Engaging Science Grants recipients

Program Period Project Location Sector Amount Round
Engaging Science Grants 2020 Balonne Rocket Science

Balonne Shire Council

Balonne Shire Council will host four STEM based workshops in the region that explore the wonders of rocket, flight and space technology. Connecting curiosity and imagination with play-based learning experiences, young rocketeers will create and control the launch of their very own water propelled rocket.
Engaging Science Grants 2020 Gladstone Citizen Science Festival 2020

Boyne Island Environmental Education Centre

The festival offers students and the local community with the opportunity to be involved in citizen science activities during National Science Week. Citizens who take part will collect real world primary data and contribute it to local and global databases. Programs to be delivered include AUSMAP, Mangrove Watch, Harbour Watch, Coral Watch, Gladstone Air Quality monitoring and the Australian Marine Debris Initiative through Tangaroa Blue.
Engaging Science Grants 2020 Stepping into STEM through Biomechanics

Central Queensland University

Exercise and Sport Sciences staff at CQUniversity will host high school students and teachers participating in activities designed to promote STEM through biomechanics and build understanding about how humans move. The event includes a challenge where students will compete in teams to increase their knowledge about biomechanical concepts that are important to sport and daily living such as forces, balance, muscle activity, and linear and angular kinematics. A workshop will provide teachers with the opportunity to develop their skills so they can deliver innovative practical activities within their own teaching.
Engaging Science Grants 2020 National Science Week - From the Seas to the Stars

Cooktown P-12 State School

School students and community members have the opportunity to experience the night skies during a visit from a mobile planetarium. There will be an Astronomy Night with telescopes and local cluster schools will be invited to participate, share stories about the night sky, and identify planets, constellations and moons.
Engaging Science Grants 2020 Actually, it's Phytoplankton!: Ocean Ecology and NASA's PACE Mission

Go2Q Pty Ltd

Whale poop? Oil slick? Actually, it's Phytoplankton! If you like to breathe air and eat food, thank phytoplankton. Visible from space, these microorganisms are integral to all life. Go2Qurious presents a new science and oceanography podcast designed especially for middle schoolers. Join host Dr Jamie Coull, and oceanographer co-hosts Dr Lachlan McKinna and Dr Ivona Cetini? from August 15th 2020 to explore ocean ecology and NASA's PACE Mission. Jamie, Lachlan and Ivona interview 11 scientists and engineers who work on NASA's most advanced ocean-colour and aerosol satellite mission to date: PACE (Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud and ocean Ecosystem). Each episode is packed with science activities and resources. There are fantastic science prizes to be won, and the podcast can be enjoyed by students, teachers and families alike. Find us at www.go2qurious.com
Engaging Science Grants 2020 One Tiny Turtle

Ingham State High School

Students from Ingham State School and Ingham State High School will work with local scientists to learn about the lifecycle of the turtle and the impacts humans have on our delicate ecosystems through story telling, creative activities and digital technologies. The students will create an animation to be used to educate Year 2 students about the turtle lifecycle. The animation will be created using technologies such as Lego Mindstorms robots and green screen video techniques.
Engaging Science Grants 2020 AgriTech STEM Workshops and Community Night in Regional Darling Downs


Australia's agricultural future depends upon the next generations ability to develop innovative technologies to solve one of humankind greatest challenges: thriving in a changing world. Workshops delivered by agricultural researchers and engineers will teach students basic robotics and inspire them to create smart farming solutions for everyday problems faced by local farmers. The workshops will be held in primary schools and libraries across the Darling Downs, and culminate in a Engage with Agriculture community event hosted by the University of Southern Queensland.
Engaging Science Grants 2020 Bugs to the Rescue: Controlling Invasives for a Healthy River

Mooloolah River Waterwatch and Landcare (MRL)

Facilitating education and promoting science-based solutions, MRLs Bugs to the Rescue project will engage with students and the community in strategic activities for control of Weeds of National Significance (WONS) that are threatening the Mooloolah River catchment. Activities include entertaining Bugs to the Rescue presentations at schools, publicising the release of the madeira vine beetle and jewel beetle at selected sites, and citizen-science monitoring and reporting. Key outcomes are awakening students interest in science and science-based solutions, increasing community awareness and engagement in science-based solutions for environmental threats, and monitoring the impact of biocontrol actions on invasive species by citizen scientists.
Engaging Science Grants 2020 The Mount Crosby Formula E Grand Prix

