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Provides creative YouTubers with funding, production resources and expert support to develop high-quality digital content, and reach new global audiences.

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About Create Queensland

Create Queensland (CQ) is a partnership between Queensland Government and YouTube that aims to stimulate the current and next generation of Queensland’s creative entrepreneurs.

Griffith University, QUT and QUT Creative Enterprise Australia are key partners in the delivery of the program. The program provides creative entrepreneurs and digital creators funding, production resources and equipment, as well as expert support to enhance their ability to develop high-quality digital content and reach new global audiences via YouTube.

The program also serves as a collaborative platform where YouTubers, digital producers, content creators, and industry experts in Queensland can connect, learn from and inspire each other, and have the opportunity to become better connected with a community of top creators from around the world.

CQ Series Under 18 Competition

The CQ Series Under 18 Competition is a joint initiative of the Queensland Government and YouTube, as part of Create Queensland, to help develop Queensland-based emerging and established entrepreneurial creators build new content, support production costs, attract online audiences and develop a sustainable career as a content producer.

The CQ Series Under 18 Competition supports creators aged 13 to 17 with the development of content of any genre in accordance with YouTube’s community guidelines.

CQ Series

Applications have closed.

Supports aspiring and established YouTube creators to develop and enhance the quality of their digital content and expand their global presence. This program connects recipients with value-add services from Griffith University and QUT. The program provides established creators with first-hand experience at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles.

Funding awarded to Queensland-based content creators who have YouTube channels and an existing subscriber base:

  • YouTube Creators (10,000 subscribers or more)
    • Four awards of $27,500 each (excluding GST) to assist with project development and production costs to produce 30–50 minutes of creative content for 5 episodes of a minimum 6 minutes per episode.
    • Up to 4 award winners will also have an intensive four-day residency at YouTube Space LA in November 2018 to support the finalisation of their product. The flagship YouTube Space in LA is designed especially for creators to produce video content, learn new skills, and collaborate with the YouTube creative community.
    • Flights and accommodation costs will be paid and arranged on behalf of the 4 recipients (one person per award).

Each of the 4 award winners will be required to work with their choice of either QUT or Griffith University as a production partner, for producing their episodes.

It will be desirable for the four established award winners to share and present their learning experiences at a future Creator Day event in Queensland within 12 months.

Content will be expected to premiere on the content creator’s YouTube Channel by March 2019.

For more information on CQ Series, refer to the guidelines.

Queensland Originals with YouTube

Expressions of interest are now closed.

This Screen Queensland initiative sees top tier YouTube creators and the Queensland screen industry come together to develop new content for the YouTube platform, combining the star power of YouTube creators with the production and creative drive of the screen industry.

Creator days

These days will bring together YouTube experts, entrepreneurs, producers, content creators, universities and industry partners, to collaborate through interactive sessions and panel discussions. These events will run 3 times a year and be hosted by Griffith University and QUT.

YouTube Top Creator visits

Top global YouTube creators will come to Queensland to work with awardees and advise local digital and YouTube communities on developing content, expanding their digital footprints, creating successful business models and diversifying into additional business ventures.

Program partners

The program is a collaboration between Queensland Government and YouTube.

Griffith University, QUT and QUT Creative Enterprise Australia are key partners in the delivery of the program.

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