Freckle Digital brings business’ online presence to life

Sara Parkinson is the Queensland female founder of Brisbane-based digital marketing agency, Freckle Digital. They work with small to medium sized businesses that predominantly sell products online.   

At Freckle Digital, it’s never a one-size fits all approach, but rather they empower brands to find their voice in a crowded digital landscape.   

Sara and her team offer a suite of tailored digital packages that encompass social media strategies, digital advertising, content creation, e-commerce, modern public relations and influencer engagement.  

We recently spoke to Sara about her business and journey as a Queensland female founder.   

What inspired you to start your business?  

I wanted to build a business that not only helped online businesses grow, but also provided a supportive and positive culture for employees.  

What milestones have you reached?  

We expanded our service line and tripled our team in the past 12 months.  

What business achievements are you most proud of to date?  

I’m most proud of the team at Freckle Digital and how motivated and supportive they are of one another.  

Have you participated in any Advance Queensland programs, or received any support from Advance Queensland to date?  

I’ve been a part of the SPARK Female Founders Program.  

What’s your advice for other female entrepreneurs and businesses starting out on their entrepreneurship journey?  

Just get started! Don’t compare yourself to those ahead of you, and build your business at your own pace. Focus on sustainability, build resilience (as things won’t always work out) and make sure you ask for help!  

Last updated 03 Aug, 2022
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