BDF frequently asked questions

Business Development Fund frequently asked questions

  • What is the closing date for applications?

    Applications for investment can be lodged at any time, there is no closing date. The Investment Panel meets on a regular basis to consider applications. If an application is not received in time to be considered at the next scheduled meeting, it will be considered at the following meeting.

  • Who is a co-investor?

    A co-investor is a person or organisation who provides funding and support to a business in order for that business to grow.

    A co-investor can be:

    • an individual investor
    • an angel investor
    • an investment business including a venture capital fund
    • a syndicate of investors.

    A co-investor cannot be:

    • the founder of the business
    • an employee, contractor, or consultant to the business
    • a government department, including a department from another state or the Australian Government.

    A co-investor must satisfy set co-investor criteria.

  • Can an existing investor in the business be considered a co-investor?

    Yes, provided the co-investor:

    • is not a founder, employee, contractor or consultant to the business
    • is investing additional funds in the business
    • satisfies the co-investor criteria (supporting the business through advice, mentoring, etc.).
  • Can the business requiring investment be the co-investor?

    The objective of the Business Development Fund is to grow the pool of angel and venture capital investors in Queensland. A business acting as its own 'co-investor' investing in itself does not align with that objective.

  • Can an existing parent company be the co-investor for a subsidiary?

    No, because the parent company, as co-investor, would effectively be investing in its own assets. This is not consistent with the objective of attracting angel and venture capital investment to Queensland.

  • Can the co-investor be located outside Queensland?

    The co-investor can be located interstate or overseas. As part of the application process, the co-investor needs to demonstrate to the Investment Panel they will play an active role in assisting a business through mentoring, expertise and networking, and providing access to later-stage finance and markets.

  • How do I find a co-investor?

  • Can I borrow from the Business Development Fund?

    The Fund invests in businesses; this investment is in the form of share equity. The Fund does not provide loans.

  • Who will be on the Investment Panel?

    The Investment Panel consists of experienced private investors who have a strong background in entrepreneurship, and early stage investment, particularly in innovative start-ups or growing technology businesses. Panel members are drawn from the private sector. There are no Government representatives on the Investment Panel and Panel members make an independent investment decision.


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