Female founder helping put a new spin on an historic sport

Fri, 19/06/2020 - 14:00

Since coming to Australia in the 19th century, cricket has become a multi-billion-dollar global phenomenon and one of the most followed sports on the planet, second only to soccer.

Despite being dubbed ‘the gentleman’s game’, here in Queensland one female founder is breaking through the barriers and helping put a new spin on this historic sport.

Suzy George is the CEO and founder of Sportstech Industries and as the wife of Australian Test Cricketer, Peter George, she has experienced her fair share of cricket.

Sportstech Industries is home to the MyCall no-ball detector system. Invented by Peter, this umpire assistance technology automatically and instantly detects front-foot no-balls, reducing delays to the game and improving the experience for everyone.

With a sensor attached to a bowler’s shoe and another on the line, the system automatically detects no-ball deliveries. If the front foot is over the line, the system will send a signal to the umpire indicating a no ball has been bowled.

Suzy has achieved remarkable success in her role as founder and CEO, raising capital, securing multiple highly competitive grants and achieving significant business milestones.

The product launch video alone, has been viewed more than a million times and has received print and electronic coverage with major industry associations and media companies across the globe.

Using her business acumen, this female founder has quite literally hit it out of the park, managing to raise their first round of capital in a record four weeks, as well as attracting new investors within just six hours during the COVID-19 crisis.

Suzy says success requires the perfect synergy of many factors including seeking opportunities and support from initiatives such as Advance Queensland.

“Advance Queensland has provided support not only for the growth of our business but also the growth as a female founder,” Suzy said.

“The Ignite Ideas Fund has been critical to our business success, it has helped us develop our business plan, create a further five jobs and build commercialisation and awareness for the uptake of the Queensland technology worldwide.

“Then on a personal level, the Female Founders program has been an incredible source of support for me as a CEO.

“It’s provided opportunities to develop my skill set and expertise through mentoring as well as connect and network with other inspirational Queensland female founders.”

See the Female Founders webpage for more.

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