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Create Queensland

Provides creative YouTubers with funding, production resources and expert support to develop high-quality digital content, and reach new global audiences.

What's important

  • Three programs are available: CQ Series Under 18 Competition, CQ Series and Queensland Originals with YouTube.
  • CQ Series Under 18 Competition:
    • Applications have closed.
    • Processing of applications will be delayed while the Queensland Government is in  caretaker mode.
    • Open to creators aged 13–17.
    • A cash award of $3000 will be awarded to 3 creators.
  • CQ Series:
    • Applications have closed.
    • Open to Queensland-based YouTubers who are 18 years or over.
    • Five awards between $10,000 and $30,000 each.
  • Queensland Originals with YouTube:
    • Expressions of interest are now closed.
    • Open to Queensland-based production companies or creative teams.
    • Five production companies will be shortlisted to meet Queensland's top YouTube creators to develop and pitch ideas as teams.
    • One team will receive $150,000 to produce a YouTube series.

CQ Series Under 18 Competition

The CQ Series Under 18 Competition is a joint initiative of the Queensland Government and YouTube, as part of Create Queensland, to help develop Queensland-based emerging and established entrepreneurial creators build new content, support production costs, attract online audiences and develop a sustainable career as a content producer.

The CQ Series Under 18 Competition supports creators aged 13 to 17 with the development of content of any genre in accordance with YouTube’s community guidelines.


A cash award of $3000 will be awarded to 3 creators.

Funding allocation

Funds are to be allocated toward an activity, service or capital item that will directly aid in the development of the creators’ content and, ultimately, the sustainability of their channel on YouTube. Examples of appropriate purchases include but are not limited to:

  • Equipment (camera, lens, editing software, sound equipment etc.)
  • Professional development/training/marketing support services (short courses, consultancy, presentation skill development, Google AdWords etc.)

Professionals engaged to deliver services will be reviewed during the budget approval process to ensure reputability.

Who can apply

  • Applicants must be between the ages of 13 to 17 years as at 1 November 2017.
  • Applicants must be Queensland residents for the duration of the competition.
  • Applicants must have a minimum subscriber base of 1,000.

Please note applicants who are immediate family members of the judging panel or employees working for the Strategic Policy and Innovation Division, Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation (DSITI) are ineligible. Immediate family includes the following: siblings, defacto, spouse and children will be excluded from the competition.

How to apply

Applications have closed.

Processing of applications may be delayed due to the recent Queensland Government election.

For more information on CQ Series Under 18 Competition, refer to the guidelines.

CQ Series

Supports aspiring and established YouTube creators to develop and enhance the quality of their digital content and expand their global presence. This program connects recipients with value-add services from Griffith University and QUT. The program will provide established creators with first-hand experience at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles. There are 2 tiers of funding available.

Tier 1: Established Creators (30,000 subscribers or more)

  • There are 3 awards of $30,000 each (excluding GST) to assist with project development and production costs to produce 30-50 minutes of creative content for 5 episodes of a minimum of 6 minutes per episode.
  • Award winners receive financial support for a self-led learning trip to Los Angeles (4 nights).
  • Winners have the opportunity to access a YouTube-led workshop at the flagship YouTube HQ (pending availability). Funds to cover this trip are in addition to the $30,000 grant.

Tier 2: Emerging Creators (10,000 subscribers or more)

  • There are 2 awards of $10,000 each (excluding GST) for emerging creators to fund project development and production costs to produce 30–40 minutes of creative content.
  • Emerging creators will be eligible to apply for the Established Creators tier in 2018, provided they meet 30,000 subscriber base minimum.

How to apply

Applications have closed.

For more information on CQ Series, refer to the guidelines.

How applications are assessed

Applications will be assessed on:

  1. The creative strength and distinctiveness of the proposal, including the concept and entertainment value.
  2. The potential of the project to expand the subscriber base of the applicant's channel(s) and/or reach new audiences.
  3. Opportunities for commercialisation by demonstrating the ability to incorporate potential brand(s) seamlessly into the narrative across multiple episodes.
  4. The viability of the proposal with respect to the budget and scale of the project.
  5. The track record of the key participants involved in the proposal and the likelihood that this program will demonstrably develop their skills in made-for-web content production.

Find out more about the first successful CQ Series.

Queensland Originals with YouTube

This Screen Queensland initiative sees top tier YouTube creators and the Queensland screen industry come together to develop new content for the YouTube platform, combining the star power of YouTube creators with the production and creative drive of the screen industry.

Expressions of interest are now closed.

Creator days

These days will bring together YouTube experts, entrepreneurs, producers, content creators, universities and industry partners, to collaborate through interactive sessions and panel discussions. These events will run 3 times a year and be hosted by Griffith University and QUT.

YouTube Top Creator visits

Top global YouTube creators will come to Queensland to work with awardees and advise local digital and YouTube communities on developing content, expanding their digital footprints, creating successful business models and diversifying into additional business ventures.

Program partners

The program is a collaboration between Queensland Government and YouTube.

Griffith University, QUT and QUT Creative Enterprise Australia are key partners in the delivery of the program.

About Create Queensland

Create Queensland is a partnership between Queensland Government and YouTube that aims to stimulate the current and next generation of Queensland’s creative entrepreneurs.

Griffith University, QUT and QUT Creative Enterprise Australia are key partners in the delivery of the program. The program provides creative entrepreneurs and digital creators funding, production resources and equipment, as well as expert support to enhance their ability to develop high-quality digital content and reach new global audiences via YouTube.

The program also serves as a collaborative platform where YouTubers, digital producers, content creators, and industry experts in Queensland can connect, learn from and inspire each other, and have the opportunity to become better connected with a community of top creators from around the world.

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