Engaging Science Grants recipients

Program Period Project Location Sector Amount Round
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Coding Kids in Charters Towers

Edlp Pty Ltd

We will deliver coding workshops to the community in Charters Towers and its nearby communities. The coding program involves free workshops for both teachers and students. The workshops teach new approaches to problem solving covering computational thinking, design thinking, system thinking, and how to create digital solutions to solve community problems. Students and teachers learn to become technology creators and not just passive consumers of technology.

$9,500 1
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Coding Kids in Thargomindah

Edlp Pty Ltd

We will deliver coding workshops to the community in Thargomindah and its nearby communities. The coding program involves free workshops for both teachers and students. The workshops teach new approaches to problem solving covering computational thinking, design thinking, system thinking, and how to create digital solutions to solve community problems. Students and teachers learn to become technology creators and not just passive consumers of technology.

$9,184 1
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Fiftysix Opportunity Workshop

Fifty Six Creations Pty Ltd

According to the Foundation for Young Australians' New Work Order report, 60% of students are currently being trained in jobs that will be radically changed by automation. The Fiftysix Opportunity Workshops teach young people about the skills of the future. Computer science, STEM and entrepreneurship are all covered.

$10,000 1
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Girls who STEAM

Gold Coast City Council

A dedicated series of programs for young girls to provide opportunities to engage in STEM workshops, facilitated by female scientists and experts, to inspire and support them to foster an ongoing interest in the sciences, and develop future skills required for innovation.

$9,968 2
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Wetland wander

Griffith University

Wetlands within the catchments of the Great Barrier Reef are valuable and beautiful. However, not many people know about these wetlands, and thus, not many people care about them. The goal of this project is to create an immersive installation consisting of video, photography and audio so the public can experience wetlands through art. The project will have wide outreach as it will be showcased in public spaces and on various websites. Through this installation, people will have the opportunity to learn about wetlands, to create awareness of their scientific value, and to appreciate their beauty.

$10,000 1
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
STEM waterways citizen science project

Holloways Beach Environmental Education Centre

"Holloways Beach Environmental Education Centre and partners including scientists from TropWATER, Cairns Regional Council and Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation, are inviting teams from high schools in the Far North Queensland region to take part in the STEM waterways citizen science project. The project is designed to enable school teams to learn to: study aspects of estuarine waterways in depth; identify areas of scientific importance and interest; engage in good STEM practices; and gain access to technologies and experts. They will create viable data and information that is a valuable contribution to local, and potentially global, knowledge on largely undervalued mangrove systems."

$9,692 3
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Deadly Science Getaway 2017-2018: Orpheus Island

James Cook University

Deadly Science Getaway ignites passion for science among young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, aged 13-18, from remote communities. We illuminate pathways for Indigenous women to pursue science-linked careers such as being a ranger, marine biologist, natural resource manager or leading science programs for children. We lead field science and authentic conversations, in wild places, with passionate women scientists and Indigenous leaders.

$8,949 3
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Discovering urban wildlife

James Cook University

Most kids, particularly those in cities, don't get the opportunity to experience native wildlife in the far-flung Aussie 'outback'. Luckily, there is a diverse suite of native animals that live in our homes, backyards and local neighbourhoods. Discovering this wildlife is an exciting hands-on workshop for 4-7 year-olds. During this workshop students will be introduced to the local urban wildlife, using their eyes and ears to collect scientific data and identify wildlife species.

$10,000 2
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
After School "Ecology Warriors" Club

Julatten State School P&C Association

This is an after-school program for 70 students (encompassing two state schools and home schoolers) focusing on local ecology. Topics include entomophagy (eating insects), macropods, bird safaris and native bush tucker. Program concludes with an overnight at the Sheoak Nature Reserve for a night bush walk and discussions on conservation.

