ITF terms and conditions

IndustryTech Fund terms and conditions

Application process

  1. Applicant acceptance
    By submitting an application, the applicant accepts these terms and conditions.
  2. Department discretion
    The Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development (the department) may make any changes to the application process in its absolute discretion, by notifying the applicant, including by publication on the department’s website. Without limitation, the department may:

    1. add or change requirements;
    2. amend dates and times;
    3. amend evaluation criteria;
    4. negotiate with one or more applicants and allow any applicant to vary its application;
    5. change the terms and conditions applicable to the application process, including terms of the proposed financial incentive agreement; or
    6. cancel the application process.

    The applicant will not make any claim in connection with a decision by the department to exercise or not to exercise any of its rights in relation to the application process.

No reliance on information

The applicant is responsible for making its own investigation and assessment about all matters relevant to the application, the requirements, the accuracy of all information and documents provided by or on behalf of the department, and all other matters relevant to the applicant’s offer.

Applicant costs

Participation in the application process is at the applicant’s cost. The department is not required to pay compensation to the applicant in relation to the application process in any circumstances, for any reason.

Subject to contract

No contract will be formed between the department and the applicant unless and until both parties sign a financial assistance agreement.


The applicant must:

    1. (communication) direct all inquiries relating to the application to the department’s nominated contact person;
    2. (accuracy) ensure that all information provided as part of its application is complete, accurate, current, and not misleading;
    3. (laws) comply with all laws;
    4. (no publicity) not make any public announcements or advertisement relating to the application process; and
    5. (confidentiality) keep confidential all confidential information which it obtains as part of the application process, not use it except for the purpose of responding to the application, and not disclose it except to its personnel on a need to know basis for the purpose of responding to the application or with the department’s consent, or to the extent required by Law, or to its professional advisors;
    6. (privacy) if it collects or has access to any personal information in connection with the application process, comply as if it was the department with the privacy principles in the Information Privacy Act 2009, in relation to that personal information.

Applicant confidential information

The department will keep confidential all confidential information of the applicant which it obtains as part of the application process.

The department may use applicant confidential information for the purposes of the application process.

The department may disclose applicant confidential information:

  1. to its personnel for the purposes of the application process;
  2. as required under the Right to Information Act 2009 (Commonwealth);
  3. as required by law;
  4. to a minister, their advisors or Parliament;
  5. to its professional advisors.

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