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About the Initiative

The Queensland Government's Advance Queensland initiative focuses on growing the economy and creating jobs. This includes supporting the start-up and growth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses (Indigenous businesses) to deliver new products, processes and services, and establishing new industries that will provide the jobs of the future.

The Deadly Deals initiative supports targeted Indigenous businesses and innovators to undertake the next step in the development of a product, process or service that will also:

  • support growth in priority industry areas in Queensland
  • help to diversify the Queensland economy
  • engage and/or benefit regional Queensland
  • create new jobs or career pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


Deadly Deals is an initiative to provide successful applicants with up to $100,000 (excluding GST) to progress the development of a product, process or service developed by an Indigenous business to a stage at which they are able to enter the product, process or service into the market or attract follow on funding from other sources to get their product, process or service to market (‘the proposed project’).

The initiative will reimburse successful applicants the cost of achieving a value adding milestone that represents a significant progression in a product, process or service being developed by an Indigenous business.


The objectives of the Deadly Deals initiative are to enable successful applicants to:

  • progress the development of their innovative products, process or service created and developed by an Indigenous business.
  • achieve a milestone that represents a significant progression in the development of the product, process or service being developed by the Indigenous businesses.
  • increase the capability of Indigenous businesses to develop successful products, processes and services and to take them to market or secure follow on funding from other sources.

Eligibility Criteria

This is a targeted initiative, only available to applicants who are invited by the Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development (DITID) to apply.

To be eligible to apply the applicant organisation must:

  • receive a formal invitation to lodge an application from DITID
  • have previously applied for funding for the proposed project from another funding program and been unsuccessful OR be unable to meet the funding requirements of any currently offered Advance Queensland program
  • be an Indigenous business*
  • have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN) and be registered for GST
  • be headquartered in Queensland
  • have no more than 50 full-time-equivalent employees
  • not be a subsidiary of a group of companies that has 50 or more full time equivalent employees in total.

The proposed project must be:

  • supported by a Business Plan, Feasibility Study or equivalent documentation; and
  • capable of being completed within 12 months.

* An Indigenous business is defined by the Queensland Indigenous Procurement Policy as ‘An Indigenous business is one that is at least 50 per cent or more owned by an Aboriginal person and or a Torres Strait Islander person. It may take the form of a company, incorporated association or trust. For clarity, a social enterprise or registered charity may also be an Indigenous business if it is operating a business’.

Applicants can have previously been awarded Queensland Government funding.

Use of funding

Deadly Deals initiative funding is a flexible investment to support a key activity that is important for the development of a product, process or service to market.

Deadly Deal initiative funding can only be used to meet the cost of activities that advance a product, process or service to market.

Deadly Deal projects cannot include the following activities:

  • activities involving development or marketing of alcoholic products, gambling, tobacco products, adult services and illicit substances.

Applicant contribution

Applications involving a cash contribution from the applicant to support the direct project costs will be favourably considered.

Where an application includes an offer by the applicant to commit a cash contribution to the proposed project, the full application must include a declaration from an accountant; Chief Financial Officer; and or relevant third-party contributor.

Assessment criteria

1. Innovation

You should demonstrate that:

  • your product, process or service is clearly innovative or supports innovative business activities.

2. Market potential

You should demonstrate that:

  • you have a sound understanding of potential market/s  for your product, process or service, your product, process or service addresses an identified and significant market / commercial need and there is a clear demand from customers.
  • you can demonstrate the differentiation and/or competitive advantage of your product, process or service
  • your product, process or service has the potential to support or create jobs or is scalable to support job creation.

Any letters of support from customers/potential customers will be favourably considered under this assessment criterion.

3. Product development and market readiness

You should demonstrate that at the time of your application:

  • the product, process or service requires support to progress to the next stage of development to take the product to market; or
  • the product, process or service requires support to progress to the next stage of development to secure private investment and or follow on funding to take the product to market.