$10,000 3
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Polymer chemistry initiative

Kingaroy State High School

The polymer chemistry initiative is a unique partnership between Kingaroy State High School and the Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI) at The University of Queensland. Scientists from the CAI will synthesise polymers at the school. The students will then travel to the CAI for a 3 day camp where they will use the advanced facilities at the CAI to characterise the polymer synthesised at the school. Students will use a number of scientific techniques.

$10,000 1
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
The worth of preserving the Pioneer River mangrove ecosystem

Mackay Christian Colleges Ltd

Year 11 biology students will learn about the important role of mangrove systems in their existing curriculum. Due to the critical importance of mangroves and the college's prime location for accessing a mangrove system, the school is planning to incorporate real and engaging scientific field investigation. This scientific investigation will be conducted within the Pioneer River mangrove community. The conservation value of the mangroves maybe devalued in comparison to near pristine estuarine systems, however our investigation aims to promote the worth of preserving the mangrove system by identifying its carbon capture and storage potential.

$9,880 2
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Maker Magic: where the magic is in the making

Noosa Shire Council

This project encourages our community to participate in STEM-related learning through a six-month series of programs centred on robotics and 3D experiences. The program includes beginner workshops promoting hands-on activities with new and emerging technology that may spark peoples' interest in science and technology and inspire them towards a STEM related career. The advanced workshops introduce aspiring inventors to key 3D and engineering fundamentals through learning how to design, model and manufacture objects from concept to print and through the design, build and racing of drones. Inventions from this program will be showcased at a large community festival.

$10,000 2
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Science extravaganza

Northern Peninsula Area State College

Science applies to our everyday life and leads to many career pathways. In order to raise the school community's engagement with science, the college will deliver activities throughout National Science Week with a culminating day celebrating science and the interrelated disciplines of technology, arts, engineering and mathematics (a science extravaganza). Talented people from our parent community, school leaders and key staff at the college, experts at James Cook University in Cairns, and the Fizzics Education team, will engage with staff and students at Injinoo Junior to create a knowledge and skill sharing community.

$9,390 1
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Ocean to Outback Roadshow

Ocean Life Education

Ocean Life Education 'Brings the Sea to You' with fun marine education programs designed to inspire students of all ages to appreciate and take responsibility for the marine ecosystem. The roadshow takes marine scientists on a journey to Queensland's regional areas giving students and their community the opportunity to engage in hands on marine science. Marine biologists will arrive with fascinating live marine animals, artefacts, games and information, blending hands-on interaction with science and entertainment.

$10,000 2
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Pine Rivers Special School Science Week 2018 Extravaganza

Pine Rivers Special School

The extravaganza is four days of science shows, demonstrations and hands-on activities for students and will include rockets, helium balloons and drones. Parents and community members can get involved in science and discover the joy of learning about science.

$4,670 2
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Bowen makerthon

Queens Beach State School

A series of workshops will be delivered to introduce students, educators and the wider community to STEM, digital technologies, entrepreneurship and creativity. Specialists will visit the Bowen and Whitsunday communities to provide hands-on learning activities for people of all ages.

$10,000 1
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Building community capacity for study of tropical Queensland fungi

Queensland Mycological Society Inc.

Tropical Australia has a rich diversity of fungi, but it is understudied. Queensland public and scientific communities are poorly informed about the important ecosystem services provided by fungi. In this project the Queensland Mycological Society together with mycologists and ecologists will transfer their knowledge to the Atherton Tableland, Kuranda and Cairns communities and students through talks, walks and workshops. Events will provide local people with the skills to capture images, record fungi for the Atlas-of-Living-Australia, and make collections for identification and scientific analysis. They will also learn about the ecological roles of fungi. Data collected will go towards the production of identification tools for future use by scientists and the public.

