Budget 2022-23 for innovation

The Innovation Roadmap is a whole-of-government plan that reflects the innovation efforts and investments by all Queensland Government agencies. Some notable investments in the 2022-23 Budget include:

  • $125.2 million for Innovation for a Future Economy to invest in innovation to accelerate economic growth opportunities for Queensland in the lead up to Brisbane 2032.
  • $17 million for Science into Industry to foster partnerships between universities and industry, and accelerate the commercial application of major research.
  • $68.5 million for Resources Industry Development to invest in the discovery, development and manufacturing of the new economy minerals needed for renewable and advanced technology.
  • $140 million for Agriculture and Fisheries to drive productivity and innovation in Queensland’s livestock, aquaculture, cropping, horticulture, forestry, timber and food processing industries through world-class research, development and extension.
  • $50 million for Advanced Manufacturing for the Made in Queensland and the Manufacturing Hubs Grant Programs to increase international competitiveness and help companies scale their business to take advantage of growth opportunities.

More information on the full Queensland 2022-23 Budget and initiatives can be found by visiting www.budget.qld.gov.au