4. Project planning, feasibility, timeframes and budget feasibility and management capability

You can provide a business plan to demonstrate that:

  • the proposed project is well planned and achievable with key activities, outcomes, expenditure and timeframes identified
  • you have identified how, and to what extent, the proposed project will generate revenue and/or increase sales
  • you:
    - own, or have the rights to commercialise the product, process or service
    - have appropriate measures in place to protect any intellectual property relating to the product, process or service.
  • you have or have access to:
    - technical and management skills and experience
    - infrastructure and funding capacity required to successfully complete the proposed project.
  • key project risks have been identified and risk mitigation plans are in place.

5. Benefits to Queensland and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

You should demonstrate how:

  • the proposed project will directly improve economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • the proposed project will provide benefit to Queensland (outside of the benefit to the applicant organisation)
  • the proposed project will contribute to increased employment, both during the project execution and in the longer-term
  • the proposed project has the potential to positively impact a Queensland industry
  • the proposed project will provide benefit to Queensland regions (outside of Brisbane city).

Submitting an application

Expressions of Interest should be submitted online via the Advance Queensland website.

As a targeted program, only applicants whose Expression of Interest is assessed as eligible will be invited by DITID to submit a Full Application.

This is a competitive assessment process. DITID will refer eligible Expression of Interest applications to a panel of three independent assessors who will provide a score to determine if an invitation to submit a Full Application will be issued.

Successful applicants will be provided with a Full Application Form to complete and submit with a copy of their Business Plan, Feasibility Study or equivalent documentation.

Application assessment

All applications will be assessed against eligibility requirements and only eligible applications will be considered for funding support.

All eligible applications will be assessed against the assessment criteria in a merit based approach by a panel of assessors with relevant expertise.

Applicant organisations may be contacted at any stage of the assessment process to clarify any information provided in the application and/or to request further information to enable a due diligence and probity assessment.

There is no implicit guarantee of approval at any stage in the process, and applicant organisations will be notified via email of the outcome of applications.

The decision to award funding is at the discretion of the Queensland Government and all decisions are final. There is no appeals process for unsuccessful applicants.

Conditions of funding

Successful applicants will be required to enter into a legally binding financial incentive agreement with the Queensland Government. You should ensure you have read and accept the terms and conditions of the financial incentive agreement, prior to submitting an application, as they will not be negotiable at the time a funding offer is made.

Successful applicants will be required to execute a financial incentive agreement within 15 days of receiving the letter of offer.

Only eligible expenditure incurred after the date of funding offer can be claimed by successful applicant organisations.

Successful applicant organisation must commence projects within 90 days of receiving the letter of offer.

Payment of grants will be made in instalments based on project milestones. The first payment will be made upon execution of the financial incentive agreement; interim payments will be made upon successful completion of project milestones; and the final milestone payment will be in arrears following successful completion of the project.

Grant payments will be made upon the provision of documentary evidence that all project requirements have been satisfied, including evidence that the relevant activities have been completed; adequate project expenditure has been incurred and, where required, matching cash has been contributed by all committed parties.

Funding recipients will be expected to actively promote their projects, and to provide information and attend media/promotion events if requested.

The Queensland Government funding should be acknowledged by recipients in all relevant published material, media releases and public statements.


The Queensland Government collects and collates information from the application form to assess applications for the program. Only authorised departmental officers and approved grant assessors have access to this information.

Applicants should note that broad details of successful proposals, agreed outcomes, progress and the level of funding awarded may be published by the Queensland Government. Some information may be used to promote funded projects.

Your personal information will not be disclosed to any other third party without your consent, unless required by law or for the purposes of Information Privacy Act 2009.

For audit purposes, the Queensland Government is required to retain the applications and other supplied supporting material.

The provisions of the Right to Information Act 2009 apply to documents in the possession of the Queensland Government.

Further information


Phone: 13 QGOV (13 74 68)

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