Mount Crosby State School

Teams of girls will design and build elastic band powered cars made from 3D printed parts. The project will run over a semester and culminate in a community day competition where the students present their work, detail their design process, and compete in a range of races. Students will learn about the stages of design thinking, virtual 3D modelling, 3D printing, the properties of materials used in construction, the engineering of gears and simple machines, and the physics of potential and kinetic energy.
Engaging Science Grants 2020 SEAWEED | Biofabricating Futures

Ms Joanne McCallum

SEAWEED | Biofabricating Futures aims to engage the Bribie Island community with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths), via an innovative science/art programme focused on promoting innovative applications of native seaweeds. This project will deliver a material research workshop, exhibition and concurrent social media campaign. Using cutting edge biofabrication processes, University of Queensland biofabrication researcher Jo McCallum, and Australian Seaweed Institute CEO Jo Kelly, will demonstrate the potential inherent in working with this rich local marine resource.
Engaging Science Grants 2020 Athena

Noosa District State High School

In partnership with the Noosa District Council Peregian Digital Hub, Noosa Education and Training Alliance, and Coolum Beach and Sunshine Beach State High Schools, Noosa District State High School intends to engage more women in STEM through its Athena 2020 project. Its courses will be delivered by female leaders in their respective fields and topics areas such as mixed reality experience design, robotics, artificial intelligence, software programing, bioengineering and environmental engineering. Athena 2020 aims to reinforce the exciting opportunities for women in STEM by engaging them in new innovative industries, providing inspiring female role models, and empowering female students through authentic learning experiences.
Engaging Science Grants 2020 Creative Connections: An Engaging Science Project

Noosa Library Service

This project increases community engagement and participation through hands-on inspirational experiences using emerging technologies. Teen girls will learn to code and fly drones in workshops designed to increase their technical skillset and develop their problem-solving skills as they explore the practical applications of drones in humanitarian and environmental settings. A suite of workshops throughout the year will introduce teens and adults to the possibilities of 3D design and printing. Participants will develop their digital knowledge as they create items from fantasy worlds and pop culture and feel the synergy of blending science and creativity.
Engaging Science Grants 2020 Bitesize Science: Tissue Engineering

Queensland University of Technology

Bitesize Science will engage years 10-12 students in hands-on laboratory instruction on stem cells and tissue engineering. Full day workshops will be held for a total of 40 students from local and regional Queensland at the Translational Research Institute (TRI), Brisbane. The high-tech laboratory teaching facilities and research environment at TRI, offers an exciting opportunity to connect students with cutting edge biomedical science and researchers. Travel bursaries will be available for 20 students from regional Queensland.
Engaging Science Grants 2020 How'the air up there: Queensland Communities Discussing Air Quality

Queensland University of Technology

Air quality needs to be monitored and managed to ensure a healthy lifestyle, especially for sensitive groups such as asthmatics and children. Monitoring has been improved with low-cost, user-friendly technology called KOALAs (Knowing Our Ambient Local Air-quality) developed by QUT. KOALAs have been used in Brisbane and the Gold Coast to measure pollutants from motor vehicles, industrial boilers, solid fuel heaters and fires. A number of events will be held across Queensland for community groups and schools to share findings from 2019-2020 air quality monitoring studies, raise awareness, and co-create new applications and tools for clean air campaigns.
Engaging Science Grants 2020 STEM Choice in Female High-School Students: In-School Experience Outreach Initiative

Queensland University of Technology

This project provides high-school students with hands-on experience to build their understanding of career opportunities in construction and engineering. The aim is to increase female enrolment in construction related post-secondary education, ultimately bridging the gender gap in the construction industry. The project has a strong alignment with QUT and National Association of Women in Construction's (NAWIC) strategic direction, commitment to diversity and gender equality.
Engaging Science Grants 2020 Ocean Blue Science Week 2020

St Francis College, Crestmead

A marine biologist and educator will visit the school with tanks of live marine animals and organisms during National Science Week 2020. The students will attend marine science education sessions and participate in hands-on activities over three days. This event is designed for students to get up close to live marine animals, experience them, handle them and learn more about life below the surface of our oceans. The goal is for students to become excited and inspired about science and STEM subjects, and broaden their aspirations for future study and careers.
Engaging Science Grants 2020 Rocket Science at Tablelands Libraries

