Deadly Deals frequently asked questions

Deadly Deals frequently asked questions

Program relevance

  • Should I consider applying for Deadly Deals funding?

    Deadly Deals is a targeted program designed to fill a very specific gap and build on existing business and innovation successes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) businesses. 

    Deadly Deals is focussed on supporting a key step to deliver significant change in an existing Indigenous business to take its innovative product to market or expand existing market opportunities and lead to quick scaling for sustainable jobs.

    Deadly Deals is not available to support establishment costs of new businesses or business as usual activities of existing businesses.

    Businesses looking for support to build their business and keep current operations active are not the target of Deadly Deals and are better served by support from alternative programs or through alternative networks.

    Other programs, delivered by governments, corporates and philanthropists, support these activities and should be explored first. For details of other options for support, see the section “Where else can I get support” below.

  • What is the target of Deadly Deals?

    In addition to applicants meeting the structured eligibility criteria set out in the Deadly Deals Guidelines, Deadly Deals is focussed on supporting existing businesses who have:

    • a specific project requiring funding to advance an existing product, process or service to the next stage of development including entering the market or expanding existing markets
    • an existing product, process or service which addresses a significant market/commercial need and has demonstrated demand from customers
    • a product, process or service which requires support to progress to the next stage of development to secure private investment and or follow on funding from another source to take the product to market
    • an existing product, process or service which has the potential to support or create jobs or is scalable to support job creation including improving economic opportunities for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strat Islander people.
    • a product which needs project support to achieve the Advance Queensland focus on providing Indigenous businesses and innovators with: increased economic opportunities and independence; and pathways to advance their businesses to build wealth and create jobs.
  • Do I have to demonstrate the business has previously sought funding from other sources?

    Yes. Businesses seeking support from Deadly Deals must they have:

    • unsuccessfully applied for funding to support the proposed project from another funding program; and
    • investigated all other program offerings and identified the proposed project is not eligible for any other Advance Queensland or other program offerings.
  • What is meant by “commercialisation”?

    For the purpose of Deadly Deals, ‘commercialisation’ refers to the process of taking an existing product, process or service to market and obtaining paying customers and supporting sustainable jobs.

  • How do I demonstrate that the project has a clear focus on commercialisation?

    Your proposed project should set out a clear plan for taking your innovation to market and increasing customer up-take. It should clearly demonstrate that the plan is achievable within a project budget and a detailed timeframe of not more than 12 months.

  • What kind of activities are considered ‘commercialisation’ activities for the purpose of Deadly Deals funding?

    Proof of market activities such as:

    • market and customer research
    • testing market response or demand
    • exhibiting at trade delegations/trade shows
    • customer/investor engagement.

    Proof of product, process or service activities such as:

    • field testing
    • specialist testing and/or demonstration to provide proof of technical feasibility
    • investigation of production and assembly options
    • minor corrections or improvements to the product to meet customer/market requirements.

    IP protection activities including IP research and advice and cost of securing patents.

  • Where else can I get support?

    There are many government, corporate and philanthropic programs that aim to support indigenous business development including those delivered by the Queensland Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (DATSIP) and by Indigenous Business Australia.

    There are also many grants and services programs (not indigenous specific) that may support the start-up, strategic development, commercialisation and growth of your business. Information on those programs can be found at:

    There are also many innovation ecosystems that you could connect with including:


  • What is meant by “Indigenous business”?

    For the purpose of the Deadly Deals, an Indigenous business is one that is 50 percent, or more, owned by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person. It may take the form of a company, incorporated association or trust. For clarity, a social enterprise or registered charity may also be an Indigenous business if it is operating a business.

  • Can I apply for Deadly Deals funding if I am already receiving other Queensland Government funding for the proposed project?

    No. If the project is currently receiving Queensland Government support you cannot apply for further funding.

  • Can I apply for Deadly Deals if I have received Queensland Government funding previously?

    Yes. You can apply if you have previously received any Queensland Government funding other than previous Deadly Deals funding.

  • How do I identify the number of full-time equivalent employees (FTEs) within my organisation?

    For the purposes of Deadly Deals applications, you must include the FTE number of all related companies when identifying your FTE count. If your company is a subsidiary or part of a group of companies the FTE count should incorporate the employees of each of the related entities. For further assistance in defining FTE please visit the Fair Work Ombudsman website.

