Platform Technology Program

Provides financial incentives to larger scale co-funded projects that accelerate the development and deployment of significant and highly collaborative industry based platform technology projects.

What's important

  • Applications are closed.
  • Platform Technology Program will be replaced by the IndustryTech Fund.
  • Supports large scale collaborative projects led by industry.

About the program

A platform technology is a group of enabling technologies that are used as a base on which other applications, processes or technologies are developed. They function as innovation catalysts, and facilitate the development of follow-on technologies, with applications for various industries.

The Platform Technology Program (PTP) aims to deliver a transformative 'step change', speeding the emergence of new or significantly improved products and services based on platform technologies, with global potential across industry sectors.

The program provides investment for collaborative research and development activities, focusing on technology platforms such as unmanned aerial vehicles for application in aerospace, defence, agriculture, oil and gas field management, disaster management, environmental monitoring and more.

The program requires formalised partnerships connecting Queensland based industries, small to medium enterprises (SMEs), startups, research organisations and universities with potential global opportunities from the funded project.


The lead applicant of the PTP must be a registered business, have a minimum of 3 Queensland‑based partners and be able to demonstrate an ability to fund at least 75% of the cost of the eligible project, outside of Queensland Government funding sources.

The lead applicant and collaborative partners must have ownership, access to, or beneficial use of, any intellectual property that is the subject of, or is necessary to carry out the project.

Projects must be delivered through a collaborative partnership and provide evidence of significant steps towards the development and commercial application of technologies that:

  • have transferability across industry sectors
  • the capacity to create jobs in key industries and regions of Queensland
  • are able to capture global opportunities.


Queensland Government funding is dependent on the total project cost and the level of contribution to the project from other sources.

Projects will be funded at a minimum 1:3 ratio of government-to-applicant funding.

PTP projects will represent a minimum total investment of $1 million (i.e. a minimum $250,000 Queensland Government grant and a minimum $750,000 cash contribution from lead applicants and their partners, excluding GST).

Funding recipients

$1 million program funding has been awarded to the Boeing Company for their remotely piloted aircraft research project.

$4 million program funding has been awarded to the Redback Technologies and its partners Springfield Land Corporation, Microsoft, Energy Queensland and the University of Queensland.

How to apply

Applications for this program are currently closed.

There are two parts to the application process:

Stage 1—Expression of interest

Please refer to the:

Once the EOI has been assessed, shortlisted applicants may be invited to pitch their projects to an assessment panel, and may also be invited to submit a Stage 2 Full Application.

Stage 2—Full application

Applicants shortlisted from the stage 1 process will be contacted individually with further details on how to submit an application for stage 2 and what information will be required.

Industry forum

On 3 February 2017 the Queensland Government held an information session to provide further information and to encourage the formation of consortia to develop and deploy cutting edge and transformational products, services and business processes.

All interested representatives from Queensland’s small business community, startup ecosystem, research and larger corporate enterprises were invited to this event.

A recording of the session is available to view below.


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