CQ Series Guidelines

CQ Series Guidelines


CQ Series is a joint initiative of the Queensland Government and YouTube, as part of Create Queensland, to help develop Queensland-based emerging and established entrepreneurial creators build new content, support production costs, attract online audiences and develop a sustainable career as a content producer.

CQ Series supports successful creators with the development of content of any genre in accordance with YouTube’s community guidelines, and should play to the creator’s strengths and their audience’s expectations.

Content should represent a clear step-up in terms of scaling their commercial ambition and production values.

The funding is available for Queensland-based content creators who have YouTube channels and an existing subscriber base:

  • YouTube Creators (10,000 subscribers or more)
    • Four awards of $27,500 each (excluding GST) to assist with project development and production costs to produce 30-50 minutes of creative content for five (5) episodes of a minimum six (6) minutes per episode.
    • All four award winners will also have an intensive four-day residency at YouTube Space LA in November 2018 to support the finalisation of their product. The flagship YouTube Space in LA is designed especially for creators to produce video content, learn new skills, and collaborate with the YouTube creative community.
    • Flights and accommodation costs will be paid and arranged on behalf of the four recipients (one person per award).

Each of the four award winners will be required to work with their choice of either QUT or Griffith University as a production partner, for producing their episodes.

It will be desirable for the four established award winners to share and present their learning experiences at a future Creator Day event in Queensland within 12 months.

Content will be expected to premiere on the content creator’s YouTube Channel by March 2019.

Application deadlines

  • Applications opened on 26 March 2018.
  • Applications closed 1 May 2018.
  • Shortlisting interviews will commence from 8 May 2018.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by early June 2018.
  • University partner to be established in June 2018.
  • Established creators to participate in YouTube LA Space Residency by December 2018.
  • Final content to be uploaded on YouTube channel by March 2019.

Production support

The successful applicants are required to use a portion of their award (minimum 30%–maximum 40% of total grant funding ex GST) to access production support offered by Griffith University and QUT including:

  • content advisor: an experienced industry professional will assist the YouTube creator to identify and access the facilities, resources, and advice needed to realise production objectives
  • scheduled access to studios and equipment to produce project content, including the film and television studio, green screen facilities, technical support FTV post-production suites and animation studio
  • a dedicated student mentor/producer to help guide the YouTube creator through the QUT/Griffith studio systems
  • access to student crews.

Support packages will be tailored to the needs of each successful applicant.

The successful applicants will be expected to participate in content knowledge sharing with the universities and at future Creator Days.

Available funding

$27,500 (excluding GST) is available per project for the YouTube Creators. Return economy flights and accommodation for one (1) person per award is available and will be paid directly by contract managers.

For each award winner, 80 per cent will be paid on confirmation of award and 20 per cent on the balance of the completion. Completion is when the content has been produced and is uploaded to YouTube by March 2019 and all reporting requirements have been completed.

Who can apply

Any Queensland-based content creator who has a subscriber base of over 10,000 and is aged over 18 years old.

Application materials

Applications must be made through the Advance Queensland website. This application form covers the following:

  • a brief profile of your YouTube channel(s)
  • a production budget that clearly describes the proposed use of funds
  • the type of services you are interested in accessing through QUT and Griffith University
  • an outline production schedule that includes proposed milestones
  • a statement confirming your right to make the project, covering all copyright material to be used, such as music, artwork, stories
  • a PTC (piece to camera) ‘video pitch’ (maximum of three minutes) that encapsulates what your proposal is and how your application addresses each of the assessment criteria.

As part of your application, you must also attach and submit the following documentation:

  • a one-page pitch document that describes the proposal, details the audience development and social media strategies to promote the series to a wider audience than the creator’s existing subscribers
  • a one-page statement describing your YouTube track record and achievements of the main content creator(s), with links to notable videos.

If your application includes content or underlying material that has not been originally created by the applicants, then we also require:

  • any relevant chain of title documents, release or access agreements.

Evaluation criteria

Funding decisions will be made against the following criteria:

  1. The creative strength and distinctiveness of the proposal, including concept and entertainment value (30%).
  2. A considered strategy for the project to build the applicant’s channel, expand the subscriber base of the applicant’s channel(s), reach new audiences and/or promote and market content wider than the applicant’s current subscribers (20%).
  3. The track record of the key participants involved in the proposal and the likelihood that this program will demonstrably develop their skills in made-for-web content production (20%).
  4. Opportunities for commercialisation by demonstrating the ability to incorporate potential brand(s) seamlessly into the narrative across multiple episodes (15%).
  5. The viability of the proposal with respect to the budget and scale of the project (15%).

Evaluation process

Applications will be assessed by a judging panel compromising YouTube, Griffith University, QUT, Screen Queensland, and as required, independent industry representatives.

Decisions on applications are final. The Program Manager, QUT Creative Enterprise Australia, will advise applicants of the outcome of their application, in writing.

Application content

Applications and YouTube channel content which include or link to content which:

  • is unlawful
  • may harass or cause distress to any person
  • involves the transmission of obscene or offensive content
  • impersonates any other person or falsely claims to represent any other person, whether living or dead, real or fictitious. Making false, misleading or deceptive representations that you are another person or character can amount to a criminal offence and give rise to civil liability
  • invades the personal privacy of any other person or groups and/or includes any personal information (such as names, private addresses or phone numbers), including your own
  • contains abuse, stalking, harassment, threatens or otherwise violates the legal rights of others
  • makes a contribution that is defamatory or libellous or likely to damage the reputation of any person, group of people or organisation
  • uses insulting, threatening or provocative language or language that is hateful towards a certain group of people, or incites hatred on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality or sexuality or other personal characteristic
  • makes a contribution that includes obscene, offensive or inappropriate language or material not appropriate for minors
  • conducts any illegal activity or solicits the performance of any illegal activity
  • contributes any text or other material that infringes the intellectual property rights of others or reveals confidential information

may be disqualified from the competition.

Terms of funding

Funding is in the form of a grant, which is 80% payable upfront and 20% payable upon completion. Completion is defined as when the series has been completed, uploaded to YouTube and all reporting requirements have been met.

QUT Creative Enterprise Australia, as program managers, will enter into an agreement with the successful applicants on behalf the Queensland Government.

In making an application to CQ Series, the applicant agrees to provide personal information and provides consent for this information to be provided to third parties associated with the program for administration purposes only.

All successful applicants are encouraged to participate in a Creator Day event in Queensland within 12 months.

The four successful applicants for the established creator tier must be available to fly to YouTube Creator Space LA to participate in the residency program in November 2018.

Successful applicants must make the production publicly available for the first time on YouTube by March 2019. They must maintain the content on YouTube for a minimum of 18 months.

Successful applicants must collaborate with either QUT or Griffith University when creating the content.

Successful applicants will be required to provide financial evidence and fulfil reporting obligations required to demonstrate the success of the program.

The successful applicant and production must comply with YouTube’s terms of service and community guidelines. Other terms, including delivery requirements, marketing and credit requirements for Queensland Government and YouTube, will be detailed in the funding agreement.


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