$10,000 2
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
INSPIRE - Implementing novel STEM partnerships in Indigenous and rural education

Queensland University of Technology

INSPIRE 2018 brings final year QUT STEM and education undergraduates together with an experienced science communicator/mentor to develop a teaching plan with indigenous/rural high school science teachers from Cunnamulla, Mt Isa or Normanton. Each QUT trio will visit the high schools for a week to deliver their STEM workshops to year 9 and 10 students. The workshop are designed to complement curriculum and teachers will also benefit from existing QUT-teacher support programs. There is also an opportunity to donate QUT STEM-related equipment.

$9,910 2
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Research and restoration in Rochedale

Rochedale State School

Under the guidance of scientists and specialist presenters, students will be coached through an applied scientific research project on habitat restoration, including project design, implementation, evaluation, and communication of results. This will be delivered within a framework of normalising science and challenging stereotypes including the gender of scientists and the broad spectrum of topics covered under science. Camera traps will be used to monitor wildlife numbers throughout the project, including in nesting boxes. Students will use these images for a student blog to update the school community and interested locals, and to evaluate project success.

$9,450 3
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Special STEM

Rockhampton Special School

This project will enable students with multiple disabilities to experience STEM, through an inquiry learning approach, while training teachers, and engaging the local community. The project will design and resource a maker space to enable students to engage with innovative technologies to support their understanding of STEM. The project will link students with neighbouring schools, parents and wider community members through the participation of Central Queensland University and Rockhampton Regional Council Library.

$9,000 1
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Sawfish - endangered and forgotten sea monsters

Sharks And Rays Australia Pty Ltd

Sharks And Rays Australia has teamed up with Sharks4Kids to involve school children and the general public in their sawfish project. Sawfish are the most endangered of all cartilaginous fishes. As some of their last retreats are found in Northern Australia, the importance of public awareness for the survival of these species cannot be stressed enough. Sawfish are listed on the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act as well as the Queensland Fisheries Act. This project will help people understand and appreciate the importance of sawfish in aquatic food webs and how modern technology is able to monitor aquatic species living in crocodile country.

$9,295 2
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Theme based STEM education workshops

STEAM Powered Kids

The project is to develop a series of theme based STEAM education workshops, labs, projects and, challenges for primary and secondary aged students (6-13 and 9-16+). It will introduce STEAM concepts through popular culture themes such as dinosaurs, super heroes, robotics, space and animals. The project aims to establish a network of young STEM enthusiasts and engage Queensland communities to raise awareness about STEM. The project is an extension to STEM education provided at school and give the opportunity for children to experience fun and engaging activities in a non-classroom setting.

$3,700 3
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Regional STEM

Street Science

Street Science and STEM PUNKS are collaborating to provide teacher professional development, primary school science experiences as well as a community STEM day over 3 days in the Wide Bay Burnett and Fraser Coast region. The objectives of the project are to upskill teaching staff in these areas; provide access to quality teaching materials and resources; engage and inspire students in the area; and provide science engagement to the wider community.

$10,000 3
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Taabinga STEM Challenge

Taabinga State School

This project involves a STEM challenge and a Makerspace open day with schools from the Kingaroy area. Students will be invited to participate in a series of activities and challenges in the Makerspace including building catapults, learning about LittleBits, Sphero art and making a stop motion animation movie. A local scientist or engineer will be a guest speaker.

$5,952 2
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Meskep Kawbuzig - Tagai's Seagrass Observers

Tagai State College

Dr Mellors (James Cook University) will engage with students and community members of the Kaiwalagal region to monitor their home patches of intertidal seagrass, increasing awareness of the ecosystem services that this marine habitat provides. Participants are exposed to western science knowledge of seagrass habitat while integrating traditional knowledge of this ecosystem. The partnership will combine education and training that develops skills and proficiency in field-based seagrass monitoring. Students will analyse the collected data, developing their understanding of the STEM process of interpreting and presenting data. Students will report back on this project to their communities.