Tablelands Regional Council

Tablelands Libraries will invite their regional community to learn about rockets and space science through a series of workshops delivered over two days at multiple library locations.
Engaging Science Grants 2020 Inspire STEM Outreach Program: Bringing Electron Microscopy to Queensland Schools

The University Of Queensland

Schools receive temporary access to a mobile electron microscope and the resources required to use the microscope effectively, including teacher training. Students will discover a world too small to observe with the naked eye, while learning about senses, magnification, microscopy, materials and biology. Schools can either choose to develop their own short term project around the electron microscope or use projects specifically developed by the university. The program was created to inspire new generations in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
Engaging Science Grants 2020 Creating Opportunities - Traditional Arts Showcase Science and Technology

Thursday Island Primary Campus

The Creating Opportunities program brings traditional artist skills and knowledge together with science and modern technology on Thursday Island to ensure that children receive a first class education while sustaining Torres Strait and Aboriginal culture and traditions. Student and community will engage with traditional skills and make links to STEM through hands-on workshop that include working with drones, coding devices and robotics.
Engaging Science Grants 2020 Student Creation of Virtual Reality Tours of Mt Kent Observatory

University of Southern Queensland

The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) is partnering with students from selected Queensland schools to produce 360-degree virtual tours of its Mt Kent Observatory. On day one, school students will attend USQ's Hub for Immersive and Virtual Experiences and be taught how to use 360-degree cameras. Day two will involve students filming the observatory and interviewing astronomers. The videos will be distributed online, shown at career fairs, and shared with other schools through career counsellors and guest presenters at school assemblies. The aim is to engage more students in authentic astronomy practice and expose them to STEM careers.
Engaging Science Grants 2020 The DiscoveryLab

Woodfordia Inc

The DiscoveryLab is a science venue at the Planting Festival, where the community can engage with scientists and participate in science-based activities using scientific equipment. The community will be exposed to a number of the sciences including chemistry, physics, biology, ecology, mycology, microbiology, arachnology, botany and entomology. The aim is to raise awareness of the sciences and increase public and student participation in a citizen science initiatives.
Engaging Science Grants 2018-2019 Aerospace STEM Innovation: empowering regional communities

Bundaberg Regional Council

Bundaberg Regional Council will engage the whole community in rocket science by using a hands-on approach with qualified, knowledgeable and enthusiastic activity facilitators. Ages 2 to 102 will have the chance to discover a new scientific interest and interact with a form of science most don't consider to be within their reach. Aerospace Science will engage a wide variety of demographics, and with local links to legend Bert Hinkler it is a perfect opportunity for this regional community to connect with and participate in sensational science.
$10,000.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2018-2019 Citizen science event to discover the fossils of the caves region

Capricorn Caves - The Trustee for Estate of Ann Augusteyn

Capricorn Caves is the coastal gateway to Queensland's 'Dig the Tropic' geo-heritage tourist trail. Its nationally significant caves and fossils record the prehistory of tropical Australia, including new species to science and extinct megafauna. Scientists from around Australia have studied the unique fossils and created a palaeotourism science program that engages and increases awareness of the science taking place in Australian caves. The public will be invited to a free fossil open day where they will become citizen scientists and literally get their hands dirty as they experience the excitement of scientific discovery and contribute to Australias vast natural heritage.
$9,966.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2018-2019 Girls who STEAM

Gold Coast City Council

Continuing on from the success of the 2018 Girls who STEAM initiative, this year's program will include a new series of dedicated workshops, facilitated by female scientists and experts. The aim of the workshops is to inspire and support young girls to pursue their interest in the sciences and develop the skills and knowledge required for future careers in the STEM industry. Library staff will also be involve in the STEM programming workshops so they can continue to support lifelong learning and the government's commitment to increasing participation of women and girls in STEM studies and careers.C6
$9,200.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2018-2019 Mutdapilly Koala Offset, School Based Citizen Scientist Project

Goodna State Primary School

Remote cameras will be used to gather data on animal movements from the 90 hectare Mutdapilly Koala Offset site west of Ipswich with a view to staging a new event: a school based citizen scientist project day at the Goodna State School. The aims are to foster environmental awareness in a community that has emerging understandings of sustainability and to promote STEM awareness in the broader Queensland community. The Mutdapilly offset is a unique project and the school's STEM program has handwritten endorsements from environmentalists Sir David Attenborough and Dr Bob Brown, and the CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation.
$9,786.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2018-2019 Think Digital in Isaac Libraries for Science Week

