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We are boosting our entrepreneurial culture by improving access to finance, new business opportunities, and management support for startups and small to medium enterprises.

We are positioning Queensland as a place for industry to collaborate with entrepreneurs, universities, businesses and government to turn great ideas into commercial products and jobs creation.

We are helping make Queensland an investment destination for businesses by building a collaborative environment between research bodies and industry.

We are providing opportunities for small businesses to collaborate and build on their innovation and ideas, to help them grow and improve products and services, and compete in a global market.

We are reinvigorating science, research and innovation to help create the knowledge-based jobs of the future.

Innovation Stories

Hot DesQ Round 2 CohortIf you haven’t already heard, the Hot DesQ program provides founders from other states or countries with up to $100,000 in equity-free funding to relocate

Behaviour Innovation is a Brisbane startup focused on behaviour change. They are a young team of psychological and behavioural scientists specialising in changing behaviour

Mark Paddenburg, CEO of the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast, on the importance of connections, hosting Hot DesQ artificial intelligence recruitment company Wazlo and the future

Drawing on the knowledge of Olympic level coach, Eric Brown and the skills of Olympic Decathlete Cedric Dubler, McBride Brown and Partners are working on a technically-accurate

Osler Technology, based in Noosa, Queensland, is focused on delivering students, doctors, nurses and paramedics around the world the best chance of delivering the best patient

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25 Feb 2019 | Organized by: Health Tech Innovation Queensland Meetup
25 Feb 2019 to 26 Feb 2019 | Organized by: Wholesale Investor
26 Feb 2019 | Organized by: UQ HYPE SPIN Accelerator
26 Feb 2019 | Organized by: Startup Onramp
27 Feb 2019 | Organized by: QUT Creative Enterprise Australia - Organized by: Collider Accelerator
27 Feb 2019 | Organized by: Startup Toowoomba
28 Feb 2019 | Organized by: Dr Catherine Ball
28 Feb 2019 | Organized by: Startup Onramp
28 Feb 2019 | Organized by: The Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur
01 Mar 2019 | Organized by: Open Data Australia

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