replacement.

Brisbane City IT & Enterprise software 100,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
EVORCE product validation and market commercialisation project

Futureprofit Pty Ltd

Conduct market trials for ADIEU, an end to end, virtual mediation for couples to seek separation agreement.

Springwood Social Enterprise 128,175 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
GO1 Online Training Native Mobile Application Development

GO1 Pty Ltd

Market and user testing of a new native mobile application for GO1 online training platform with offline content caching capability.

Woodridge IT & Enterprise software 178,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Hypometer Technologies Big Data Analytics

Hypometer Technologies Pty Ltd

Commercialisation of Hypometer Technologies platforms for big data analysis in social media and sporting data, which use academic research and machine learning to generate descriptive and predictive metrics of activity and performance.
Brisbane City B2C 98,900 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Wireless VR BETA

Immersive Robotics Pty Ltd

Refine and develop a wireless virtual reality technology with a view to creating a beta prototype to demonstrate to key industry leaders such as Facebook and HTC.

Brisbane City Science and engineering 100,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
Patented low cost Solar Thermal Collector

Impact Building Systems Pty Ltd

Field trials for low cost solar thermal collector.

Upper Kedron - Ferny Grove Healthcare and Biotechnology 100,000 1
Ignite Ideas 2016
ROVER (Remotely Operated Variable Effort Rotator)

Innovation Overload Pty Ltd

Technical validation for ROVER (Remotely Operated Variable Effort Rotator), a crane load management system that allows a higher degree of rotational control.

Bellbowrie - Moggill Science and engineering 100,000 1

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