CQ Series Award Winners

CQ Series Award Winners

2018 Creators

Each creator received $27,500 to develop their series content.

Mark Valencia

The aim of Mark Valencia’s channel ‘Self Sufficient Me’ is to encourage younger people to get more involved in gardening. He is creating an episode series tailored to a younger audience, educating around gardening and touching on popular gardening subjects.

Zach Mander, Dom Fay & Michael Parente

Comedy trio Collective Noun will produce Nightly News Now (NNN) - a bite-sized sketch show framed as a nightly news bulletin. Using Collective Noun’s established satirical comedy style, sketches will range from reports on social issues, to sporting events, to politics. The show will balance both topical and evergreen subject matter covered from Collective Noun’s unique millennial viewpoint.

2017 Established Creators

Sarah, Elly and Tom were awarded $30,000 each to develop their own YouTube channels. Their series will be ready for release in early 2017.

Sara Holmes

Sara Holmes is the creator of HojuSara—a fun, light-hearted Korean language channel with English subtitles focusing on travel, food and Australian English tips. Sara is going to create a tourism series with the topic Australia vs Korea. The series will be a fun and positive comparison of differences between the countries and cultures.

Elly Awesome

Elly Awesome makes comic videos and reviews on food, travel, lifestyle, technology and apps. Elly plans to create a series called 'Show me your food' where she gets to know her guests as they prepare and eat a meal together. This light-hearted series aims to promote acceptance of diversity.

Tom Thum

Tom Thum is a world-renowned beatboxer who uses his YouTube channel to demonstrate the amazing capabilities of his vocal chords. Tom is going to discover the science behind the strange noises he can make and create a documentary-style short series that examines the human voice combining interviews, medical footage, illustrations and narration.

2017 Emerging Creators

Stephanie and Alysse have been selected as Emerging Creators and have won $10,000 to develop new creative content for their channels.

Stephanie Hames

Stephanie Hames is a makeup artist who trained in beauty and special effects makeup and uses her skills to create video tutorials for her SasEffects channel. Her most popular video with more than 2.5 million views shows you how to create a chopped off finger special effect. Stephanie plans to frighten audiences with a series of short horror films and then go behind the scenes to show how the makeup was applied and talk about their inspiration behind the characters she created.

Alysse Paris

Alysse Paris is a comedy skit and parody channel focusing on YouTube-trending topics, pop-culture and world events. Alysse will make a six-part fictional series that parodies YouTube culture through the life of one Brisbane's biggest self-proclaimed beauty gurus Madison Herring, aka SexybubbleGumBritneySpearsStar49.

Last updated 07 Sep, 2018
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