TWiG program funding and eligibility

Testing Within Government (TWiG) program funding and eligibility


Successful applicants will receive funding of $35,000 (excluding GST) for the 12-week engagement with the Queensland Government.

Payment schedule:

Milestone Milestone payment
Initial milestone 30%
Mid-point milestone check 30%
Final milestone 40%

Eligible program costs

Eligible costs include:

  • salary costs for staff working on activities for the funded program
  • legal and intellectual property costs
  • consumables used for the program
  • travel and subsistence costs.

The applicant is expected to contribute their own funds to complete the program if their costs exceed the funding amount of $35,000.

Ineligible program costs

Ineligible costs include:

  • general operational costs undertaken by either the business, a related entity or any partner entity; including administrative, general training, operational, production and marketing costs
  • employee benefits or employment on-costs
  • financial advice
  • entertainment costs
  • the cost of other business activities
  • licensing and compliance fees
  • infrastructure and inventory costs not directly related to the project
  • research and development activities with no potential commercial outcome.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible you must:

  • be a Queensland-based business with less than 200 full time equivalent staff, which:
    • is a company incorporated in Queensland
    • can demonstrate a clear road market that will deliver jobs to Queensland
  • be registered for GST
  • have their product which is at, or beyond, minimum viable product, and preferably be a Software-as-a-Service solution
  • pass a due diligence check (undertaken at the shortlisting stage of assessment).

SMEs can submit applications for a maximum of 3 problems but will only be eligible to be granted funding for 1 problem.

Funding cannot be provided for any previous TWiG grant recipients.

Assessment criteria

Assessment of applications will be based on the following criteria:

  1. ability of the applicant’s product to address the problem selected in an innovative way
  2. anticipated benefits to the applicant from their participation in the program
  3. ability of the applicant to execute the program in the 12-week timeframe
  4. anticipated benefits for Queensland.

Conditions of funding

  • Eligible expenditure can only be incurred after the project commencement date.
  • Milestone payments will be based on:
    Funding requirement Milestone payment


    Initial milestone:
    Upon acceptance of the letter of offer and  the completion of a pre-program survey and a 12-week program plan



    Mid-point milestone:
    Submission of a mid-point progress review report and satisfactory progress against the 12-week program plan determined by Queensland Government



    Final milestone:
    Presenting at a showcase event, the completion of a post-program survey and satisfactory progress against the 12-week program plan determined by Queensland Government



  • Completion of milestones will include the submission of the above requirements and approval by Queensland Government.
  • The 12-week program plan will be collaboratively developed by both the applicant and Queensland Government, and will detail the proposed activities and expectations for the 12-week period.
  • The mid-point progress review report will be collaboratively authored by both the applicant and the relevant business problem area. The report will detail the progress against the initial plan and the proposed activities for the remaining timeframe. Participants will demonstrate their product to all program participants at this stage.
  • After approval of each milestone the applicant will be directed to provide an invoice to Queensland Government for payment of the milestone amount. This invoice will then be paid within 30 days.

See the TWiG program terms and conditions for further details.


The Queensland Government collects and collates information from the application forms to evaluate applications for the TWiG program. Only authorised departmental officers and approved assessors have access to this information.

Applicants should note broad details of successful applications, outcomes, progress and the level of funding awarded may be published by the Queensland Government. Some information may be used to promote funded projects.

Your personal information may be used, or disclosed to a third party, for the purposes of the TWiG Program or as expressly provided for under the TWiG Program documents. It will not otherwise be disclosed to a third party, unless required by law or for the purposes of the Information Privacy Act 2009.

For audit purposes, the Queensland Government is required to retain the applications and other supplied support material.

The provisions of the Right to Information Act 2009 apply to documents in the possession of the Queensland Government.

More information on matters of privacy within the TWiG program can be found in the terms and conditions and other TWiG program documents.

Last updated 03 Jul, 2018
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