Isaac Regional Council

There will soon be a shift in the way we consume and create content, from 2D (books, screens, TVs) to 3D (content will surround us) such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Sessions provided to school classes and the general public, during theThink Digital in Isaac Libraries for Science Week, will build the skills and confidence of students, teachers, librarians and the public to adopt these exciting new technologies into their classroom, library and lives, through hands-on experiences.
$10,000.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2018-2019 Moon Mission: Celebrating 50 Years of Aerospace and Beyond

It's Rocket Science Adventures

Discover the curious fun of rockets and aerospace science to celebrate 50 years since the first moon landing with a free family fun day for the wider Rockhampton region. Action-packed aerospace STEM innovation workshops will provide a hands-on experience with large scale model rockets. Attendees will experience firsthand the thrill of engineering and launching their very own bottle rocket to altitudes over 60 metres high. In partnership with Rockhampton Regional Council, It's Rocket Science Adventures will inspire all ages and abilities to start thinking about aerospace science and tech achievements possible in the 21st century or simply spark attendees science curiosity by tinkering with rockets.
$10,000.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2018-2019 Welcome to the Whales

Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism Limited

Welcome to the Whales is a fun and informative event for families and tourists that includes activities, entertainment and workshops about preserving Moreton Bay Marine Parks, ecology and biodiversity. Event partners Coastal Protection Core and Australian Coastal and Marine Ecology will participate in a Q&A panel and provide talks on the event's main stage. The aim of the event is to raise community awareness of the initiatives. The event is 100% plastic-free, encouraging patrons to consider the impact plastic waste has on the environment.
$10,000.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2018-2019 The Inventor Project

Noosa Shire Council

The Inventor Project will encourage the community to participate in STEM-related learning through a series of world-class STEM-extension programs centred on 3D design and First Person View (FPV) racing drones. The project increases community engagement and participation through hands-on inspirational experiences using emerging technologies. Aspiring inventors will be introduced to key 3D computer science and engineering fundamentals as they learn how to design, model and manufacture objects from concept to print and through the design, build and racing of FPV drones.
$9,100.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2018-2019 Creating Tomorrow's Scientists Today

Pittsworth State High School

This project will expose rural students to positive STEM experiences that engage and inspire STEM learning. The program will broaden student awareness of career possibilities in STEM, and their potential to be a part of future change through STEM exploration. Students will access science technologies to assist in classroom collaboration and learning strategies. The aim is to inspire the next generation of young scientists by enhancing student strengths in creative thinking and completing projects in small group settings.
$10,000.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2018-2019 Augmented Reality experiences for engaging and educating schools on mosquitoes

Queensland University of Technology

This project involves the collaborative design of an interactive, augmented reality (AR) classroom experience for school students to visualise urban mosquito breeding. Engagement with students includes: interacting with the custom AR app e.g. viewing virtual mosquitoes in class, creating paper creatures and mosquito habitats in a simulated, understanding tracking and eradication of mosquitoes at home, showcasing the student's work and app. This project will engage students in science, the environment and digital technologies. Why mosquitoes? Invasive urban mosquito species occur in Queensland and can carry exotic diseases (e.g. Zika and Dengue viruses). By acting together the university aims to empower children to help reduce risks to family and the community.
$10,000.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2018-2019 STEAM TEAM Challenge 2019

Springfield Central State High School

Springfield Central will build on engagement in their extra-curricular STEAM Club to deliver an innovative student parent team robotics program. Their students will lead and collaborate with primary student-parent teams from feeder schools, to develop autonomous robotic solutions to identified real-world challenges. Across 2019, teachers and visiting experts will deliver engagement activities and support for team design challenges. The initiative will give Year 6 students and parents greater insight into the secondary STEM curriculum, while enhancing STEM leadership experiences for participating secondary students. Teams will have the option to enter the First Lego League in 2019, to extend the engineering experience.
$10,000.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2018-2019 Ground Truth Educational Resources: Workshop and Video