$8,880 3
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Advanced imaging and data collection: from SPARQ-ed to virtual reality

The University Of Queensland

This project is aimed at improving the quality and reach of the SPARQ-ed program and establishing an online presence with high quality STEM-based projects. The aims are to streamline SPARQ-ed's imaging, data collection and analysis capabilities for students visiting their laboratory and to deliver similar opportunities to students who are not able to visit them. The project will enable students to extract and/or visualise micro-organisms by using advanced technologies (such as fluorescent microscopy). The students will also be able to perform complex techniques and record their results often during real-time live streaming.

$10,000 1
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Science through a VR lens

Thuringowa State High School

The abstract and often complex nature of science content in curriculum sometimes results in disengagement of students from low socioeconomic or Indigenous backgrounds. Virtual reality (VR) will be used in Thuringowa State High School as a mechanism to turn this around and engage years 7 to 10 students in the science.

$10,000 2
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Zika Mozzie Seeker - secondary schools

Toohey Forest Environmental Education Centre

Zika Mozzie Seeker is a citizen science project by Metro South Health that seeks to engage high school students to collect mosquito egg samples for both in class analysis and for molecular screening of Zika mosquito DNA using a world-first methodology. The project will unite working scientists with students and, in doing so, raise the profile of science and the benefits of science to the wider community. The project will also showcase the drug discovery pipeline using the unique facility of the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery. Participating schools will receive teacher professional learning and specialist student immersion programs.

$9,400 1
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Drone Coding: Search and Rescue

Toowoomba Regional Council

Toowoomba Regional Libraries in partnership with STEM Punks will deliver a drones in STEM education teacher professional development event and 12 x 1.5 hour school holiday programs free of charge to teachers and children from across the Toowoomba region. Independent, state and catholic teachers from across the region will be invited to attend the professional development event. The drone coding program will be delivered in 11 library locations: Cecil Plains, Clifton, Goombungee, Highfields, Crows Nest, Millmerran, Oakey, Pittsworth, Quinalow, Toowoomba City and Yarraman. Drones have a real world, practical applications to the region's agriculture industry.

$9,817 2
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018

University of Southern Queensland

Build-A-Planet is a planetary science extravaganza, presented exclusively to Prep to Year 2 junior primary school students within the Darling Downs. Students get to be the stars - well in this case planets of the show, dancing their way through our solar neighbourhood, busting dance routines to remember the planetary line-up of our solar system. After learning about planets within our own solar system, students will then craft and design alien worlds with everyday materials.

$9,997 3
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
STEM Connect residential camp

University of the Sunshine Coast, School of Science and Engineering

The STEM Connect camp is an experiential education program, which will offer Year 10 students 3 days of exposure to the exciting and rewarding study of STEM. Through sharing of academic and industry expertise, students will be shown study options and the diversity within STEM career pathways. By exploring real world situations, students will gain a much broader perspective of the vast range of career opportunities available, perhaps in areas they had not previously considered. Workshop sessions will target enterprise skills such as creative thinking and problem solving, digital proficiency and science communication.

$10,000 3
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
BioQuesting at The Planting

Woodfordia Inc.

In collaboration with QuestaGame, an interactive citizen-science mobile app, the 8th Annual Planting Festival will partner to create Bioquestin. Expert presentations, workshops and field trips will engage patrons to find and capture images, and identify and document wildlife on the 500 acre site of Woodfordia with the support of on-the-ground scientists and online experts. 'BioQuesting' will increase engagement and participation of the community in science-based activities, increase the number of scientists directly engaging with the community and promote collaboration with community members and experts on biodiversity conservation research projects.

$9,500 2
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018
Spark Engineering Camp

Youth Without Borders

Spark Engineering Camp is a not-for-profit, Youth Without Borders initiative that provides an opportunity for over 100 grade 10-12 high school students to experience university life and various aspects of the STEM fields. Spark targets students from non-traditional and underrepresented backgrounds (e.g. rural, indigenous, financially disadvantaged) to help break down the barriers that interfere with their pursuit and passion for STEM and tertiary education.