How to apply

  • How do I apply?

    The Deadly Deals program has a two stage application process:

    • Expression of Interest stage;
    • Full Application stage.

    The Full Application stage is only open to applicants who are invited, following assessment of an Expression of Interest by an independent panel of experts.

    An online Deadly Deals Expression of Interest form is available on the Advance Queensland website.

    Prior to lodging an Expression of Interest form, Indigenous businesses MUST make contact with the Advance Queensland team to discuss whether the business and the proposed project meets the Deadly Deals requirements.

    Contact can be made with the Advance Queensland team by email with ‘Deadly Deals’ in the subject heading:

  • Why is there a two stage application process for the Deadly Deals Program?

    Deadly Deals is a grant program requiring significant effort to apply and be assessed. To reduce the amount of effort and time required of applicants, an Expression of Interest stage is included.

    The Expression of Interest stage allows applicants to submit a concise summary of their proposed innovative project. It also allows the Queensland Government to identify, at an earlier stage, the projects that meet the intent of the targeted program and demonstrate the highest level of merit. Only the highest ranked Expression of Interest proposals will be invited to submit a more comprehensive and evidenced Full Application.

    Applicants who are unsuccessful at Expression of Interest stage will receive notification quickly, enabling them to pursue other options; address feedback; and/or work towards an improved application for future rounds.

  • What is the closing date for submitting an application?

    There is no closing date for the Expression of Interest round. The closing date for submission of a Full Application will be provided to you at the time of invitation.

  • Can I submit more than one Expression of Interest?

    No. Multiple Expressions of Interest will not be accepted from one applicant organisation. Where two or more businesses have a significant number of directors and/or shareholders in common, only one Expression of Interest will be accepted.

  • When will I find out if my Expression of Interest is successful?

    Applicants will be advised within approximately six weeks whether their Expression of Interest was successful or not.

    Successful applicants will then be invited to submit a Full Application which must be completed and submitted within three weeks of the date the invitation is issued. Unsuccessful applicants will be provided with brief feedback.

  • When will I find out if my Full Application is successful?

    Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their Full Application at the earliest possible time. This stage involves a more detailed assessment and due diligence process and requires Ministerial approval.

Proposed project details

  • Do I need to have a Business Plan or Feasibility Study to support by proposed project?

    Yes. Deadly Deals is targeted at supporting existing businesses to advance an existing product, process or service to the next stage of development which will allow it to:

    • enter the market or expanding existing markets
    • assist development of the product, process or service to address a significant market/commercial need and has demonstrated demand from customers
    • progress to the next stage of development to secure private investment and or follow on funding from another source to take the product to market
    • support or create jobs or scale up job creation including improving economic opportunities for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strat Islander people.

    A Business Plan/Feasibility Study is required to support a Full Application and would greatly benefit the completion of the Expression of Interest form.

  • How much cash is required from the applicant organisation?

    None. However, applications involving a cash contributions to support direct project costs will be favourably considered. It is also recommend you provide details of non-cash contributions (such as equipment on loan without charge, donated products/equipment or labour) or any in-kind costs (for example goods provided at cost or in exchange for a service) which will reduce spending.

  • Can the applicant organisation cash contribution be used to cover all/any costs?

    The cash provided by the applicant organisation can be used to cover any direct project costs. Direct project costs are costs that are specific to the project (i.e. excluding any business as usual costs) and are actual incurred costs with a transaction taking place that can be evidenced (rather than notional, proportional or ‘missed opportunity’ cost).

  • Who can I source matched funding from?

    Applicants can source cash contributions internally or from investors, customers or business partners. You are required to provide evidence of all cash contributions with your application.

  • Do I have to own the Intellectual Property (IP) for the product, process or service to be able to apply?

    No. But if you do not own the IP, the applicant organisation must have exclusive, irrevocable and perpetual rights to commercialise the IP and be able to provide evidence of this.

  • Can I use Deadly Deals funding to cover the costs of protecting IP?

    Yes. You can use Deadly Deals funding to cover the costs of protecting IP within the new target market(s). However, Deadly Deals funding cannot be used to cover costs relating to the ongoing maintenance/renewal of existing IP protection.

    You must demonstrate that there are appropriate protective measures in place for IP.

  • What information is required about project outcomes and benefits for Queensland?