StarSapphire Productions Pty Ltd

Resources will be produced to expand the reach and scope of STEM by providing curriculum-aligned teaching aids for teachers in the classroom and for workshops taking place in a dedicated Ground Truth educational space at QUT to inspire students through hands-on learning. Designed to increase a positive perception of maths and science, these resources offer students an opportunity to extend their STEM skills by engaging with spatial data visualisation. An aspirational video will feature remote-sensing scientists and spatial technologists at work, highlighting the importance of spatial information thinking by showing what remote-sensing is, why spatial sciences are important and its many applications.
$10,000.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2018-2019 Advanced Stem Immersion for Girls

Sunshine Beach State High School

In partnership with Noosa Council and the Peregian Digital Hub, the school would like to offer female students the opportunity to do short courses in a variety of STEM fields. The courses will be delivered by female leaders in their respective fields. Proposed courses include a machine learning artificial intelligence program and a bioengineering program. The objectives of the initiative are to; contextualise opportunities for female students in STEM industries and provide to students authentic learning opportunities with leading female scientists.
$10,000.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2018-2019 Drone Coding Workshops in the Western Downs

Western Downs Regional Council

Intergenerational workshops will help participants learn about and code a drone using block based programming to perform a mock search and rescue mission. The target audience will be adult-child partners working together to accomplish the mission of coding a drone for search and rescue. Children aged 10 plus are the ideal target audience. The workshops will take place at the regional libraries and will be facilitated by STEMPunks. The program incorporates sustainability as learnings taken from these workshops will then be used to develop in-house drone-based coding lessons for the region.
$9,960.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2018-19 The BioDiscovery project


The BioDiscovery project aims to provide community science engagement to discover biodiversity conservation sciences in the field and other sciences in the DiscoveryLab venue. Several scientists will engage participants of all ages and backgrounds, using techniques and equipment to collect, observe, identify and record discoveries. The citizen-science app QuestaGame will be used to document and map out sightings. The BioDiscovery event is hosted during Woodfordia's Artisan Camp and The Planting Festival to increase awareness in environmental sciences including ecology, conservation, biology and taxonomy through entertaining and educational science presentations, displays, demonstrations and workshops.
$10,000.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018 The plight of the wallum sedge frog

Baringa State Primary School

The sedge frog is Baringa State Primary School's behaviour mascot and local endangered species whose habitat has been impacted on by the development of Aura and the school. Our innovative STEM project will have students work alongside local scientists and Stockland on rebuilding and monitoring frog ecosystems to improve frog numbers in the area. Students will become frog ambassadors as they work to not only increase the population but educate the community about their plight. Students will use sensors to track data, create YouTube clips accessed through QR codes within the community and an informative transportable virtual reality centre to educate others.
$10,000.00 3
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018 Birds in Schools

BirdLife Australia Ltd

Birds in Schools is an inquiry-based curriculum program that encourages students to engage in the scientific process of adaptive management as citizen scientists within their community. Alongside a BirdLife Australia team, their teachers and local councils, students collect data and analyse and interpret their observations. They use this evidence to make management recommendations through an action plan which aims to improve native bird habitat and encourage a diversity of birds on their school grounds, while educating their local community on the value of urban biodiversity. Ultimately, the students implement these action plans to create bird-friendly school gardens.
$10,000.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018 STEM is in the air

Blackheath and Thornburgh College

Over one year, students, community members, scientists and technologists will work together to learn, use and apply LoRa and drone technologies in agriculture, and run events for the wider community to demonstrate their work.
$9,800.00 3
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018 Ngana-anga jirri wjarr - our night sky

Bloomfield River State School

The Bloomfield River State School will hire a portable planetarium and have students visit it during the day. The Dream Dome expands the planetarium concept into a totally new approach as a visual entertainment and mobile learning centre. In the evening we will continue the event with a community barbeque followed by a tour of our night sky in the community of Wujal Wujal, led by Night Sky Secrets, a local company whose specialty is tours featuring an aboriginal perspective on the southern skies and viewing the deep sky through large aperture telescopes.
$3,200.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018 Robots, drones and sensors: Future farming masterclasses

Bundaberg Fruit And Vegetable Growers Cooperative Limited

This project is a collaboration between Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers and Central Queensland University. It is a series of practical, innovative masterclasses for farmers, industry and the community, demonstrating innovative science and technology advances using robots, drones and seniors in agriculture. Masterclasses will be delivered over two days at Agrotrend, in Bundaberg, and will include practical demonstrations using technology and science, interactive question and answer opportunities, and take home resources. The future farming masterclasses are intended to inspire farmers, industry and school students to explore the technology and engage with the scientific community.
$9,942.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018 MangroveWatch - Cairns Chapter

Cairns And Far North Environment Centre Inc.