$10,000 3
Engaging Science Grants 2016-2017
Gardening scientifically

Aspley Special School

All students at Aspley Special School have a disability. The school's gardens are hands-on Makerspaces where the students come together to learn, use materials and develop their STEM knowledge to grow foods for hospitality. This project adds a higher level and greater integration of STEM knowledge and skills for the students. They will measure, collect, record and analyse data on moisture levels in soil to determine the watering required for ideal growth. This project will increase the number of students engaging in this space and therefore participating in STEM.

$8,600 1
Engaging Science Grants 2016-2017
Coastal Protection Core Science Festival

Australian Coastal Protection Core

Australian Coastal Protection Core will host a Science Festival at Scarborough, involving fun, educational programs and workshops targeted at school years 3-6 within the Moreton Bay Regional Council catchment. Australian coastal and marine ecology professional scientists and Australian Coastal Protection Core teachers and educators will deliver workshops, presentations and hands-on practical activities for the community with the aim of inspiring future scientists to develop solutions to our most complex environmental challenges.

$9,650 3
Engaging Science Grants 2016-2017
Let's Get Dirty

Australian Society of Soil Science Inc.

The project uses art to communicate complex scientific ideas to highlight the importance of soils and show the ways in which science and soils are part of our everyday lives. "Let's Get Dirty" will be a 6-month artist in residence program. An artist will be paired with a Queensland university to work collaboratively with soil scientists and researchers in developing their work, which will culminate in an Art in Soils exhibition.

$10,000 2
Engaging Science Grants 2016-2017
The Secret Life of Science!

Bennyk Enterprises

The short film expose, The Secret Life of Science, features the professional and personal lives of everyday Sunshine Coast women researchers involved in world-class STEM activities. The fun and informative video explores diversity in STEM women, and breaks down the stigmas of work-life balance andunsexy science, by introducing amazing women from various stages of their STEM careers. Personal interviews will showcase highlights of their work alongside a secret glimpse into their lives.

$10,000 1
Engaging Science Grants 2016-2017
Drone Station Challenge

Boyne Island State School

Four drone stations will be set up in our school hall. Various challenges will be set for students to engage in and use their knowledge in STEM to complete the task set at each station. The challenges will involve drones delivering packages, drones surveying farm lands (focussing on specific areas affected following a disaster), underwater drones and an open station for students to design their own drone and challenge.

$2,820 3
Engaging Science Grants 2016-2017
Toowoomba STEM Enrichment Hub

Centenary Heights SHS

Toowoomba STEM Enrichment Hub will be a pivotal resource in the development of a whole-school and community approach to driving the STEM agenda for our students and our regional community. It will be the space where ideas can be researched, constructed, tested and implemented. It will be supported by existing on-line and virtual resources. The Hub will operate at Centenary Heights State High School, steered by staff, students and parents in partnership with community experts and organisations.

$17,097 1
Engaging Science Grants 2016-2017
Bush science: Saluting scientists in rural Queensland

Central Highlands Science Centre

This project will make the public aware of where science can take you in the outback via short and engaging stories told by real scientists. These 'Science Snapshots' will also help educate school leavers wanting a career in science by informing them of science-related job opportunities outside of the state's metropolitan areas. The project involves filming engaging local science stories and 'did you know science' facts about science in Queensland and sharing them on social media.

$10,000 2
Engaging Science Grants 2016-2017
Science club assistant volunteer pilot program

Central Highlands Science Centre Inc.

Central Highlands Science Centre (CHSC) is a grassroots non-profit that delivers innovative out-of-school, community-led STEM programs and learning experiences to children living in regional Queensland. The centre's highly successful after-school science club program (6-12 year olds) requires a pool of enthusiastic volunteers to assist science educators deliver each 5 week program. This pilot aims to develop a new volunteer model that recruits, trains and supports high school students to participate in and lead hands-on, STEM-based activities.