    In both the Expression of Interest and the Full Application the outcomes of the project should be clearly defined and quantified, as far as possible, in terms of economic, social, regional and/or environmental benefits.

    In identifying the economic benefits of the proposed project, you should consider:

    • national sales and/or export revenue from the developed goods/services/processes
    • direct employment effects
    • its contribution to an increased level of entrepreneurship and innovation
    • any benefit that will be delivered to regional Queensland
    • any benefit that will be delivered to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander businesses and/or people
    • its potential to benefit and/or grow one of Queensland’s priority industries
    • its alignment with and/or contribution to any current Queensland Government policy/industry roadmap/ priority industry.
  • Does my project have to provide outcomes and benefits for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander businesses/people and/or regional Queensland?

    Yes. Your project does have to deliver benefits specifically for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander businesses/people. It is not a requirement that those businesses/people be located in regional Queensland, however, those applications will be favourably considered.

Completing the Deadly Deals expression of interest form

  • The online form is telling me that my organisation or project is ineligible, should I proceed?

    The online form collects information relating to the eligibility of the applicant organisation and the proposed project. If information is entered that identifies your organisation or project as being ineligible, the form will flag this.

    Should you receive an ‘ineligible” message on the form, check the information you have entered is correct. If it is correct, you are strongly advised not to proceed with completion and submission of an Expression of Interest.

    In the event this occurs, contact can be made with the Advance Queensland team by email with ‘Deadly Deals’ in the subject heading:

    All Expression of Interest forms received will be checked for eligibility and any organisations and/or projects found to be ineligible will not be considered for funding.

  • The form is not allowing me to provide my full response to a question

    The Expression of Interest round is the first stage of a two stage process. Answers to questions have strict word limits and therefore applicants should ensure that their responses are clear, concise, and, highly relevant.


  • How many projects are likely to be funded?

    The number of recipients will depend on the funding pool allocated to this funding round and the quality of the applications submitted.

  • Do I have to spend all the grant funding in Queensland?

    It is expected that, wherever possible, the grant funding will be spent within Queensland, i.e. if you are purchasing goods or services that are available in Queensland, it is expected that you would purchase them from within Queensland.

    Only international/interstate expenditure that is a prerequisite to ensure successful completion of the project is acceptable, for e.g. the costs of international travel and accommodation required to engage with potential new customers in a new market; and/or; the costs of procuring expertise, products, or services that are essential to the project but not available within Queensland.

  • How is the Deadly Deals funding paid?

    Funding is paid in instalments throughout the lifetime of the project. Generally, the first payment is made following execution of the Financial Incentive Agreement between the recipient and the Queensland Government. The remaining payments are made following the submission of satisfactory reports detailing the progress, outcomes and expenditure of the project.

Conditions of award

  • If my full application is successful, when would my project start?

    Successful projects must commence within 90 days of being advised that funding has been approved.

  • What is a Financial Incentive Agreement?

    The Financial Incentive Agreement is the legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of Deadly Deals, including the payment schedule and the reporting requirements.

  • Are the Terms and Conditions of the Financial Incentive Agreement negotiable?

    No. Recipients will be bound by the terms and conditions, as set out in the Deadly Deals Financial Incentive Agreement.

    Ensure you have read and accept the terms and conditions prior to submitting an application for funding, as they will not be negotiable at the time a funding offer is made. Successful applicants will be required to execute the Financial Incentive Agreement within 15 business days of receipt, or the offer of funding will lapse.

  • Can I apply for funding support for an activity that has already commenced prior to this application?

    No. Only activities which commence after the date of the funding award will be funded.

Unsuccessful applicants

  • Can I obtain feedback on my application, if it is unsuccessful?

    Feedback is available to unsuccessful applicants. If you are unsuccessful at the Expression of Interest stage, feedback provided will be brief and focused on key areas that could be strengthened.

  • Is there any assistance available to unsuccessful applicants?

    In addition to the feedback provided, unsuccessful applicants will be given the opportunity to participate in a range of relevant information sessions and/or webinars provided by the Queensland Government, as they become available.

  • Can I appeal against the decision?

    There is no appeals process for Deadly Deals. Funding is awarded at the discretion of the Queensland Government and all decisions are final.

    Unsuccessful applicants will be provided with feedback and a range of information and assistance from Queensland Government, and are encouraged to take this into account.


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