If a mangrove falls into the sea, and nobody is watching, does anybody care? The question is what if someone was watching? MangroveWatch is a citizen-science partnership between communities, schools and scientists to document changes in local mangrove habitats and inform better management of estuaries. The Cairns And Far North Environment Centre, in partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Legacy, MangroveWatch of TropWater at James Cook University and the Cairns Local Marine Advisory Committee will establish a MangroveWatch program in the Cairns region to gather long-term data on estuaries and engage locals in the act of collecting and promoting the data as citizen scientists.
$10,000.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018 Creating a Reef Rainforest Interpretive Centre at Cairns Aquarium

Cairns Aquarium and Reef Research Centre Pty Ltd

This project delivers a purpose-built Reef Rainforest Interpretive Centre in the Cairns Aquarium that can be used for presentations and lectures delivered by professional educators, researchers and other groups dedicated to the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics. With an existing level of demand for this facility, the hands-on learning resources, video content and interpretive signage produced for the Centre would see it used regularly. The Cairns Aquarium is a logical location for this education forum as the visitor experience has been designed specifically to facilitate interaction with the biological diversity of the region.
$10,000.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018 Year 6 STEM embedded career development

Calamvale Community College

This project will help to build student's identity around their personal capacity to become a STEM professional in the future. It will embed career development principles in year 6 studies at the college. This approach will increase student participation in STEM as they develop an identity around being the kind of person who can have a STEM career.
$10,000.00 2
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018 Right here - Right NAO: Social robotics inspiring STEM

Capalaba State College

Humanoid social robot, NAO will be used to inspire and engage students, parents and teachers on the junior campus of the college with STEM. They will learn how to code our NAO robot with Choreographer software and Python to create entertaining social robotic experiences including story telling, staged dialogue as well as supporting students with autism and communication disorders.
$10,000.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018 Applications of smart home IoT (internet-of-things) sensors in agriculture science

Central Queensland University

CQUniversity agriculture researchers will instruct Bundaberg High School students to explore the application of smart home IoT (internet-of-things) sensors in agriculture research. Students will calibrate and test a range of sensors, and deploy sensors in various agricultural applications. Results of student projects will be presented at National Science Week in 2019. The project will increase student participation in STEM subjects and Bundaberg community engagement in scientific activities. It will provide a demonstration of applying cutting-edge technologies in agriculture, helping to challenge the impression of the traditional agriculture industry and encourage young people to consider a future in the sector.
$10,000.00 3
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018 Clermont State High School Drone program

Clermont State High School

Agriculture and mining are major industries in the Central Highlands and the increasing use of drones in both industries is providing new vocational pathways. Clermont's Drone Day will bring together students and teachers from the cluster to participate in what will hopefully be the first of many, annual drone challenge days. The day will provide opportunities for students to collaborate in drone challenges while teachers will develop their capability in delivering the Technologies curriculum in engaging ways through the use of drones.
$9,800.00 3
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018 Reef Patrol

Cooktown State School P-12

Scientists will visit the school to increase awareness of the impact of invasive species in our local environments and discuss the health of the reef. Ecosystems and the economy are under threat from these invasive species. By raising awareness our community can identify and deal with these threats in a proactive manner. Our position on the Queensland East Coast gives us an advantage in rapidly responding to these threats. Through public seminars, a forum and school visits scientists will interact with students and the public to solicit local observations and knowledge, as well as share their knowledge of the latest scientific findings.
$6,900.00 3
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018 iDesign with STEAM

Coomera Rivers State School

The 'iDesign with STEAM' project targets primary school teachers and students and will run over a year. It includes student events, teacher professional development and delivers community awareness of STEAM during five activities involving robotics, drones, computer games and circuits.
$10,000.00 1
Engaging Science Grants 2017-2018 STEM Primary Links Program

Coorparoo Secondary College

Following consultation with local primary school teachers, Coorparoo Secondary College is developing a Coorparoo STEM education network in 2018. The network offers opportunities for participating primary school students to grow their interest in STEM subjects through activities such as science workshops in college science laboratories and maths extension classes. A Primary STEM Challenge and Mathematics Challenge Days will also be hosted at the college where primary schools will problem-solve their way to victory.
$9,450.00 2