Commercialisation Partnership Program frequently asked questions

Commercialisation Partnership Program frequently asked questions

Please read all information for the Commercialisation Partnership Program as well as the frequently asked questions when preparing an application.

Application and Eligibility Criteria

  • Can individuals apply?

    No, applications will only be accepted from businesses or publically funded research institutes as defined in the CPP Guidelines.

  • Can an applicant apply for CPP assistance for more than one commercialisation project?

    Yes, multiple applications can be submitted for distinctly different commercialisation projects.

  • Can more than 1 application be submitted for the same project?

    No, applications can only be submitted once per round for a specific project.

  • Can an organisation apply for an individual to travel to China with the intention of advancing multiple projects during the one trip?

    No, each placement must focus on one specific project.

  • Can an organisation apply if it is receiving, or has received, other government funding assistance relating to the project?

    Yes, providing funding received does not cover the same costs covered by the CPP funding, namely international travel related costs or accommodation and living expenses during the period that the Project Manager is placed with the approved host Chinese incubator.

Host Incubator

  • Can an applicant discuss planning arrangements with a preferred Chinese incubator before CPP funding is approved?

    No, once a Financial Incentive Agreement has been executed between a successful CPP applicant and the Queensland Government, the applicant will be provided relevant contact details for their approved host Chinese incubator for the purpose of planning the project.


  • What happens if the CPP recipient’s Project Manager does not stay as long in the host Chinese incubator as proposed in the approved application?

    CPP recipients will be required to confirm the number of days their nominated Project Manager attended their approved host Chinese incubator before the final funding balance is calculated or paid. If the amount paid in advance is greater than the total eligible funding, the CPP recipient will be required to refund the difference to the Queensland Government.

Pre-departure Briefing

  • What will be the focus of pre-departure briefings?

    The pre-departure briefings will provide successful CPP recipients information and intelligence about operating in China.

Intellectual Property Protection

  • Can the safety of Intellectual Property be assured?

    No, it is recommended that CPP recipients take all appropriate legal, technological and security measures and safeguards they deem appropriate to protect Intellectual Property, as no assurances can be given or implied and no responsibility taken by the Queensland Government for any losses incurred in relation to third parties.

Announcements of CPP Funding

  • When can successful CPP recipients announce receiving CPP support?

    After an official announcement has been made by the Queensland Government successful CPP recipients will be able to promote they have been successful in receiving CPP support.


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