J&J Quick Fire Challenge recipients

Program Period Project Location Sector Partner Amount
Johnson & Johnson Quick Fire Challenge 2016
Evaluation of the feasibility of an easy-to-use test for early detection of heart attacks away from laboratory and hospital settings

Atomo Diagnostics Pty Ltd

Sydney-based Atomo Diagnostics is developing a prototype device for the early detection of cardiac damage. The device is based on Atomo Diagnostics: AtomoRapid Point-of-Care technology and will utilise cardiac markers developed by Brisbane-based Anteo Technologies.


Sydney Medical Devices $100,000
Johnson & Johnson Quick Fire Challenge 2016
Nanotechnology-inspired preventative topical application for the treatment of gum disease

Eikonic R and D Pty Ltd

Using nanotechnology, Melbourne-based Eikonic R&D Pty Ltd has identified a chemical compound that targets the class of bacteria responsible for gum disease and tooth decay.


Melbourne Consumer Devices $100,000
Johnson & Johnson Quick Fire Challenge 2016
Antroquinonol to be used in the potential treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

Golden Biotechnology Corporation

Taiwan-based Golden Biotechnology Corporation will look to do pre-clinical testing of a chemical compound, called Antroquinonol, which offers up hope as a possible drug for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.


Taiwan Pharmaceuticals $100,000

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