Biofutures Commercialisation Program funding recipients

Program Period Project Location Sector
Biofutures Commercialisation Program 2016-2017
Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor for Biogas

Aquatec Membrane Bioreactor for Biogas

Aquatec Maxcon have developed a novel anaerobic membrane bioreactor which has been tested at pilot scale at Trisco Foods with very promising results. This project will upscale the technology to a demonstration scale. This funding will assist in making the project viable which will allow the technology to be proven at full scale and optimised for this application. Aquatec Maxcon will further optimise the technology via an extended operational period as part of this project.

Manufacturing and Retail
Biofutures Commercialisation Program 2016-2017
QLD Spinifex Nano-Cellulose Industry

Dugalunji Aboriginal Corporation

Working together, Dugalunji Aboriginal Corporation (DAC) and the University of Queensland (UQ) are proposing to build a clean, green, Queensland-based bio-refining industry. Bringing together Indigenous Traditional Knowledge, nanotechnology and Australia's most extensive vegetation type (spinifex) to create the products of the future, this project is designed to move the spinifex industry from the research/pilot scale to demonstration scale. The project will also fund research for applications development to build further demand for nanocellulose and potential markets for spinifex oils and resins.

Farms, Fishing and Forestry
Biofutures Commercialisation Program 2016-2017
Burdekin BioFutures Project

Inkerman Cane Growers Organisation Limited

One million tonnes per year of cane tops and trash are burnt prior to harvesting in the Burdekin. Inkerman Canegrowers have investigated the beneficial use of cane tops and trash to produce pellets to create a transportable biorefinery feedstock. Burdekin Renewable Fuels will supply pellet samples to renewable fuel technology suppliers to demonstrate their processing capabilities. The selected technology will be used to convert up to one million tonnes per year of cane tops and trash. Samples to be supplied to: Northern Oil Advanced Biofuels Pilot Plant Ambient Industry (commercial plant in China using modularised units).

Mining, energy and Water
Biofutures Commercialisation Program 2016-2017
Agave and Sugarcane: Integrated Bioindustries

MP Australia Holdings Pty Ltd

Sugar factories in Queensland only operate for around 23 weeks per year due to the seasonal supply of sugarcane. Potential opportunities exist to build new biofutures industries based on sugar, ethanol, higher value fermentation products and bioenergy from cultivation of Agave grown on lands marginal for sugarcane production and processing in sugarcane factories during the non-crushing season. This project will deliver field scale demonstration of Agave cultivation on non-irrigated lands in the Atherton Tableland region, demonstrate bioethanol production from Agave at pilot scale, and hence establish the feasibility of an integrated sugarcane and Agave bioindustrial project at Tablelands Sugar Mill.

Farms, Fishing and Forestry
Biofutures Commercialisation Program 2016-2017
Bio-Hydrogen Generation for Bio-fuel Production

Southern Oil Refining Pty Ltd

The project focuses on the installation and operation of a demonstration gas-over-iron hydrogen generation unit; consuming renewable off-gas from a bio-refinery, bio-pyrolysers and liquefactors to produce industrial bio-hydrogen. Production of cheap and reliable bio-hydrogen is necessary for an operating bio-refinery to produce bio-fuels. Bio-fuel production consumes more hydrogen than crude fuels and so technology to reduce hydrogen cost is paramount for cost parity. The project will produce bio-hydrogen from biological sources. Unlike other bio-hydrogen plants this technology has the robustness needed for industrial processes as it is not dependent on natural electricity generation, such as solar, or on biological reactions.

Mining, energy and Water
Biofutures Commercialisation Program 2016-2017
New Algae Farm in Goondiwindi

Woods Grain Pty Ltd

The Woods Group, based at Goondiwindi, has a one hectare site suitable for a proposed algae farm. This project will trial new technology for the extraction of omega-3 oil from algae, to serve as a sustainable alternative for fish oil and a protein source for the stockfeed industry. This project follows a positive cost benefit analysis, and will complete stage 1 of 3 stages. Two ponds will be built to determine if this project is profitable enough to proceed (TRL 6 and 7).

Farms, Fishing and Forestry

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