$10,000 1
Engaging Science Grants 2016-2017

Cleveland State School

The STEAM-ATHLON is an initiative of Cleveland State School involving 7 schools. This academic triathlon is made up of 3 tasks that are centred around science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM), designed to challenge, engage, enrich and celebrate our students. Cleveland State School has partnered with Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation to host the event. A Marine Education Officer will deliver a presentation to open the event on 10 October 2017. This presentation will be the foundation of all challenges.

$8,335 3
Engaging Science Grants 2016-2017
Every student coding by 2020: South Burnett Region

Coding Kids

This project will visit the South Burnett region over 2 days to deliver coding and robotics workshops for children, parents, teachers and librarians. The aim of the workshops are to foster interest in digital literacy and technology creation.

$9,600 2
Engaging Science Grants 2016-2017
Rolling into the future: Reducing agricultural soil compaction

Conservation Farmers

This project will deliver 3 workshops (Roma, St George and Jimbour) that will connect farmers face-to-face with soil scientists and on-farm tyre expert, Graham Betts. The workshops will provide independent, practical and current information on the issue of soil compaction, solutions and benefits of improved tyre management. This aims to improve farmer knowledge and confidence in adopting this science.

$9,420 2
Engaging Science Grants 2016-2017
Science on the fly: Drones in agriculture

Conservation Farmers Inc.

Three workshops will be delivered in Roma, Dalby and Emerald to connect farmers face-to-face with leading drone scientist, Dr Catherine Ball. The workshops will provide independent, practical and current information on the risks, benefits, regulatory requirements and agricultural adaptations of drones. The workshops aim to improve farmer knowledge and confidence in adopting this great science.

$10,000 2
Engaging Science Grants 2016-2017
Maintaining a community oyster gardening initiative for shellfish reefs

Digsfish Services

Pumicestone Passage has been identified as a priority area for restoring shellfish reef habitat on Australia's east coast. Australia's first community-based oyster gardening program on Bribie Island has been established by recruiting residents to grow oysters which will eventually be used for experimental trials to restore shellfish reefs.

$10,000 2
Engaging Science Grants 2016-2017
Geological Society of Australia Earth Sciences Student Symposium

Geological Society of Australia

This initiative is designed to bring students and young researchers from around Queensland to present new research, technologies and ideas about earth science. This is a student organised and run symposium designed to allow students to develop their science communication skills, facilitate peer learning and enjoy networking. This symposium, free to students, will enable PhD, masters, honours and undergraduate earth science students to present advancing research to their peers and industry.

$7,300 2
Engaging Science Grants 2016-2017

Glasshouse Country Christian College

Students will engage with farmers, in conjunction with the local agronomist and grower associations, and consult with them about providing mapping, electromagnetic and other surveys of their property. Conducting the surveys will teach students how to program and fly a drone and acquire mapping imagery and relevant data. Farmers and interested parties will be invited to attend these drone mapping days. Once all data is obtained, students will analyse the imagery and provide feedback about what they have found at a community event.

$10,000 2
Engaging Science Grants 2016-2017
Indigenous Girls in STEM

Gordonvale State High School

Our mission is to promote STEM as a highly interactive and enjoyable field of study that will lead students to a myriad of career pathways. Through this we hope to encourage more young female Indigenous students to select senior STEM subjects in their senior phase of learning. This pilot project is to provide students opportunities to interact with STEM mentors from school, community (both Indigenous and wider), industry and tertiary institutions.

$8,810 3
Engaging Science Grants 2016-2017

Greenmount Primary P&C Association

RoboTECH is a 10-week program where students will engage with STEM resources and activities using multiple technologies and platforms, robotics, electronics, engineering and craft. Implemented across our whole-of-school community, RoboTECH will promote hands-on learning experiences for students while increasing their STEM knowledge and capabilities through problem-solving tasks.

$9,591 3